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(VIC) Learners taste of High Country

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Ned, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. #1 Ned, Aug 14, 2012
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2013
    Learner 3 day Trip into the HighCountry (y) :D :)

    OK guys, for those of you who asked about a Learner HighCountry Trip....

    RIDE LEVEL: Touring 1 intermediate. Please see: https://netrider.net.au/threads/ride-level-ratings.159944/
    WHEN: Sat 17, Sun 18 and Mon 19 November.
    MEET: MacDonald's 398 Plenty Rd Mill Park, cnr University Dve. (Shell Servo next door)
    You don't need to fill up here, but must fill up at Yea (80km further) before the next fuel stop (160km) if you can't make 240km.
    TIME: 8-30am for 9am SHARP leave.
    WHERE: Into the HighCountry!! ;)
    ACCOMM: 2 nights at Bright in 3 bedroom cabins (all linen and towels are supplied).
    COST: $80 per person (covers both nights).

    This 3 day trip is aimed at the newer riders amongst us who are confident enough they have the skills to safely ride in a group for 300-400km per day, on some of Victoria's greatest bike roads, while in the company of the more experienced riders. The itinerary allows for plenty of rest/re-group/photo opp's along the way.

    Places visited will be Falls Creek, Omeo, Dinner Plain, just to name a few and even a run up the winding road to Mt Buffalo Chalet if time permits. Ride will end with a coffee break at Healesville where we say our good-byes before going our own way. See route: http://goo.gl/maps/eBTfc

    The TEC, who will know the exact route, will be an experienced rider who is patient enough to allow the slowest rider all the time they need to get to where they're going. TEC should be carrying a puncture repair kit, basic tools and a 1st Aid kit, none of which we hope to need.

    4 riders have already put up their hands to share TEC duties, thankyou. (y)

    CONFIRMED (Paid):
    Kat Rider

    RIDE FULL, NO MORE NAMES BEING TAKEN, those on waiting list will be PM'd if someone pulls out. :unsure:

    Feel free to post here or PM me with any questions. Amendments will be made to this thread from time to time, so please refer back here for updates.

    IMPORTANT: Attendees to please read and understand this link https://netrider.net.au/pages/group_rides/

    Brad (Ned) :cool:
  2. Im going to watch this closely for a weekend change :) cant make that weekend but can still dream :)
  3. Interesting!
  4. I'm in... But of course will confirm as we get closer to November :)
  5. I'll throw my hand up, will confirm later on. :)
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  6. I'm interested, will confirm later on.

    Hmm my seat is pretty bad.. anyone know someone who could do something about it ? :-k
  7. Actually im in!!! Authorized by the wife on this day the 14th of August 2012 at 5:07pm AEST!!!!

    And ill call that confirmed :)
  8. OOOoooooooooo kid free weekend ... (y)
    work project finished by then ..:woot:

    tempted :twisted:
  9. I could be a maybe. I need a getaway
  10. Can't make that weekend, but will keep an eye out for any date changes.
  11. Yippee. Can only say Interested at this stage until I get annual leave at the new job I haven't actually started at yet.
  12. Yes please................

    Only need to take one day of annual leave

    On like Donkey Kong!
  13. Definitely interested. I like the idea of doing a ride in the warm weather that's (hopefully) approaching.
  14. Hmmm the wife is away that weekend. Awesome this is a very good thing. Put me down as a yes to be confirmed
  15. I'm in leave booked. :)
  16. Me too (y)
    Two weeks after the Snowy Ride.
    Absolutely :D
  17. Lol, should be recovered from the Snowy by then, count me in :)
  18. Any more learners wanna come along?? :) Im thinking ill keep my L plates on till just after this trip :)
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  19. Sounds interesting - might have to come along to this one (too).

    Gawd, my arse is gonna be sore! 6 days of Snowys, then this.

    Hmm, might have to stay unemployed until Christmas at this rate....

    ETA: Pls don't change the date - can't do the following weekend. Have a family thing I can't escape from.

    Also, let us know when you need confirmation by (when you know).
  20. Oh this sounds great. Be nice to get out on long ride where I'm not chilled to the bone.

    I have to get my bum down to Saturday practice to meet more of you. Must consider Saturday practice before I consider Friday night drinks....