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VIC - Late notice..o/nite ride to Bendigo 20/21st Jan.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I Adore Vic, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. Titled edited now that the destination's been decided.

    So far it's me, im.on.it and Jd. :) Feel free to come along. :) Stopovers include Hanging Rock and perhaps the chocolate place at Daylesford. :grin:

    Accommodation - camping in tents at wherever..yet to check what campgrounds are available.


    Resume original post:

    Hey all. I know it's short notice, but I've got next Saturday and Sunday free and was thinking of heading up Bright way, and camping overnight before heading back the next day.

    If anyone would like to come along - or has some other super idea of a destination - then sing out. :)

    Rosie - yep - withdrawal symptoms. :( :LOL:
  2. iwould of loved to have done this ride with you BUT the blue ribbon rides that sunday :(
  3. Never mind Phanoongy...let me know when you've got a weekend free :) - BTW....WE are not allowed to crash. :twisted:

    All the best for next Sunday,

  4. Can you wait until I get my Aprilia ???

    If I get it before SBK, it'll be my ride to Vic !
  5. I'd be interested. However, aside from working dayshift on Sunday, you may have to consider the bushfires. The Mansfield-Whitfield area is under threat, so there may be problems getting through.

    We'll be doing a Bright run in late April. It's a regular event with the group that I hang out with. Usually an overnighter going up via Mansfield and coming home via Mt. Hotham. Last year we did a 3 day run, day 1 being to Tintaldra, day 2 back to Bright, day 3 home via Hotham.
  6. Bright's not far from Sydney Micky. :grin: Not that far anyway. Go on! :grin:
  7. Ah well - if it's still looking bad I'll find elsewhere.....perhaps join in the GOR ride but camp o/nite there. Will see. :)

    Must be long and far. :)
  8. Are the other V-squad members going to be there ???

    hopefully not V2 . . . . she scares me ! :eek:

  9. Rosie, I was going to suggest the GOR ride and camp o/n.
    But I don't have a tent... I will go on the ride though.
  10. I've got a tent if you want one Nee. :grin: Have you already put your name down for the GOR ride?
  11. Yeah I put myself down as tentative.
    A spare tent? I wonder if I can hook it on the bike? couple of occy straps should do it ey?
  12. Two or three ocky straps should do the job. :) I can chuck it on my bike if you like. Not sure how it'd go on the hornet. I'll go have a look at the GOR thread.

    I'm going to keep the Bright area as my no.1 destination - will wait till later in the wk to see how the fires are up that way. If it's looking suss, I'll head along the GOR. Will let you know midweek Nee. :)
  13. Cool! I never been to Bright, could do that instead. Are the roads nice and twistie? I have a tendency to doze off on long stretches of highways :p
    PM me where you wanna go? I got a new sleeping bag to test out ;)
  14. I'm in that area as I type and yes much of NE vic is on fire. I had to drive to Benalla from Lakes Entrance today as the Great Alpine Road is closed. I think Mansfield to Whitfield is open(ish) atm but the fire near Benalla could see it closed at a moments notice and currently cuts off many of the fun alternative routes. The forcast for the next few days is going to see fires raging but if rain forcast late in the week moves far enough North then it might be a good run.

    I'm interested in the ride but I'll watch the fires closely for a few days before confirming. :)
  15. Hey Rosie, I was up at Mansfield on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th of January with the Wylde One. It is highly variable as regards to the fires. At that time, the Mansfield to Whitfield Road was open, while the Buller and Jamieson Roads were closed. Just this week the situation had changed so Tolmie in danger. Keep an eye on the fire warnings they can change rapidly.
  16. As in daily or several times a day. Everytime the wind changes the fires go with them. The fire here is getting bigger and has been changing direction regularly. It'll likely be a matter of getting regular updates by phone on the way though (can be arranged) with the readyness to turn tail and run if we have to by the look of things at the moment. :)

    I have driven though fire fronts (smaller than this fire) and although it's rather surreal, it is surviveable to be in a car in a big fire, but on a bike we'd be (literally) toast, so the plans will need to be very loose with a B, C and D plan up the sleave. I'm not trying to scare anyone, just point out that we may need to be very flexible in where we go.

    Rosie, also it's a good idea to find out which towns have accomodation shortly before going. Currently Omeo is booked out for fire fighters and other towns may do the same depending on where the CFA needs people. The fireies get top priority up here. :wink: :)
  17. Thanks Seany and G - Seany, what are you doing in Benalla and how long are you there till? ..I ask because I know someone from there. :)
    He rode back up there (through black spur) today. He's in the police force so I'll ask him for his thoughts as well. :)

    If it's cool I'll ring ahead for campsites. If not, plan B - GOR. :grin:

    im.on.it - you're.on.it...we shall watch and see. If Bright area looks good we'll go but if it's not, we shall head down to Apollo Bay instead. :grin: I'm hoping that Bright's fine by the weekend though.
  18. BTW, Seany and anyone else, can you think of any alternative places to go which are worth a visit and a good ride from Melb? I'm flexible. :grin:

  19. Rosey, I quite like the Daylesford Spa area. There are some great roads around there and there doesn't seem to have been quite as many fire warnings. Voyager lead a ride out there last year. It was great.
    Oh and the Chocolate Mill just outside Daylesford has delectable fare hand made on the premises. Please note that it is a no smoking venue.
  20. Rosie, you can always head off to Wilsons Prom, plenty of roads to choose to from heading down that way,
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