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[VIC] Learner Permit Renewal

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by the_duff, May 18, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I haven't posted here much, so be nice! :)

    My Wife and I got passed our Learners Permit about 14 Months ago.
    Originally I started work on getting an XL200 back on the road, so both of us could ride it, and I would be too worried about the wife damaging it if she dropped it.

    I lost interest in repairing the bike when talk of LAMS started late last year.
    At the time, I started renovating major renovations on our house, so work on the bike completely stopped.

    Knowing that LAMS was coming in, I was hopeful something like a Transalp or Dominator would be allowed and I thought I would just renew my licence and get that before sitting my full licence test.

    To our horror, The wife got a letter from Stay Upright informing us that they were conducting courses in Horsham due to the changes in the Lerner Permit.
    Why have they taken an interest in Horsham when they have never been here before?
    Well Vicroads have just decided in April that you can't renew your Learners Permit without resitting the Test!
    The only reference I have found about this on the Vicroads website is this:vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/Motorcycles/Licensing/RenewingALearnerPermit.htm[/url]
    There is no new new articles about it.

    I would have thought Vicroads would have had the decency to at least send us a letter telling us to pull our finger out!.
    I have even discussed this with a few local bike shops and they didn't know about this either!

    Has anyone else be informed of this change in the Learners Permit?

    Just a bit P***ed off that Vicroads left it to Stay Upright to let the cat out of the bag.

    I'm currently borrowing a bike from a friend to get my practice up so I can sit my test before my permit runs out in 5 weeks.
    The wife is going to let hers run out as she is a beginner and doesn't have time for practice between her work, uni course and our 2y/old son.

  2. I'm in a similar position to you, Jamie :( Having passed my L's back in April '07, I didn't get my bike until a few months ago. I figured I'd have enough time to get my skills up prior to my permit lapsing in July, but as the time got closer I thought it would be best to renew to allow myself a bit of a buffer and to get some more ride time in before I sat my P's.

    Anywayz, when I rang Vic Toads (not a typo :wink: ) to renew, they tell me that the law had changed and...well, you know the rest. But, get this, they'd changed the law only 2 days prior to me ringing...aaaaargh :evil:

    If it wasn't for me making that phone call, I'd still be none the wiser (except for your post, of course).

    At this point, I'm planning to go to Hart for some extra tuition and, hopefully, I'll be OK. I was a bit ticked off, though, to say the leastest :roll:
  3. Well I spoke to someone in Licensing Enquires at Vicroads today.

    Initially I asked could I renew my Learner Permit, to which she answered no.
    She then informed me that VicRoads changed the policy two months ago.
    I asked why I wasn't informed.
    Immediately the answer was that I had to write a letter to the Policy Dept.
    Sounds they have already had a few complaints about this!

    I was then told what to put into the letter:

    Full Name
    Date Of Birth
    Driver's Licence Number
    Description of complaint

    Things to include in the complaint are the following:
    Date when you gained your Learners Permit and that you were informed that you could renew it after 15 Months.
    The Fact that you were not informed in writing of this change.
    (You could also add that the Website has no information or reason to this change except for one page saying you no longer can renew it)

    After stating the above points, one should ask for exception and be granted a renewal of their Learner Permit.

    Please note that there is at least ten working days required to process a complaint with the Policy Department.
    So one should also ask if one's Learner Permit was to expire before a decision was made, would they at least let you sit your license test without holding a Lerner Permit as their decision has broken the continuity in your progress to gaining your Motorbike Licence.

    All letters of complaint should be addressed to:

    Vicroads Policy Department
    60 Denmark Street
    Kew 3100

    I am currently in the process of drafting a letter to send to them, even though I intend on passing my license before my Learner Permit expires.
    This may give me a chance of renewing my learners if I don't pass or can't find a tester in time as no one is based in Horsham to test my licence . (Actually you could use that in your defence to in your letter too if you live in the sticks)
    My wife has no choice but to officially complain as she lacks enough experience to gain her licence.

    Maybe even a couple of the fully licensed riders should consider writing in too.

  4. That's great, thanks so much for that info :) I'll type something up tomorrow, send it off and hope for the best.

    Oh, and good luck :grin:
  5. Nothing had come up to VMAC on this so we checked.

    The law was changed on May 1st 1999 to make motorcyle learners permits last 15 months with no extensions.

    What was happening was that some offices appear to have been illegally allowing one extension and now they've stopped doing that.
  6. Thanks for looking into that, but I think you might want to check your sources.
    It was around that 2002 that they change it so you could only renew it once.
    My next door neighbour was forced to get his license after riding around for about 5 years on learners.

    I just did a search of some archived webpages from Vicroads.
    In 2005 the Vicroads Website stated:
    You can see this for yourself at http://web.archive.org/web/20051231...0241C16-42CE9FD2800C2266CA25708F007ECAFD?open

    I think Vicroads are currently in defence mode.
    Both Fuzzy and I have had people from Vicroads state that they changed their policy two months ago.

  7. I also thought it had been many years since learner's permits could be renewed. Sounds like there's been some fcuking around. Highly unusual indeed. :shock: :LOL:
  8. HART told us sep last year that it lasted 15months, and could be renewed with 30 days left to go. No mention of resitting test. I think(IIRC) that someone asked that you could just always renew, answer was yep. Something was said that you had to do it in the last 30 days, or something similar, obviously another area of confusing Law/Regulation, in need of simplifying(VicRoads if you read this K.I.S.S... keep it simple stupid).
  9. Serves you guy’s right!

    A learner’s permit is just that. Get it, practice and pass your full licence course within the 15 months.
    I cannot see the need to keep a learners permit if you’re not committed to riding, because if you were, you would have done your licence test by now.
  10. Unless of course you can't afford it;
    can't book in because the centres are busy; (try getting P's in Vic now), etc..

    Once again a useless generalisation.

    In my opinion, Vicroads are bound by what they stated.
    I would follow the advice given by the_duff.
    People are entitled to rely on advice given on a public website. It appears the site was misleading up until a couple of months ago.
  11. Oh, please....

    There are so many reasons why a 'committed' rider may not have been able to practice and obtain the skills necessary to obtain their Probationary licence within 15 months.

    I was told the same as Thera by the guys at HART Kilsyth back in early '07. I'm still under the impression that the law has been recently changed from (a) allowing you to renew your L's once only prior to it lapsing to (b) not being able to renew at all and having to resit if they do lapse.

    Thanks for everyone's input. I'm still confused but at least now, thanks to pro-pilot, I realise it serves me right for not been a committed rider...silly me :roll: :p

  12. You are not the rider who maybe should be committed.......... :p
    There are many of those here already......... :p
  13. Hee hee, thanks tramp. I'd like to think I'm not quite certifiable....yet :LOL: