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[Vic] Laver Hill - Colac Rd limit drop

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by pvda, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. The Lavers Hill - Colac road has had the limit dropped between Ferguson (the junction where you either head towards Beech Forest, Colac or Lavers Hill) and down almost to Colac to either 80 or 90km/h.

    It's 90 north of Gellibrand & 80 South of Gellibrand :censored:

    Hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come with the GOR an 80 zone and it seems to be spreading to the short cuts as well.

    As for a condition report, all the roads in the Otways are wet, slippery and covered in bark and leaves so I'd give it a miss for a little while til the weather improves.
  2. i think your wrong, that is a open speed limit zone, has been every time i have traveled through there :wink:

    ffs i wonder how many 100km zone will be left in a years time ](*,)
  3. none they need to pay for the black saturday outcomes
  4. +1 stewy, I always ride to the conditions :bolt:
  5. apparently the GOR is 80 or something?
  6. I utilised the road heading east out of Beech Forest to Mt Sabine (Forrest-Apollo Bay Rd) yesterday and the amount of bark & branches all over the road made me glad I was in the company wagon at the time. Mind you most of that road is either a 20 :eek: or 40 zone anyway. The low limit is due to it being so narrow and frequented by logging trucks and tourists who never mix very well :D
  7. And ride on the wrong side of the road as I've actually seen before on the GOR!
  8. The only limit is in your mind. Break through the fear barrier** and there is no limit!! :biker:

    ** fear of po po, and/or fear of crashing
  9. The Beech Forest - Mt Sabine Road is so easy to run at 3 or 4 times the speed limit without even trying, especially when the limit is as low as 20km/h.