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[VIC] LAMS Question... XVS650A in Vic?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by austy, May 27, 2009.

  1. Good Evening,

    New to the forums, name's Aaron.

    The XVS650A (Classic) does not appear on the LAMS list posted on the VicRoads website, yet the XVS650 (Custom) does. The classic is on the list for NSW, SA, NT, and TAS, but not in VIC?

    If anyone could shed some light, or if anyone has the XVS650A with a LAMS rego sticker please let me know!

    I'm about to make a purchase (hopefully tomorrow) but am already riding on 1 point for 1 year so can't afford to have any errors!

  2. If its not on the list its not LAMS approved.
    If the bike is just a "variant" of another bike, same motor etc I can't see why they couldn't do it, but you would need to contact VicRoads and this could be a long slow painfull process.....
  3. It's a variant, and is included in the XVS650 category, and is LAMS in Vic.

    Here's another example:
    the LAMS list says "XT660"

    there is no "XT660".
    There is only "XT660R"
    and "XT660X"
    They are both LAMS.

    When you buy the bike make sure it has LAMS
    on the rego label.

    Disclaimer: Don't get your legal advice from
    some guy on the Internet. I am not a Vicroads person.
  4. Just saw this thread and ran down to my office basement to check my rego sticker :LOL: (I bought my XVS650A used with rego). It says LAM on the bottom right-hand corner. No need to fret :wink:
  5. you are probably right bulletproof but I seem to recall a thread a while back that LAMS inclusion can be year dependant for some models. Best to check with RTA (or vic equivalent) and cite the model and year.
  6. I have a 2007 XVS 650A; VIC rego states it's LAM

  7. My understanding from when the lists were done is that yes it is a LAMS approved bike. Any problems PM me and I'll follow up on it for you.
  8. Thanks for everyone's advice :)

    Just rode her home, 39k's on the clock

    Certainly is a different ride to my klr650!