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[VIC] Learner's Loop to Meredith, Sat Feb 10th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: voyager

    With the summer season on us and a great number of new Netriders discovering the joys of motorcycling, its time for another Loop to Meredith.

    Date: 10th February 2007
    Time: 10am for 10:30am departure
    Start: Taverner Hotel carpark, Laverton (MEL 53...

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  2. Some additional route details are included below, although much of this is duplicated from the Calendar entry.

    Learner's Loop to Meredith via Lara & Bacchus Marsh
    Saturday February 10th 2006

    Ride Marshalls: Hopper, JD, oz650f, im.on.it

    Start & Finish Point: Westside Taverner Hotel carpark, Laverton (MEL 53 F4, UBD 279 G9) - Kororoit Creek Road exit of the Princes Freeway. Its huge, you can't miss it.
    Departure Time: 10:00am for 10:30am departure, should be back in Laverton around 4pm.
    Ride Class: Sightseeing (Class 2) but a great ride for learning on. Roads are generally good with a variety of conditions. Detailed route knowledge is possessed by some of the riders, so hints for the conditions ahead are available at each stop. Ride to your own limits on this one.

    Route Map: http://www.wayfaring.com/maps/show/31388

    Route Breakdown

    Stage 1 - Laverton to Meredith via Lara
    Distance: approx 100km
    Stops: 1

    From Laverton, we'll use the freeway to Werribee, then pass through the townsite and out via Bulban road and into Little River. There we'll pick up the Old Melbourne road and run through to Lara.

    We'll take 5-10min at the BP station on the corner of Station Lake & Forrest road (Melways 422 K5, UBD 609 B12) to grab a drink & fuel up for those who have extra-small tank capacity. This will only be a brief stop, since we'll all be itching to get into the foothills where the fun starts. ((NOTE: if there are more than about 10 bikes on the run, we'll stop at the Liberty station as we enter the town instead, since they're a lot bigger.))

    We'll then head out along Patullos road to the Geelong-Bacchus road, then effectively cross it and jump onto Stacey's Road. This takes us over the first foothill and links up with the Geelong-Ballan road. A few km north, then we turn off onto Pringles Road to begin the climb towards Meredith. Pringles Road ends in a T junction at the Meredith-Steiglitz road, we'll go right here and run this one all the way through to Meredith. When we hit the crossroad, we'll simply cross over and park under the trees at the pub for our lunch stop.

    Stage 2 - Meredith to Laverton via Bacchus Marsh
    Distance: approx 100km
    Stops: 1

    From Meredith, we'll go across the town and swing down Slate Quarry Road which ends at the Geelong-Ballan road. We'll run this northwards for about 15km, then we'll turn off onto the Glenmore road, which passes Mt Wallace, Glenmore & Rowsley. This is the (in)famous Yaloak Vale road that I've talked about many times. The road is sealed, although a little rough aroun the edges, and included the steep descent into the valley. At the major intersection, we'll turn left and follow that into Bacchus Marsh. Our waypoint here will be the BP station on Main street - this is NOT the one we'll pass as we enter Bacchus Marsh.

    Finally, we'll cruise down Main street and take the Werribee turnoff, then make a switchback down Woolpack Road - this takes us out through Parwan, behind Mt Cottrell and then we'll make a right onto Derrimut road, turn off onto Sayers road, finally returning to the Westside Taverner Hotel to complete the ride.

    Food: Lunch will be taken at the Meredith pub, where you get a cheap pub-style snack quite cheaply. Their steak sandwiches are pretty decent.

    Fuel: Fuel stops will be at BP stations, although the availability of Premium at the Lara stop can be dubious. There is a Liberty station in Lara which almost always has premium fuel. Bacchus Marsh BP seems to always have the good stuff.

    Amenities: aside from these places, nothing. Carry a bottle of water. There is a general store in Meredith, but their supplies are limited.

    Group Riding Notes

    We'll be using the basics found in this post: https://netrider.net.au/articles/?page=group_rides for our ride, but it won't be regimented. This is simply good reading for those who've not been on a group ride before, everyone else probably already knows how it works. I'll explain the finer points on the day. Please don't be intimidated by the contents therein, it actually translates to "common sense" on the road - you got that covered, you'll have a blast!
  3. With a month to go,
    And, I have no plans for that weekend,

    So, Count me in!
  4. I might make a show depending on if i feel up to it after just a month on a bike. :oops:

    I usually go for a drive out that way and use most of these roads (although in the opposite direction) and intended on doing it on the bike as well, so at this time count me in if im welcome.
    Will be good to meet a few of you guys and girls as well.

  5. Do yourselves a favour and from Meredith go to Ballan and then back to Anakie :wink:
  6. PM me the roads you're suggesting Triway, and I'll take a look at them. The Yaloak Vale road is quite an interesting ride though.
  7. Last one of these was fun so I'll have to try and keep that weekend free. Unless something else comes up consider me there :).
  8. Bike.....check
    Free day on calendar.......check
    New job to pay for fuel......check.....woohoo

    it may be a goer i think.. assuming i can drag my sorry self out of bed early enough for the hour ride to the start point
  9. G'day everyone,......

    My sister who has her "L's" wants to go on this ride,......
    I do to,.....however I am haveing my bikes first service done that morning at 9am,.....Peter Stevens/City.
    I hope thay don't take more than an hour or I might be pushing ariveing on time.
    Also might have a third person comming as well.
    Then I only have the Reefton ride to do the next day!!!
    :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Dr Who?
  10. Thanks for cutting me into the ride Dr Who! Yep I'll be there with bells on my feet and hands. Seeing this as an opportunity to meet netriders and go for a long ride which I havent managed to have to time to do since I got my L's. And as far as you being late bro, do you think that on a Blade you could be late anywhere!!! . Im sure you'll make it on time, doesnt take that long to drop oil and change filter!!.
  11. Sounds like fun! Who do we tell if we want to go? Or just show up on the morning?
  12. I'm in for this, what the heck. :)
  13. I'm up for this!!!

    Learners are still welcome I hope?
  14. Steve, The Ballan - Anakie road is the main one that runs down through the Brisbane Ranges from Ballan to Geelong. You know it, it's the easy sweepers through the forest over the ranges, would be great for learners. Road is good condition, and the rest of it is mainly straight and open.

    Have a great ride peoples! Sorry Steve, I'm bailing on riding with you YET AGAIN!!! But I'll think of you as I head off on our fisrt day in the biker's Nirvana of Tassie!!!! \:D/
  15. I'm in

    I'll be good to go.
    Assuming no last minute job calls, I'll be in. Will try to get the misses to come (of course she'll pass her learners this weekend....) as it's a nice easy ride and a good intro run.
    Let's see... Taverner Hotel...... wake up at 9.50... warm up bike..... have coffee.....should be able to make it by 10am....
  16. Hmmm I *may* be in for this ride. Put me down as a maybe.

    Hey Grunge, If I can make it do you want to meet somewhere for the ride over there?
  17. Im a maybe with possibly meeting / tagging along from somewhere already on route. Will know closer to the date.
  18. I might tag along too. if I can wake up in time.
  19. Kewl beanz!!! Done deal for this!!! :]
  20. Damn getting dangerously close to a plan! Cool, we'll thrash out some more of a plan closer to the date.