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[VIC] Late Notice Sunday 1st Feb - Dandenongs and surrounds

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by urbansloth, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Anyone want to join us tomorrow for a spin through the hills?

    Meeting point: Rowville Mobil, corner of Wellington and Stud
    Time: Sunday 1st Feb, 10am

    Level: Experienced learners and upwards - will be mostly twisty/windy roads, ridden how ever you like, fast or slow. Regular regroups to keep the group together.

    See you there!

  2. I forgot to say thanks for leading the way through some of the best roads I've riden today :beer:

    See ya tomorrow.

  3. sorry didnt make to the meeting point!! :?
    how was the turnout? wat roads did you ride?
  4. Ride was fantastic! Great company, nice cruisey pace, lots of great roads covered - cheers to Cindy, Nicky, Dave, Sonya and Garry!

    Here's a Google map of the route - here's a key to the markers, to jog the memory!


    A: Meet point at the Mobil
    B: First regrouping, left at the roundabout at the top of the hill
    C: Stuck behind P-plater who couldn't turn right!! Aaagh.. :evil:
    D: First drink/snack stop
    E: Stuck behind stationary truck on blind corner!! Aaagh... :evil:
    F: Dave's bike starts making bad noises...
    G: Local in 4wd asks if we're lost while waiting to regroup with Sonya...
    H: Start of section everyone liked....
    I: Smiles all round... :grin:
    J: Bid farewell to Garry
    K: Lunch at Nandos
    L: Nicky nearly explodes! Bid farewell to Dave and Sonya...
    M: Cindy nearly hit by d$#&head cop car!
    N: More smiles all round after Myers Crk Rd... :grin:
    O: Drinks break at St Andrews pub...... :homer drool: :cool:
    P: Bid farewell to Nicky
    Q: Bid farewell to Cindy..

    Thanks again for enjoyable rides guys/gals - let's do it again some time! :)
  5. FUN FUN FUN!!! let's do it again!

    wait til I get a bigger bike and I'll leave all you guys for dead!

    hahahahahaaaaa! oh.. I'm full of it.
  6. DAVE! sent you a PM
  7. oh! ... and thanks for leading Dave!
  8. sunday ride

    dave and the crew sunday thanks for my first ride out with netrider
    gr6 day
    thanks guys :grin: