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[vic] legal aid recommendation.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by flexorcist, May 23, 2007.

  1. .... k so without giving too much away.

    one court case got adjourned because legal aid wanted to review it etc etc so that is next month. i don't want this one drawn out by months and months, just kinda want it over and done with.

    this is a more serious charge and will need a lawyer i can't afford. can anyone recommend me one who does legal aid?? i was going to use the local one because they have "apply for legal aid here" on the door, but they refused to do it. i don't want to take the risk of rocking up to court and applying there like last time, (i'd already been recommended for diversion for the last one but this time i'm in a bit more s#it).

    so yeah... any good lawyers who do or can arrange legal aid out there?

    *edit - pm responses preferred.
  2. If your in the shit can you really not afford to have a good lawyer :grin:
  3. no i can't afford it. i've seen 2 mates spend $40,000 plus and one ended up in jail anyway. i'd rather have my "holiday" and not have a loan to pay off when it's over.
  4. Then plead guilty, and pay nothing to a lawyer.
  5. are you guilty of the crime???

    if so cop it on the chin .... :bolt:
  6. PM me

    Need a bit more info. I can point you at lawyers but depends what it is about.
    Ignore people who say "plead guilty". They are usually stupid, ignorant, (police) or misinformed. As I keep saying everyone is entitled to a defense.

    Other people should learn to live with that fact!
  7. And if you want to keep any of your little money, I suggest you ignore those more learned than us (who say ignore the ones telling you to plead guilty) as they are usually money hungry, greedy, Solicitors, Barristers, SC's, QC's, and out to line their own pockets with little regard for the outcome.

    Before you part with any $$ get them to tell you what the odds of getting off are???? No doubt you will get the routine answer....

    If you get looked after Pro Bono, and they get you off good luck to you, especially if you are guilty. If you are guilty, then a well paid counsel may be able to help you lie your way out of it..
  8. Re: PM me

    Really dumb question for the day here. If you actually did it (what it) is, wouldn't you plead guilty? And if you didn't, then get a lawyer, coz you shouldn't go to jail for something you didn't do.
  9. for the record. no i won't say what it is. for 1 thing i'm recommended for diversion, (no conviction, first recorded offence, sweet FA penalty).

    for the one i'm asking about, just so you know. No I won't f'n plead guillty because they're charging me with something more severe than they should because they are pi$$ed off at me because I'm choosing to tell them what I DO know, as oppossed to assuming things and telling them what they want to hear.

    For those of you that haven't been in trouble, (those that have I hope you agree with me here), police have a really bad habit of putting words in your mouth, and manipulating what you say on tape and the way they ask questions to make your recorded "evidence" closer to what they need for conviction.

    The thing I did do wrong, I'm going to court again next month for, with a full confession. The serious charge I'm worried about is for bein in the wrong place at the wrong time and refusing to put a mate back in jail to get myself off scot free.
  10. Ok two part answer.
    (i) I find that to be an offensive and ignorant answer. You are a cop aren't you? Had a bad experience with a good lawyer perhaps? Damn I'm hoping we meet professionally one day. :cool:
    Oh and before you start with the bleeding heart crap I did some time with the MP's. Been on the other side of the fence too. And worked with some REALLY corrupt cops.
    Most (NOT all) lawyers actually give a damn and are trying to defend people against a system that at times is a little too weighted against the little guy.

    (ii) A lawyer NEVER aks a client to lie. But there are often mitigating factors, that should / could lessen a charge or sentence.

    (iii) CJ (ii) above is why even if you plead guilty you should have a lawyer.
    And its also possible to be guilty of an action not an offence.
  11. Have you tried Fitzroy Legal Service? Presumably you qualify for legal aid.
  12. Did you read the PM I sent you? If so, it would be nice if you bothered to reply. It really bothers me when I go out and spend time doing some research for someone and they don't even bother to say thanks or any other response. If you genuinely forgot (to read it?) then please read it and if you can, respond to me (in PM?). It'd make my shit week/month a tad better.
  13. sorry bud i had to scoot off to another warehouse and didn't have net access there to reply!!
  14. Mate, listen to tramp and ignore the other bs.

    If you still need help, just zip through another pm.
  15. Good suggestion. Most firms also now have a "first visit free" type service. At that visit you can ask about legal aid eligibilty. Unfortunately, due to the budget cuts etc, legal aid is harder to get. It's also not down to the firm to decide, legal aid say yes / no according to various criteria.
  16. worst case - if they deny me from there i'll get one appointed at court. i know there they have to. Just won't be crash hot and adjourned for god knows how long.