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[Vic] Lane Splitting Legality Campaign

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by FALCON-LORD, May 14, 2008.

  1. In light of the situation mentioned in this thread
    it would appear we (The riding community) have the opportunity to advance the need to explicitly legalize lane splitting on our roads.

    It is unfortunate to "cash in" (As stated by thetramp) on the unfortunate circumstances regarding this riders incident. But if this gives us the opportunity to improve our ability to defend our own safety it is an opportunity we should not let slip.
    Please post any media regarding the situation to this thread so that we can keep abreast of the available information, and look into ways we can make the larger community aware of how this issue impacts us as rider.

  2. Give me some facts and I'll write the letter from hell......
  3. as the rider wasn't killed in the lane splitting incident, It may not make the media other than sunrise this morning

    But perhaps we can keep our eyes and ears open and collate any info we can get about this and other incidents
  4. Some activities you may wish to consider:

    Firstly how about getting some firm statistics produced by a reputable source (paid for) which uses TAC's data cubes and methodologies similar or the same as the government.

    Second. Assuming your a lawyer with a cause, establish a class action case against the ambiguous nature of fines and infringements that people are issued with during the course of a specific time frame (say 6 months).

    Third publish the findings in a legal journal to peer assess the merits for said legal debate to maximise support.

    Fourth. Pursue the class action against VicPol with a clear mandate not to settle the individual infringements out of court with the police, but to challenge and create legal precedent to force change.

    The above takes money, effort and usually a shit load of flack from your colleagues and peers.

    See how you go.
  5. I'd suggest an alternative strategy than attacking the police directly. Campaign directly to every road safety authority and advisory body about the need for motorcyclists to be able to choose to filter for their own safety. Use the word filter because it is the language used by the police themselves in the UK, to describe it when it is done legally.

    Argue that the right of cyclists to travel down the LH side of cars is EXACTLY the same thing, and that it is promoted as a safety strategy for them (not just a convenience). Why not for us?

    Propose a framework for the law - describe a legal definition of what should and shouldn't be allowed. Make it reasonable for a non-motorcyclist to accept. ( hypothetical example: only legal up to a speed of 25kmh, with the onus on the rider to avoid damage to other vehicles. Or whatever you think).

    Get every bit of evidence together that you can to show that blanket penalties are harming people. Push it to the policy-makers, not the police.

    Get the representative bodies together for a national push, not just a state one.

    Just my opinion.
  6. Firstly you cannot sue a govt / semi govt department for doing thier job, (as long as they don't break any laws doing it) and whether we like it or not they are here.
    You need grounds.
    The class actions that "got up" in recent times were ones such as Tasty Nightclub where illegal searches were conducted by Vicpol.

    Secondly, class actions (which are a US invention) are notoriously hard to get approved by the courts. You need a group of people who all suffered the same damage, in the same way and who form a distinct "class".

    Now, the rest of your ideas have some merit, if one could get statistics on the number of people fined.
    The problem with that is that (i) Vicpol won't want to hand them out, (ii) most of these would have been handled as PERIN matters.
    Although a peer reviewed article on the recent blitz....mmmmm....

    I agree with the "political" way of handling this and have already indicated I'll assist where I can.
    Titus I like that approach. JDK where are you????????
  7. :popcorn:
    Just keeping Tabs on this thread, I'm more than willing to put my signature to anything that involves keeping motorcycling 'safer'.
    I'll continue to filter/split whenever I feel the need to.
  8. +1, and i'll filter til I die!

    It is a stupid double standard with bicycles as pointed out earlier. Here in Canberra, many main intersections now have their own green bike line along the side, which is about at least a metre wide, perfectly fitting bikes without even getting near cars. Why can't I use that?

    I dont think they'll ever approve of cars going in between lanes, just can't see them doing it. Up the left where there's space maybe, but not within cms of traffic.

    I think cops are fairly relaxed about it here though, even pulled up to the lights facing one and he didn't give a toss, happened a few times now. Plus you dont get hassled for <10km/h over the limit. Cops are generally quite reasonable round here, unlike you poor buggers down south!!
  9. If we really want to get noticed we could do something similar to the cabbies in melb. did. Just block off a major city road and not move until the govt. says they will do something. Even better orchestrate it for a few major cities.

    Although that could possibly make us generally disliked. But then again, its our safety that we're dealing with...

    Just an idea
  10. How about, instead of pushing for lane splitting to be legalised, we instead push for motorcycle lanes? And use lane splitting as a political fall back position.
    As a way of protest and drawing attention to the issue, start a bike lane day, where all the motorbikes using the freeways on a given day, use the bus lanes.
    If we can get it covered by the news from a chopper, it will look good on tele. And it would be easier to sell to the cagers. where would they rather we were?
  11. 6 feet underground on the most part.
  12. being both a cyclist and a motorcyclist, i can see the huge point regarding the legality of bikes passing to the left of cars, but nothing else allowed the same.

    however, bikes can still be charged with passing too close, i suppose. its mainly just to keep bikes from having to pull out into the centre of traffic in multi-lane roads, to pass cars.

    bike lanes on the other hand, allow much safer passage of a bike, which is a high risk vehicle.
    a motorbike lane would do the same, make it muuuch safer for us, as we can avoid cars completely. due to the speed associated with motorbikes, this lane wont be on the left of roads. how about the right side?

    a bike lane, down the right side, allowing bikes to escape the congestion, and crazy drivers. obviously cars would need to be able to enter these lanes to turn right, as with bike lanes and turning left. it seems a fairly viable option in theory to me.

    putting it into practice, and convincing the Gov etc to set aside the money to make these lanes is a different issue. maybe this is where the MRAA and other bodies come in, much like BV (Bicycles Victoria) and their efforts with bike lanes.

    food for thought, and i'll be keeping an eye on this thread. i split/filter too :)
  13. better than numpties riding in the oncoming traffic lane!