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[Vic] Learner Cruising to Sydney - Any Rule Changes?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Chapters, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. I am taking my Aquila GV250 to Sydney, I am from Melbourne and want to know of any rule changes once i cross the state line -
    Are there any Speed restrictions for learners in NSW?
    Where can i park? - is it the same as Victoria where you can park just about anywhere?

    Any other info about what Rule changes to expect would be great - i have done this trip 50+ times in the car but cant wait to get some highway under my Tyres.

    -- Thanks

    -- Chapters :cool:

  2. im pretty sure you only follow the restricitons of your permit so you dont have to worry about any speed restricitons just sit on the speed limit. I wouldnt know about parking though
  3. stick to the rules of your permit, and park in areas marked. not on footpaths however!
  4. My Learners has no speed restrictions - but in NSW a Learner rider must keep under 80km/ph - i dont want to cross the state line at 110km/ph and get pulled up doing 30km over the limit -

    i haven't had any luck in getting an answer from the RTA in NSW.

    maybe i should just ditch the big 'L' from the back of my bike - That might save my any hassles -
  5. First of all find out if a learners permit issued in one state is recoginised in another. Licences are, but a learners is not a licence.
    Would be prudent to check.
  6. You must obey the license conditions imposed by the state of issue.
    That said, you can travel at the posted speed limit or your learner restricted speed (if one exists) whichever is lowest.

    Some NSW Police will not even know what the learner speed is in another state, and will probably not believe no restriction is in place for Victorians.

    Certainly don't park on footpaths in NSW it won't be long before a hungry Council Ranger hands out a PIN
  7. as previously said, your fine to travel at any posted speed limit, as your permit/licence is Victorian - you are subject to Victorian learner/licence restrictions. none of which relate to speed.

    and yeah, no footpath parking for you :p other than that, and i think you have to pay on Tollways, unlike shittylink down here. really u should just stay in Vic, its so much better :LOL:
  8. I have done some research and yet to find that unless you hold a provisional or full licence, they only option as a learner is to apply for one in that state.

    I would be interested in knowing if learners permits are acknowledged inter-state. They are definately not overseas.

    [only with facts guys, not opinions, eg. websites from RTA, Vic roads etc.]
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  10. Thanks VCM - will need to call the RTA in NSW i think to confirm this - worst case looks like i am driving/flying - :(

    i hope it only applys to Car learners -
  11. That sounds like crap to me. I used to drive on my (car) learners in NSW, ACT and QLD a lot. The bloody NSW police pulled me over a few times because I was doing 110km/h and their learners were limited to 80km/h.

    Every single time it ended with a "Sorry to bother you, we were just checking".

    Every booze bus I went through in NSW, they asked to see my learner permit card.

    If that law actually exists, I'd say a lot of cops either don't know/care about it.
  12. Sure mate. How about posting up the facts to back up your statement. :roll:

    I don't know the answer. But so far the State transport websites do not clearly say that learner permits are usable outside their issuing state.

    If you have a clear link or document then you have a point. :google:
  13. NSW Police and the state will recognise a VIC learners.
    I believe that it would clearly state in the license conditions that use outside of VIC is an offence if in fact it were.
  14. This seems so. Just trying to find the actual statement somewhere from an official source.

  15. Here you go Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Regs:

    Copy and paste to browser, because of the syntax seems I cant post it as a hyperlink...
  16. GOOD NEWS! :grin:

    I just talked to the NSW Police and they informed me that once i cross the state line i must abide by the restrictions on my VIC 'L' Plate so i can stay at the 110 km/ph speed limit all the way to Sydney without any problems from the boys in blue!

    -- Chapters
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    I save the nasty remarks to newbies who post for sale ads as a first post not those who ask legitimate questions.
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  20. Sorry smee but the guy asked a legitimate question and didnt deserve to be jumped upon for not going through the "hi im new here and hello" rituals.