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VIC [VIC] Lack of outcry to TAC stats suggest an anti motorcycling bias

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. The last time Victorian motorcycling fatalities were 43% above the previous years total:

    ...Ken Lay came out calling us Hoons and promised targeted, significant and severe road enforcement operations to protect us from ourselves.

    ...The media created a storm happily espousing and toeing the hoon line.

    ...TAC brought out negative ad campaigns.

    ...Much stroking of chins occurred by commentators with their utterances distributed across many different media - mostly negative.

    ...Self important tut tuttings were heard from anyone in beige who thought they had an opinion worth foisting upon the great unwashed who didn't know any better.

    ...Shock jocks prognosticated about the necessary demise of such unsafe road user groups and demanded heavy and limiting restrictions.

    etc. etc.

    Are you getting my drift at how hostile the anti motorcycling environment became? You get the drift right?

    Well get a gander at the current road fatality stats. I understand the reality behind the numbers and I'm not making light of the pain and loss behind what they represents... but where's the society wide outrage at the user groups with a 43% and 200% increase in fatalities compared to the same time last year??? :-k

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  2. Looking at those figures I'm suprised TAC and the Police haven't come out and publically patted themselves on the back for achieving a 25% reduction in motorcycle fatalities.
  3. You might like to pass those figures on to Jon Fain who, in a talkback 'community forum' yesterday, identified 'ongoing increases in motorcycle and cyclist fatalities' as issues that he thinks need to be urgently addressed.

    This is a man, BTW, who has publicly given up riding because he believes it has become too dangerous.

    Perhaps he needs to jump on a new bandwagon quick-smart?

    I don't think it's worth dragging TAC out to comment - they'll just suggest that the repressive measures were the reason for the decrease.
  4. We could make them wear Hi-Vis vests!!!! Not to make them safer, just easier to find.
    Everybody should wear Hi-Vis vests, they're magical. Hi-Vis beige is the new black.
  5. What makes you think they haven't or at least tried...
    Morning radio show earlier had an officer try to justify their silly (and potentially dangerous) operations on the accident reductions until the shock jock put him back onto the issue.
  6. It gets worse! There were 2 fatalities compared to zero for the unknowns! This marks an infinant% change not a 200% change like they claim. This is way worse then the 43% motorcyclists. If the same trend follows next year the 2 unknown fatalities will have multiplied to everybody in the universe! I call goverment conspiracy to hide the fact that we are all doomed.8-[
  7. I assumed that since no one had posted up something about it, and by Robs post that it had largely been ignored.
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  9. 8-[ My old lab professor always warned me about the "unknowns" 8-[

    Nice call smilee. LOL
  10. I'm still struggling to understand how an unknown can be a known statistic....:-s

  11. Laugh it me now, but you wont be laughing next year!

    Seriously though how is there any unknowns in this? Either the police couldn't work out what vehicle a fatality was in, or this vital piece of information was left off a police report. It's a pretty clear sign of incompetence somewhere.
  12. Could be they couldn't tell the difference between a moped and a powered bicycle, buggered if i can.
  13. Ill Bite, What exactly is an unknown,

    A visit by a UFO, Maybe,?????????
  14. base jumpers who forgot their shutes maybe.
    quite flummoxing actually. Definately won't be using an unknown form of transport considering the risks.
  15. Maybe someone fell off a freeway overpass and they can't figure out if it's a pedestrian of a car accident?
  16. ....could be two hearses collided and they don't know how the people in the back died!!!
  17. Yeah ok I got nothing.
  18. Settle down people, I nearly wet myself laughing,
  19. Careful guys, this is all speculation! Don't want to get this thread closed because its an unknown down thread.