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[VIC] L plater, 750cc, Pillion and double the speed limit.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Didn't spot a mention of this on the boards - I think this fits into the category of silly silly boy and not too bright either... if you're already breaking a few laws, why draw attention to yourself by breaking the tonne in the burbs?

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    Speeding motorcyclist at Templestowe Lower
    Saturday, 29 January 2011 14:11

    A Brunswick man has had his 750cc Kawasaki motorbike impounded after he was clocked travelling at double the speed limit in Templestowe Lower yesterday.

    Just after 1pm, police nabbed the 22-year-old learner motoryclist after he reached dangerous speeds of up to 120kph in a 60kph zone on Thompsons Road.

    The motorcyclist was also travelling with a pillion passenger and wasn't displaying 'L' plates.

    His motorcycle was impounded for 48 hours under the hoon legislation and he is expected to be charged on summons with a number of traffic offences.

    April Hosking
    Media Officer
  2. Silly bugger. At least he wasn't stupid enough to leave his plates on. That would have iced the cake.
  3. stupid doing it at that time
  4. Bwahahaha - thomsons road - could he have been more stupid to do such a thing? Of all the times and places to act like a tosser, I wouldn't have thought that would be the best choice.
  5. Idiot. Enough said!

    This has just reminded me as well - does anyone know if you're bike can be impounded if you get caught riding a bike that's not LAMs approved on your L's or P's?

    I thought it was just $116 fine and 2-3 demerit points for L's. If you're on P's or Restricted Full Licence it's just $116 with no points. A mate of mine believes your bike will be impounded as well if caught but I don't believe this is true.
  6. You just can't help dumb huh??

    I did read this and did a quick sum of his minimum fines.
    Think it was over $1200 plus all the other stuff from impounding, etc....

    But question will be will he learn?
    Oh, anouther question..... if the pillion knew he was a learner, does that make them dumber??
  7. I'll check this out as I have the fines pdf on my other pc at home but i believe riding a non lams approved bike is $239 (may be $299) and 3 demerit points.....

    Just checked the penalty:
    It's Penalty / Offence Code 2571, Holder of motorcycle license for less than 12 months driving motorcycle that is not learner approved.

    Yep, my memory was correct.
    It's $239 and 3 demerit points.......
  8. It's not a hoon offence to ride a bike you're not legally allowed to. Your bike won't be impounded. You probably wont be allowed to ride it home however if caught. But with the beigefluenza infecting the authorities, I wouldn't be surprised if the hoon legislation is broadened again.
  9. "but officer Im on my L's and have only ridden a 250 where you have to wind it up 100% to get it to 60"

    "The guy i bought it off told me it was LAMS"

    "The 7 on the 750 looked like a 2"

    "the guy on the back had his full licence nad I thought that allows me to ride a bigger bike"

    "the guy on the back didnt fit on my ct110"

    I wonder if he made any excuse or just took the ticket
  10. He needs to learn the concept of "time and place".
  11. What a dipstick, take his license and shred it. One of those 3 daft things would have been enough, but 3?!?!

  12. Is double the speed limit not considered hooning?
  13. Damn !!! It all happened within a stone's throw from my home and to think I was out of the country ?!!!! I would've 'congratulated' the rider myself !
  14. I'd consider that hooning.
  15. What?

    I belive Rob said "It's not a hoon offence to ride a bike you're not legally allowed to."

    He didn't say speeding wasn't a hoon offence.

    While the powers that be will have us all believe it, I don't believe that simply breaking the speed limit (by any amount) constitutes hooning.
  16. There should be a ticket for "Public Display of Dumbness".
  17. I think there should be a little buffer in there before it becomes hooning for sure. That said, if you're travelling in a 60km/h zone and doing 80+, that is, in my opinion, starting to push the boundaries of "oops, the throttle got away from me for a second" and hooning. Actually, it really is just hooning. :)

    10-15km/h might be reasonable but once you start getting 15 to 20/30/double the speed limit there really isn't any excuse for it.
  18. yup, got that
    but no1, asked if it was a hoon offence to ride a bike that u arent legally allowed to. impounding or not being allowed to drive/ride home can be enforced for offences other than "hooning"

    i agree that simply breaking the limit may not constitute hooning, but double?
    out of interest, what do you consider hooning?
    i always thought it to be excessive speed (i.e. double), street racing, etc
  19. You can safely ride or drive at double the speed limit,

    Hooning is doing stupid things, Like burnouts, sliding sideways across the road, all in residential areas,
  20. I agree that if you commit a number of other offences at the same time it may constitute 'hooning'.

    But, exactly how is simply breaking the speed limit hooning?