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[VIC] Langy to Sorrento, Sat Jun 10th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: TAZMAN (mick)

    Meet at langy pub at 9.00am for a run down to sorrento along the coast. maybe a few runs on the seat depening on the conditions then take purves road and the back way to sorrento. Returning via cape schank and flinders back towards mornigton and either...

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  2. sounds good. will try and make this one
  3. Sounds like a good thing. Hope to see a few folks there! :grin:
  4. Ill try to make this one too.
  5. If i don't have to work on Saturday Mick i'll meet ya at the Langy :grin:
  6. Sounds like a plan Mick, will confirm towards the end of the week and may bring another rider along with me.

  7. suppose Sorrento sounds safer than Baw Baw atm ,,, I should be there sat Mick ok
  8. Cool, looks like me may have an ok turn out. Wheather at the moment is saying late rain so hopefully it will be to late to worry us [-o<
    I will see everyone at the Langy on saturday at 9.00am for a (hopefully) rain free ride.
  9. Quick check.

    Is that the Langwarrin Hotel on Cranbourne Road near Gateway Shopping centre?
  10. thats right Justal ,,,,
  11. Hmmm "Langy" to people down this way = Lang Lang, but i guess people could start from there as well.
  12. same here, I been getting splinters from scratching my head trying to figure out why the ride was starting in bloody Lang Lang.....

    der.... now it makes sense
  13. Mmmm chocolote tour or scenic route? Hmmm

    Hmmm....The chocolate tour sounds great but I think the scenic route wins this time....it sounds like a good ride! Thanks for organising this one TAZMAN :grin: I'm pretty sure I'll be there!

    Unless of course I get some major chocolate cravings Saturday, or decide I'm guna charge freight for people to load up choccies in my man bag (God bless the Across). $2 per gram ($5 for white chocolate cos it sucks)....Clause: no liability accepted for melted chocolate that may resemble dog crap
  14. If the weather is nice i am keen, will already be going on my Sunday ride throughy these parts in fact.

    Consider going from Langy to Hastings, Flinders (stop) out the back to Browns rd to back of Arthers Seat (depending on road works) (stop), down the seat or up and down if you want, then onto Sorrento or up the Esplanade to Mornignton
  15. Sounds good mate, I am open to suggestions on the route as I know most people have a better idea of the good roads down that way than I do. We will discuss it on saturday morning and make a final decision before we leave so as we all know where we are heading. :)
  16. I might be in as well, just need a pass form the Boss!
  17. damnit... I've committed to the choc run on Saturday (I have an insatiable chocolate addiction) but this ride sounds good!!

    Is there any good chocolate shops along the Sorrento route?? Maybe the two runs can be merged :wink:
  18. The wheather is looking a bit better, they are saying late showers now but it looks like early fog so pack the warm gear :) I reckon it will be ok just take a bit of time for the tyres to warm up :wink: . All is looking good and dont forget this ride is open to learners as well cause our TEC is on a 250 also and as it s not exactly going to be warm we wont be going to ballistic :wink:
    See you all at 9.00 at the Langwarrin hotel (langy :LOL: :LOL: )
  19. Not sure mate but I know the bakery down there makes a pretty wicked choc danish and mud cake if thats enough to to apease your choc demon :grin: