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[VIC] Learner's ride to Yea. 29/04/06

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Seany, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. https://netrider.net.au/calendar/?action=details&id=769

    Beginning at Warrandyte, through Kangaroo Ground and Yarra Glen then to Kinglake for a quick break and re-group.
    From Kinglake to Yea via Flowerdale for lunch (and fuel). After lunch we will head back to Yarra Glen on the Melba Hwy before heading to back to Melbourne.

    Once we get back to Yarra Glen we can decide if we want to take
    a) Straight home.
    b) Back for another run through Christmas Hills.
    c) Head to Healsville, Woori Yallock and back through Lilydale.

    This is intended as a sedate ride appropriate for learners. As always of course, all abilities are welcome and experienced riders encouraged to come along and help guide the heard. :grin: [-o<

    Ride Level: 1
    Meet in Warrandyte in the carpark directly opposite the pub, ~500m towards the city from the roundabout. Melways Ref: 23, E11.

    This is the carpark.

    This is the pub across the road.

    This is Seany and Egiste's bikes playing happily together in Yea on ANZAC Day. Aren't they cute!

    Depart: 11:00am
    Distance: 167km to Yarra Glen. To melbourne from there will depend on whether you want to go direct to Melb, or via Healsville & Woori Yallock.
    Fuel: There will be time to get fuel in Kinglake, Yea and Yarra Glen (on return) if needed. Please make sure you turn up with a full tank.

    This ride will have a Ride Leader, Tail End Charlie and there will be Corner Marking. Any volunteers for TEC and corner marking would be greatly appriciated.

    Note: If it is a particularly wet day, the ride will be postponed until the Sunday or cancelled if that day is also wet.

    Ride Leader: Seany (a role I'm willing to share)
    TEC: glipschitz
    Corner markers: With current numbers, the safest option will be to make it a group effort. The rider directly behind the ride leader at each turnoff will mark the corner for the rest of the group.

    Thankyou in advance to the volunteers. You're all wonderful. :)

    Seany (Ride Leader)
    jgm (meeting us in Kinglake. Willing buddy)
    Lids (unless it's wet)
    white knight (unless it's wet)
    CustomKris +1
    Lil (with Stookie gaffa taped to the pillion seat) +1
    GOOSH (would like a buddy)
    glipschitz (TEC)

    Stack Monkey
    robsalvv (willing to be a buddy)
    PNUT (Might meet the group sometime after 2)
    R1_lover (meet in Yea, after the footy)

    Anyone who has not previously participated in a group ride should read this. https://netrider.net.au/articles/?page=group_rides
    If you are unfamiliar with any of that information, do not be put off as some (eg, stricly holding staggered formation and gaps) is more aimed at higher level rides, and may not necessarily apply to this ride. I will explain all rules and best practice in the pre-ride briefing.
  2. seems like a good idea if the weather is good. i pick my bike up from the dealer on friday so it would be perfect for a good run in. i'll see how i go
  3. I can't think this far ahead but put me down and i'll confirm later in the week (I don't think i'm doing anything else).

    I know that road pretty well so I don't mind going corner marker if you can't find anyone else to do it.
  4. Seany,

    I would be interested in joining this ride - weather permitting. Hey thanks for organising.

  5. Providing its not raining or freezing, I'm up for it...yes, I know, I'm a wimp!

    Also happy to volunteer to help out in any way if needed.

  6. I think i might tag along if thats ok..

  7. Is the meet point at the shops on the Ringwood or the City side of the roundabout?

    Weather depending, I may bring a noob and come 2 up myself.

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  8. Also happy to be CM if I come....
  9. I'm going to scout the route today so I'll get back to you on that after I have a good look at the parking facilities.

    Thanks Lil. :)
  10. There's a huge carpark right across the road from the warrandyte pub (500m before the roundabout) that would be ideal, drinks right across the road and public toilets there as well.
  11. City side. I had a look around today and Kraven's suggestion seemed the best so we'll meet in the carpark opposite the pub.

    I took photos of the pub and the carpark today, so I'll post them in the OP. That way people will know what to look for. :)
  12. Im hopeless when it comes to road/street names.. Ive ridden up that way heaps of times but cant visualise the meeting spot..

    The only pub i remember is on a left hander before your run a steepish hill.. is that it?

    Photos and/or Melways ref would be good.. :)
  13. Done and done mate. :grin:
  14. Thanks..

    Should be able to find it ok now.
  15. Sounds good mate, i'm there.. As long as it doesn't P*ss down with rain..
  16. If I get my new chain and sprockets put on before saturday, then I'm definately coming :p
  17. put me down as a maybe , will corner mark if I make it .
  18. pencil me in as a maybe please. i'll find out near/on friday if i can make it. thanks.
  19. God dam it I am working :( , sounds like a good ride, hope you all have fun.
  20. Add me to the list please, Seany.... been a long time since I rode to Yea.