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(vic) Late notice Whitfield ride this Sunday (11th October)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by brownyy, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. Hey all;

    Whitfield Ride
    Sunday 11th of October 2009
    Meet: 0900h
    Leave: 0930h
    Where: Springy Maccas, Corner of Springvale Road and Maroondah Highway.
    Route: Healesville, Narbethong, Eildon, Alexandra, Bonnie Doon, Mansfield, Whitfield - Return may vary slightly.
    Skill: Level 4 +/- a little here and there. (open to interpretation, Bamm Bamm, Noticeably FAT, JohnnyO, thoughts on this?)
    Distance: Last time it was around 600+km return.

    The meet point has a servo across from the maccas, fuel tanks on arrival please. The day can be quite long and is medium to fast paced. Last time we returned at 5-6ish I think however with daylight savings this gives us a little more room.

    Please arrive on-time as we will depart at 9:30 sharp. The earlier the better, more social time.

    Any questions on skill required etc please ask, there's more advanced riders on this forum that were on the last run that can give you a better description then myself.

    Can't fukn wait!!! Everyone who did the run last time had an absolute blast. Almost no traffic in the twisties leading into Whitfield. Awesome road into Whitfield. :grin:

  2. Re: [VIC] - Whitfield Ride Sunday 11 Oct 09

    I'm in, had an absolute ball last time!

    Hanging out now for Sunday\\:D/

    As for ride levels...

    The route isn't overly challenging if you ride within your abilities, as with all rides skill levels vary but if you ride at a pace you are comfortable with you'll be fine. I would imagine corner marking and a TEC would be on the cards so no need to try and keep up, TEC will wait for you.

    That being said it will be a pretty long day on the bike, and riding distances can be tiring.
  3. Re: [VIC] - Whitfield Ride Sunday 11 Oct 09

    Could be up for this depending on weather/Girlfriend duties etc etc
  4. Re: [VIC] - Whitfield Ride Sunday 11 Oct 09

    **** yes. I am so fkn there!!!!

    As for the ride level - Pretty much as Keith said, ride within your abilities and you will be fine. From memory we did approx 150km between fuel stops, and realistically that's the only time we would be stopping for a break (apart from when jess forgets to fix her rear cowel properly, or someone gets lost...)
    Roads are very mixed. There are some big big sweepers in some sections, as well as some very technical sections with 30km/h hairpins, massive drop, and no guard rail. It's great variety, and you will have a ball and never be bored!

    I would put the ride at around a 4. But if your a 3 and looking for a challenge, your welcome to come. TEC will wait for you, and there are plenty of experienced riders (Jonny O, Keith etc.) who will be there to offer you tips if need be :)

    Oh, and total kms for me last time was 850 cause I had to come from Anglesea.....
  5. Re: [VIC] - Whitfield Ride Sunday 11 Oct 09

    I just realised.....

    I have to fkn work on Sunday... Yes.... I do. Life is not fair. Browny, and chance of changing to Saturday? I never work Sunday, cause i'm M-F 9-5, but we have a seminar thing I have to run... :(
  6. Re: [VIC] - Whitfield Ride Sunday 11 Oct 09

    Sorry Luke, I usually prefer saturday myself but from my talks over time with peoples most prefer sundays (from what I gather) as some work saturdays... It's been up on here and FB for over 24 hours now, I guess it's fixed?? Unless I see a HUGE demand before midday i'll leave it at sunday...

    I've been asked to place it in the calender (naughty me for not doing so), so i'll do it at midday pending the outcry for saturday, or lack of, therefore sunday. :)

    Edit: although your the forth person I know that has things on sunday...

    Edit2: Ride Remains Sunday.
  7. Re: [VIC] - Whitfield Ride Sunday 11 Oct 09

    I'm still hopefull for a Saturday ride...

    Who were the people who counldn't do Sunday? Do they wanna do a Saturday ride with me? :)
  8. yay thread back!!!!!!!!!!!

    remember your cashy's people... ;)
  9. me! I want to ride Saturday!
  10. great! just come sunday!! :grin:

    (yep, its locked in for sunday, was a few days ago).
  11. might be in. depends on, as above, girlfriend duties, and if i can ride at level 4. i can ride and sensibly (for a 19 year old :-O ) but dont like to hold people up :)
  12. This would be a good ride for you, just take it easy over the top of the whitfield pass, its similar to the spur but has a savage drop off on one side,
    and no barriers. Youll be right mate, and the TEC will wait for you, just like I did.
  13. you're a champion Brian :)
  14. Hope to make Sunday's ride. Never done a level 4 ride. So it will a good challenge.
  15. any plans for a stop at Healesville ? couple of us might be
    able to meet you'all there -
  16. Prob a very quick thing. I'll PM you my number, send me yours and i'll contact you when we leave the meet point and arrive you in healsville.

    Cya all there!!!
  17. tsxt msg sent - see you in the morn - might not make the whole run
    but got about 3 - 4 hours -ther's an ex servo just across from caltex that's
    a cafe - plenty of parking off road - you might know it - i'll wait there!
  18. see you all in the morning :)

    cheers, ash
  19. What an awsome day for a fantastic ride. We really enjoyed ouselves. Thanks for organising a great day Brownyy.
  20. Yep - great ride Brownyy - thanks for setting it up!