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[Vic] Lams 1st August 2007

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grey Gentry, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Pulled from another forum...with no official copy.

    May we hear all today (later)

  2. Not that it effects me but I'm still happt to bet against it.
    Dont get your hopes up kiddo's.
  3. irt will be coming, but i don't know where the 1st of august came from? the story i have been told is that it would be announced at the melb motorcycle expo later this year
  4. So they will get this done fairly quickly first, they have to change rego processes, databases, enact new laws, train and inform the police, make some coffees, scratch their arses, blame another department for not filling out the PS47867400388BS form in green pen [they used black], consult [eat pizzas] with the MRAA, realise QLD is going back to 260cc, reinvestigate why QLD is going back, organise a study trip to The Bahamas, speak to motorcyle importers, answer last minute objections by Sumoto, form a sub committee to fully understand the potential environmental impacts on the green bellied parrot. Oh and then imagine the talk back radio!

    So should be completed in a few weeks. :roll:
  5. :rofl:

    absolute gold!
  6. You have worked for Vic Govt too? :p
  7. Nah but had 1st hand experience watching precesses in Vic. gov organisations. If it was corporate sector, they'd got out of business ad be sued by shareholders.

    Nice to know how our tax dollars are put to use.
  8. You forgot one process;

    Wasting Millions of dollars on TV advertising that nobody cares about.
  9. You are so cynical..... :)
  10. No that's after they get it through the aforementioned new streamlined process. They will advertise the fact that this has changed only after everyone who is impacted by it already knows about it.

    No I have not worked for the government [unless you count one year with Telecom in 1989] but having had to deal with local councils [try to get funding for basketball courts but they will spend $400k on new croquet lawns ] :evil:.

    The sooner we have uniform national licencing laws the better, it's freaken stoopid that NSW and ACT etc have LAMs but we have to reinvent the wheel. :roll:
  11. I hope you are not suggesting that Steve doesn't have our own best interests at heart are you? After all, Victorian conditions are different to NSW and the ACT, so there's no way the laws could be enacted the same. I mean, if they did, what would all the government advisers do?

    If I hear 'Australian' or 'Victorian' conditions used as an excuse one more time.....
  12. guess i should start looking at upgrades then :grin: :LOL:
  13. Just thank [insert dogma of choice] that you don't live in the "United" States of America.

    I agree that uniform laws would be great but the converse of that argument is that by not allowing too much central control we lessen the risk of a despot type government. :?
  14. HEY, I work hard! :LOL:

    ...well...maybe not. I do, however, work at an appropriate level for my salary :p

    On a side note (and I've said this before): The longer LAMS takes, the better. As long as I can get through to the end of year (upgrade time!), and get the VTR250 sold BEFORE any announcement is made...I'll be happy.

    If, on the other hand, my resale value takes a hit as a result... :mad: !
  15. If you guys are wanting to have access to LAMS type model, why not just get you licence in NSW. Find a netrider buddy who lives there and use it as your legal address (secondary) then just apply for you licence in NSW. If you are over 30, you need only sit the MOST and you have a full unrestricted licence. Wait 3 months then bring it back to VIC etc.
  16. Or just wait 12 months for no restrictions.
  17. :? I was just looking at the NSW LAMS approved list, and the KTM 525 EXC is on there. :shock:

    That's a pretty pokey bike for a learner to be riding. :?
  18. Hyosing 650 naked is (with lams limiter thingy)
    Suzuki SV650 is not.

    aren't these two the same engine and roughly the same weight? surley if one can be Lams approved the other can be made to fit as well??

    Because i know which one i'd rather buy :grin:
  19. I would love a KTM525, mmmm motard time!

    Is the SV650 carby or fool injected? The Hyo is carby and they put some slider thingys in. Fool injected might be harder?? :?
  20. What??? Had a look at Can(t)berra lately? :cool:

    Refugee laws;
    Terrorism Laws;
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