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[VIC] LAMS announcement

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. The Minister for Roads (Tim Pallas) will be making an announcement this morning at 10 am re. a Learner Approved Motorcycle System in Victoria.

    It will be at VicRoads, Lygon St Carlton. VMAC members will also be in attendance.

    (It's been under a total embargo until now...)
  2. Ooohh

    interesting developments then :grin: :grin:
  3. Hmm bound to happen sooner or later. so no more Vic's will be on 250 2 strokes. (well not leagally)
  4. No more NEW learners... Anyone already on a 2 stroke *should* be fine as with all new restriction laws...
  5. interesting, i wonder what will happen with existing Learners and P - Platers
  6. Its now after 10 so what happened?
  7. They'll just have a hell of a time trying to sell their bike ;).
  8. Right - just got back from the official announcement that LAMS is to be implemented in Victoria. Don't go holding your breath because it will be done in conjunction with the overhaul of the Licencing and Registration Database and that will be a lengthy process. :roll:

    What was good was that for the first time we had a Minister for Transport stating to the media that Motorcyclists were legitimate road users who deserved to be treated as such. He also spoke encouragingly about motorcycles and their role in transport and that they need to be included in any transport plan for the future. This is not something we'd ever have heard from his predecessor.

  9. But good that they recognise us I suppose!
  10. That ercognition is really good but recognition would be better... :LOL: :p
  11. The last time that I was ercognified, {or is it ercognisised?} it really hurt (and yep, it hurt like buggery - just like what happens to non-pies supporters..
  12. I gather no there was no specific "timeframe" given??? :?

    Ross ..
  14. To all the unbelievers I told you so! The rumor has been made real! :grin:
  15. http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home...onsFundingToImproveSafetyForMotorcyclists.htm

    Friday 6 July 2007
    Media release
    From the Minister for Roads and Ports


    Minister for Roads and Ports, Tim Pallas, today announced that the Government would introduce new regulations for Learner and Probationary motorcyclists in Victoria through the introduction of a new Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS).

    Mr Pallas said motorcyclists would also benefit from $2 million from the Motorcycle Safety Levy to target eight motorcycle blackspots and improve road safety.

    Surrounded by bikes of all shapes and sizes, Mr Pallas said the new licensing scheme would encourage national uniformity and modernise the current regulations that restrict new and learner motorcyclist to an engine capacity of 260cc.

    “Current regulations don’t reflect the performance abilities and safety mechanisms of today’s motorcycles and these changes will allow learner and probationary licence holders to ride motorcycles with a maximum power/weight ratio of 150 kw/tonne and a maximum engine capacity of 660cc,†Mr Pallas said.

    “This will allow new and learner riders to access a greater number of bikes that have safety features like ABS and combined braking systems.

    “It also encourages riders to stay on the same bike for longer after their 260cc restriction period ends, as currently many new riders immediately opt for very high performance bikes after their restrictions end.â€

    Parliamentary Secretary for Transport, Martin Pakula, thanked the Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council (VMAC) for its work on the new system.

    “When these changes come in over the next 12 months they will bring our motorcycle regulations into line with South Australia, Tasmania and also New South Wales, where the system has been successfully introduced,†Mr Pakula said.

    Rider advocate and interest groups have also strongly supported the move saying it will give learner and novice riders access to more appropriate motorcycles and restrict them from high risk, race replica 250cc motorcycles.

    Victoria Police and the Transport Accident Commission will work closely with VicRoads to bring the new system into place along with an easily accessible database that will help Learners and P-Platers understand which bikes they can ride.

  16. Yes you did say it was on the way, I always believed that it. It was the timeframe that was and still is in question! :grin:
  17. wonder what this is gonna do for my resale of my ZXR250 looking on bkesales ect the prices in other Lstates seem about the same
  19. Dam if it takes 12 months to come in :mad:

    Would learners or restricted riders be able to get a lams bike or is it only people who go to get a license or learners permit under the new rules? My license has a 260cc restriction on it printed on the back so I guess they will have to issue me a new license?
  20. it isnt going to do anything instantly, they take forever to do these things just think how long ago they announced 4 all the changes 2 p plater car drivers that took affect less then a week ago.

    its not like new car laws where they are restricting further they are loosening laws so i dont see why it wouldnt apply to people who have caurrent permits.

    but chances are it wont happen for a fair while.

    ive sat through several press conferences for new govenrment initatives etc in my previos employment and i think i am yet to see any of them come into effect an i was doin that stuff for the last 3 years