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[VIC] LAMs approved but not on the rego sticker

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Dionikon, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Just thought I'd share this as there seems to be a lot of different thoughts about LAMs approved bikes and what can be done if the sticker doesn't say "LAM".

    I recently bought a Monster 620 Lite to ride on my L's and restricted license.

    Problem: it did not have LAM printed on the rego sticker but was definitely the LAMs model.

    I called VicRoads before buying the bike and they told me that it is not important for it to be there, just that the bike is on the list. The "LAM" on the registration sticker is purely for convenience, it is not a legal requirement.

    So after buying the bike I found that no where on the bike does it say "620 Lite", it only says "620 Dark". Since buying the bike is I've been worried about this, as I did not want to have to argue the point with the cops about it when pulled over, arguing with cops never ends well, especially when you're right.

    To try and fix the situation I emailed Vic Roads asking the question, "can it be added to my registration sticker?", and this morning I got a phone call from them. They told me that if it is a LAMs approved bike then there has been an error when it was registered originally (the bike was transferred from NSW a few years back) and it can definitely be fixed.

    All I had to do was drop in to VicRoads (any office) and explain it to them, they printed me a new sticker on the spot and there you have it, my new rego sticker now says "LAM". They didn't even inspect the bike, I showed them the service manual with the correct model name (Monster 620 Lite), and that's it.

    Too easy!

    I'm off for a ride with my shiny new sticker!

  2. Mine currently does not have LAM's on it, my renewal does, could just be they didn't have the paperwork sorted to have all LAM's bikes rego stickers display correctly until recently...
  3. Mine says it, but with the power commander and ECU im putting in, its going to be false advertising soon!
  4. Not to mention illegal if you're still on restrictions.
    May as well just buy a 2nd hand SV1000 and do it properly.