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[VIC] Leaner Ride, Sun Jun 10th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: The_Brick

    Sun Jun 10th, 2007
    [VIC] Learner Ride with a touch of the Spur

    9:30 meeting McDonalds Cnr Blackburn & Doncaster Roads Doncaster East
    10:00 Departure
    Off to Kangaroo grd across to Healsville for lunch
    A quick run up the spur and back
    Then down ...

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  2. Isnt Sunday the 24th?
  3. its obviously a typo somewhere... :) Its on the 10th, which is this Sunday coming.. :cool:
  4. I'd tag along if I was a little closer.
  5. Ok looks like i put the wrong date in :oops:
    Trying to get it fixed
    Will be on the 10th sunday June 2007
    Had this post listed as a possible
    It is now a goer, weather looks good
    So you can pm me if you want more info, i'm also on messager
    This is a learner ride so it wont be fast paced (but if you want to go off and play i'm not stopping you :p )
  6. I should be able to make it if its this sunday 10th, ahaha

    Might bring along a few learner mates too.

    Most likely be three of us.

    I live about 2 mins from donny maccas :)
  7. I'll try this again!! Damn Puters!!

    I'll be happy to come along. Can maybe TEC/Corner Mark as needed. Everytime I go to Healesville, that is the way I get to Yarra Glen, but then head another way to healesville, thanks to Lil & Stookie showing me the way.

    Hopefully we can get a few experienced riders to help on the day. I know a few that go past that Maccas to get to healesville.

    Should be a good day and a good ride.

    I have heard bad reports about chum creek road over the last 2-3 weeks now, so maybe a controlled run through the spur and back for some of the Noobs, then another way back to Yarra Glen.

    Anyway, looking forward to the day.
  8. Will see what the day turns out
    If chum crk rd is bad then will head off a different way
    Was pm about chum crk rd but they said the probs were the other way
    And as for ways to get to healsville i think i know them all (I lived there, but dont tell anyone :p )
  9. I should be up for this with two others.
    3 bikes :grin:
  10. as stated in a previous thread, should be able to make it.

  11. Yep, I am in (with a couple of others probably) but will meet up with you at Healsville for lunch.

    Where abouts in Healsville will we be eating Russ? Plan on getting there by noon.

    2wheels, if you want to ride to Moe (Heyfield way is better than freeway) you are welcome to come along with us. :)
  12. Yeah, I should be there.

    Can I play corner marker :twisted: :grin: :grin: .
  13. Good stuff Daniel, see you there .. :grin:
  14. Looks like this is shaping up ok
    Have a few experienced and some newbies
    I'm coming from Moorabbin so if anyone on this side wants to catch up for the ride over to doncaster let me know
  15. count me in.
  16. Reckon I'm prolly a goer as well, will confirm later in the week but should be sweet!
    I'll hook up with you somewhere on the way Paul, you taking the 14 or the seefiddy?
  17. Hmmm, undecided.. Favouring the Boulevard at the moment though..
  18. Hey cruisingal
    Sorry missed your post
    Was going to go to one of the cafe's but looks like it be a big group
    So i would guess it off to the Bakery again :p
    Will have to see what the masses want
    Planning to be in Healsville around 12 (cant see us being any later)
    Well unless i'm waiting for someone :roll:
  19. Is that just so you can sit at the back and not have to make any excuses for going slow Blue :LOL:
  20. The bakery is the way to go Russ..