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[Vic] Late notice ride to Reefton, Sat. 18th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Roarin, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. I reckon it's about time I did a bit of a spin out around the hills behind Melbourne again. Haven't done it for a while and the weathers looking dandy for Saturday. So the plan is to meet at the Mobil servo on the corner of Wellington and Stud roads and cut loose from there. 10 am sounds like a reasonable hour to me.
    I can't say exactly where I'll go but it will take in Beaconsfield, Pakenham Upper, Gembrook, Warburton, Reefton, Healsville, Toolangi, Kinglake and finish up around Diamond creek. I have no idea where we will stop for lunch, not a clue as to what time we will finish or even how many kms will be covered. But I do know that we will cover plenty of the best fun twisties close to Melbourne with b#gger all straight stuff.
    So if any ones interested in a good fun day of twisties post up and we'll see ya there.

    PS I will be riding the orange chook chaser so speeds will not be massive. But it won't exactly be a sedate cruise either. If wheelies, stoppies and excessive peg scraping offends you, this might not be the ride for you :) :)

  2. yep, i don't believe i have anything else on for the day :wink:
  3. Wat time and place to meet?

    I am keen or a ride.
  4. Re: Ride this Sat. 18th

  5. omg...
    my brain refuse to process the information that my eyes are receiving

    P.S. where is wellington and studd road?
  6. rowville s/e melb :)
  7. pending route that my friend will like to take....she isnt fond of blackspur
  8. hmmm who's this friend then? :wink: Black spur scares me :p
  9. I'm a possible starter for this. Job I was supposed to be working on has stalled and now I have a day and nowhere to be.

    Just look for a tall bloke who looks confused. If everyone looks like they have their act together I have not made it.

  10. Thanks all for a tops day. Just got back after a detour over to Lancefield, Kyneton and Mt Macedon.

    Much better day than what I thought I'd be doing. Life is good! :cool: :cool: :cool:
  11. Anyone actually manage to keep Andy's KTM tail light in sight for more than 4 corners did we?
  12. Yep Ratty and Pomy boy were there to do that :LOL:
  13. Not I! I was more than happy just tootling along at the back.
  14. yeah through the very fast sweepers out the back rowville i manged too, only cos you can see through about 6 corners at a time :LOL: yeah he's not so quick :LOL:

    yep what a great day's riding i had, wow reefton was a blast, but wow that road chews tyres even worse going up it, by the time we hit the top, the front was looking a bit worse for wear :wink:

    Was great to be out riding with a group that could all decide what a safe pace was for them and not try and keep up with the bike in front.

    Thanks again guys had a blast, and look forward to the next one :)
  15. I went out a little later with someone else. I think he went through emerald...I'm not exactly sure where. but it was a good ride. till later when it got scotching hot.