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Vic learners Overnight "sleepover"

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by chicken78, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. After some consultation with several learners from the saturday group, it has been bought up that maybe a weekend away(one night) might be a great idea? Obviously open to all newbies, Ls, well any riders. But the main objective is to allow everyone to achieve a longer ride away from the city, which many dont seem to get a chance to do, from either time, confidence, or knowledge factor. With the social factor ;)

    The main questions will be
    1) Time - Oct, Nov etc to allow for planning of kids, pets, parents etc
    2) Estimated group numbers
    3) Volunteers - more experianced riders for lead and TEC
    4) Location - I have some ideas which are not too far from melbourne, to counteract rider ability, fatigue(plenty of stops) etc and possible routes.

    Can we have a show of "hands" who may be keen? And if you have suggestions, ideas, post them up..

  2. Sounds like a good plan in the making.

    I've been scouting destinations for solo trips for a while, eastern victoria appeals, if only because I haven't been there.

    Should this go through (and it works out calendar-wise) I'm happy to be a TEC or any other support role.
  3. Definitely interested. Would love to do a great ocean road trip at some point so maybe a destination like Apollo Bay would be a good option. 3 hours from Melbourne, beautiful scenic road and an alternative route back with the inland option.
  4. Put me down as being keen please. Need to see MLB.
  5. Sounds great muffinman, but we need to consider technical abilities and traffic flow especially for newer riders, worst thing I dont want is stressed out and uncomfortable riders, defeats the purpose of the trip, sounds great but that would be my main concern.
  6. How far were you thinking Chicken?

    We've done Jamieson and GOR (to Port Campbell) in the past both reaosnably easy rides.

    Given that a typical Sunday ride goes for probably 200 - 250 km and then people often have a ride to and from the start/finish points, you can actually get a fair way from Melbourne but still keep within learner limits.

    BTW not sure how the Mods feel but this would be probably better posted in the Ride/Event Planner Forum
  7. Jamieson, licola, gippsland was on list, I was thinking 2-3 hours from melb 3 max, but if GOR is an easy enough rd for newies than even better.
  8. Yep, interested, been thinking of this myself for a while a weekender on the Great Ocean Road was my thought and was toying with Cape Otway Light Station as accommodation. Not sure how practical that is re price and food etc but it may work. Good on you Chicken78 for starting this thread. :)
  9. No drama, Ive heard a few people mention the idea, will be great for newies to meet up with other riders etc. Ill check out the lightstation
  10. I find if you have a rider at the back playing duelling banjo's from Deliverance on a loud speaker, riders tend to ride a little faster and take less breaks making the trip much faster :bolt:

    Seriously though, if you leave Friday lunch time you can miss the bulk of the traffic and take your time getting through. With daylight savings you'll have at least 7-8 hours to complete the trip.

    That leaves you a Saturday to relax in Apollo then a cruisey Sunday home.

    Alternatives would be Inverloch (two hours) which is a little closer
  11. I am up for this for sure!
    If you want a hand with the planning or anything else let me know.
    Great idea!
  12. So your the rider at the back playing the banjo then???

    Ill chat with the group over the next few days and get a general feel for location etc

  13. Umm you were employed into this role at 7.11 pm :p

    Thanks mick, that would be great, if your ride comes off for the w/end to M.P and lunch at pub, will be a good opp to chat.
  14. not sure how far you want to go, there are a few motorcycle friendly spots around. The Mallacoota hotel is one that comes to mind, but it may be a bit far for learners, they will normally drop a discount for riders, and I remember a few years ago a ride going down towards Yarram that always got a good reception. You also have Upper Yarra dam, good camp sites, plenty of room to kick a footy or two and a bloody huge camp kitchen.
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  15. Well there are plenty of options along the bay. For a smaller one, you can run from Port Melbourne, to Mornington Peninsular (rest stop ~60km) and then from there head to Portsea/Sorrento area. Not sure on hotel/camping grounds in the area though.

    Or you can take the GOR way, which might be a little daunting for Learners, but I am sure those who will be attending won't be going at warp speed. According to google, a possible route I have marked out takes about 4.5 hours...so if the group takes their time with plenty of stop overs, you'd do it in 6 hours and then rest for the day

    Google Map possible route?

    Or the cruise can stop at Apollo bay for relaxation, sun soaking (assuming it'll be nice and warm) jumping into the water etc.

    I'd be in, but need to know before hand, just don't make it the MotoGP weekend :p
  16. the M.P won't be this weekend. hopefully the one after. will keep you posted.
    will you be attending this Saturday session? we can get our organising hats on then.
  17. Rawson is a great n00b run with lots of alternate routes depending on skill level

    The caravan park there is ok too.

    It also adds the option of a run out to Walhalla or the dam after arrival for those that want to have a bit more fun.
  18. Gawd dam there has been some big nights up there 8-[

    Cheers for tip holster ;)
  19. Interesting. Definitely going out that way, group ride or not. :D
  20. Excellent idea, Chicken! Just a few Saturdays ago, I was talking to GreyBM about a potential ride/tour of Tassie in the future.

    But a overnighter is a good start. (y)