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VIC learners permit

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rvpkash, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, my first post here, theres a lot of (what seems to be) great info on these forums,

    I had a quick search but couldn't find anything, so I thought I'd ask.

    I plan to get my L's soon and have narrowed it down to two places that are closest to me

    Motorcycle Motion (cheltenham) offers a 12 hour course, split up into 3 4 hour days - learning about the bike/theory/practical


    Ride-Tek (sandown)
    suggested i take the pre learner course which has basic skills and bike introduction ($50)
    then a full day course (7.45am-3.30pm) by the end of which I should have my L's ($185)

    Can you guys give me some feedback about these two places? Is one better preparation than the other? Or should I just go with the one that is more convenient for me?

    Thanks for the help
  2. Hi & welcome!

    I can't help you out with these two, but I did the two day course with HART, although that was some years ago now... Basically two full days riding & you walk (or ride) away with your L's. I think the cost was around $280.

    For me that was the best option, 2 days, all done.

    I would assume that most of these courses are pretty similar, bar some small details.
  3. Thanks for the info MV, HART is a bit too far away for me imo, I just wanted peoples opinions on which is better etc etc
  4. With the two you've narrowed it down to, you have the option of 3 x 4 hour stints or an intro then a longer day where you learn what you have to learn then have to do the test at the end of that day. If that's effectively your first day on a bike then I think it may be a little too long of a day and you potentially might feel like there's a lot happening on the one day.

    How are you at picking up things relatively quickly when you learn? If you're fine then Ride-Tek is probably the way to go. If you'd rather not have to deal with doing everything in one day then go for Motorcycle Motion. At least that way, you can get an intro one day, get going then have some practice on the next session/day then in the third session/day you have some more practice and do your test. The downside of splitting it into three is that continuity is better for getting through your Ls. In my opinion, it'd be best if they split it into two.

    The HART reference didn't answer your question but I think they've got the mix right so suggest that you consider travelling a little further and doing it with them. You do two evenly split days where you get the intro and practice on the first day then move onto practice on the second day with some extras to do with controlled braking then you do your test. I did mine the first time at Kilsyth, stopped riding for a while so let my Ls lapse then did it the second time at Tullamarine (now they've moved to Somerton) and did my license test at Kilsyth. I see they now have a centre at Cranbourne. HART are good. I'm not knocking the others but I was recommended HART by quite a few and for good reason.
  5. Thanks, thats some good advice.

    I would like to do the HART course but im pretty sure its about an hour drive each way with no traffic, so i cut that one pretty quick.

    I usually pick things up fairly quickly so I think i'll just go with the full one day course

    Thanks for helping me make my mind up
  6. Not sure if it will help..
    I did the 'intro to motorcycles' course at ride-tek, I turned up way too early and watched about an hour of a one of their L courses..
    It looked a lot more comprehensive than the course I did at Rider-brothers out at calder park.
    I did my Ls on a scooter never ended up getting one as I worked out I wanted a real bike and then did my Ps when my Ls were going to expire..
    I did the intro to motorcycles course to learn how to change gears before going and buying a bike late last year.

    Compared to the L's course I did where most of the morning covered what ride-tek does in their intro course, the ride-tek one seemed to cover a lot more based from what I saw. I would definitely recommend Ride-tek over Rider-brothers if you want to learn more than just the test..

    Don't know anything about the other place you mentioned.
  7. Sounds good. any info is helpful atm
  8. I did my learners and licence both at Motorcycle Motion and found them to be very good. The instructors were great (especially for the licence test) and as I live only 10 minutes away it was a no brainer for me. Other people who had never ridden a bike before were very happy with the way the instructors explained things and the extra help/advice that was provided.
  9. I did my L's at motorcycle motion, the full 3 day offer you mentioned. 4 hours of that is in a classroom, the other 2 days you'll be on a bike for at least 3 hours. They made sure everyone was pretty much ready for the test at the end of the first session, then on the 3rd you get plenty of time to revise.

    Ps are coming up soon and I just got a letter from MM, but I think i'm gonna go to hart cranbourne, if i can fit in the only june class available to me. It's closer and a bit cheaper with 10% off. xD
  10. I booked in with ride-tek earlier for later this month

    i'll post up how they run it there.

    post back about how HART p's go, interested in seeing what happens down there
  11. i did the pre-learner and the full day ride-tek course.
    The pre-learner was ridicously easy even though i had never properly ridden a motorbike before. If you know how to ride a pushy properly then balance will be pretty easy. Main thing they teach u in the pre-learner is what's what and basic stop start stuff.
    There was still one girl who by the end of the pre learner couldnt start moving the bike in a straight line without stalling it or revving the nuts of it and having it shoot from under her or falling off it while moving slowly...

    The whole day course was good. They let u practice the course you will get tested on, and theres plenty of time to learn the controls.

    Best way to learn the most basic stuff is to get a mate with a bike to teach u in a parking lot. Ive taught 3 people the basics of riding that way before they went on to do their learners.
    That way you'll ace the practical components of the test.

    Biggest issue at the start is co-ordinating all those things u have to do at the same time.
  12. I got my L's today, woo hoo!

    I did the 8 hour course which includes pre-learner training and then the test. Did it at DECA training in Altona and have nothing but praise for them. Very knowledgable and understanding instructors, new bikes, wasn't rushed and was only $250 which i thought was pretty decent.

    Passed pretty easy, now i just need $10k to get my bike!
  13. What bike are you looking at buying?