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[VIC] KTM 950 SM - gone!

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by titus, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. It's kinda like the world drops away a little - sorta recedes from under you. It's not a punch in the guts but it's still very unpleasant.
    Those of you who have been there will know. Went out the door in the pre-dawn dark this morning to find a gaping hole where is the Katie is supposed it be.
    When I recovered my senses I noticed the missus' pushie is also gone, so I doubt it's a one-off thrillseeker. Pros. But they left other stuff, so who knows? I've got some strong suspicions based upon services rendered very recently but I won't voice them without evidence. Called the cops, who dealt with it matter-of-factly but kinda got the impression that insurance is your friend...(should be OK).

    Anyway... 2006 KTM 950SM, black, stock standard except for orange Barkbuster handguards, 21K on the clock, Radguard, reg FD735. That's it I guess.
    Edit: forgot to mention, stolen from Brunswick overnight 21st/22nd June.

  2. That really sucks mate. maybe tentatively voicing suspicions to alert others?
  3. The cheeky c*nts. Right outside your bedroom window?

    Sorry to hear it but also delighted for you. NEW BIKE TIME!
  4. mate that sucks!

    Some countries have it all figured out with cutting hands off I reckon, too bad we don't do it here!
  5. Sorry to hear this Titus.

    What security measures did you have?
  6. I read this and thought "that sound like the one I put a tyre on last week". Ran you rego in the computer and bingo it is the one.

    Is it something to do with a mob of people who were at your house you told me about? I'll ring you in the morning to have a chat. I may have some info for you.

  7. Have a photo?
  8. That sucks.
  9. Sorry to hear of your loss. Will keep an eye out.

    Bike thieves should be neutered and have their legs broken.
  10. i'l keep an eye out. mine was stolen aswell last year from a suburb next door to you.

    have u got any photos?
  11. F**KERS!

    Hope you find them and string them up by their testicular region mate.

    Been broken into before but only minor stuff. Still i can sympathise with the sinking feeling.

  12. Hey, whaddaya know! Cops rang to tell me they have just charged a suspect! Only a few body parts left of the ol' girl but it was enough. It's all history to me now but it's good to know the slime didn't get away with it.
    Well done, VP.
  13. Chalk that up to a victory for the good guys. =D>
    Great news and well done to all. (assuming ins has worked out well)
    Did you ask for 5 minutes with the scum?
  14. Wow that restores a little faith in their capacity.

    Did they say how they managed to find it?
  15. All I know is that some identifiable parts were recovered, along with others, from other victims. Hopefully others grieving the loss of a mechanical loved one will now get some peace of mind...

    Insurance was (eventually) sorted out a while ago.
  16. Well done titus, good to hear they aprehended someone in relation to the theft.
  17. I'm glad there was at least some resolution and not wanting to draw a too longer bow but these turds make our insurance costs all the more expensive. Further the more of these "people" that call your local area their local hunting ground the more it costs you directly.

    I really don't think any sort criminal convictions do enough to deter theives, place them under the same sort of scrutiny as bankrupts and have someone appointed to manage all of their finances until all the costs are covered including the hikes to your premium and incovenience caused.

    end of rant
  18. A mate of mine had his KTM 950 stolen around two-three weeks ago (Along with a YZ125) but left power tools, a SM610 etc. Much too much of a coincidence.
  19. Were you left out of pocket OP?
  20. i was just thinking that myself..

    ****in scum burgers,.