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[VIC] Learner motorcyclist clocked at 144 kmh

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pete, May 7, 2007.

  1. Victoria police have clocked a learner motorcyclist riding at more than 140 km/h in suburban Melbourne.

    The 30-year-old Reservoir man was caught speeding at 144 kmh in a 60 zone on St Georges Road, Preston, about 3.15am today, police say.

    The motorcycle was seized under Victoria's anti-hoon laws.

    The man will be charged on summons with speeding and dangerous driving.

    He would appear in court on a date to be fixed, a police spokesman said.

  2. Yeah, heard this on the radio this morning... fool... he was temporary-victorian till they took it away...

    Sure, go for a squirt, but time and place...
  3. jeez that's bloody quick, my 2fiddy wouldn't go that fast! :mad:
  4. 144 mine only goes 140 :( .....downhill :p just
  5. Hmmm... you both have hyosongs in common... :LOL:
  6. What would he have to do to get the bike back? MY FZR has no problem beating 144km/h

  7. Oy only Loz is allowed to dis my ride! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. 1st time they take it for a while not forever. he just waits. seriously, depending on the time, st georges roads not a bad road to stuff up on. except he got done for it.
  9. 48 hr confiscation
    Rider pays for towing and also storage fees for 2 days plus retrieval fee.
    then has to face fine and license suspension on top of that
    so a very expensive experience.
  10. 144... not a bad effort. Although in a 60 zone he might have run out of road to finish winding it up. See if he was more experienced he would have known to find a good 80 zone to try this...

    Yes, yes, I say this in jest.
  11. cracked that in 1st yesterday.... (on a private road of course :LOL: )
  12. hey, nobody likes a skite, OK?? :p :LOL:.
  13. Can't help it Paul.
    I love my new Happybus!! :LOL: :p
  14. Listening to one of the officers being interviewed on 3AW this morning the speed was determined by the speedo on the Divvy Van as it kept pace with the bike so it could've been higher.

    Of course as soon as Neil Mitchell started his shift the first thing he questioned was if it was legal for Divvy vans to run around suburban streets at 140km/h :roll:
  15. nsw police site:
    Speeding motorcyclist, drunk driver to face court - Central Coast

    i can't believe the idiot had a pillion when he tried to outride the fuzz :shock:

    Vehicle detected allegedly travelling 120kph over speed limit

    well, i guess he Learnt something!
  16. ...or even worse still...

  17. Put this guy in the "needs a beating" queue! :roll:
  18. Yes, I was wondering when someone was going to post this up.

    At this rate A Current Affair will will pick it up in no time, play the Darth Vader music ... and turn the general public against us...just what we need
    As I said though on another forum, as for the guy who was riding disqualified, unregistered and uninsured .... he needs serious jail time to quell his lust for foolishness.