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[VIC] Knock me over with a feather, Ken Lay says speeding isn't the problem

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. Victoria had 7 road deaths this past weekend. Here's the HUN article about it:


    Seven dead in horror weekend on Victoria's roads

    UPDATE 1.19pm: VICTORIA Police Deputy Commissioner, Road Policing, Ken Lay has ruled out double demerit points over Easter and says he wants Victorians to own the problem of road trauma.

    Seven people died in a spate of separate accidents across the state in the horror weekend.

    Mr Lay described the carnage as "nothing short of horrific".

    He said said the deaths at the weekend were because of silly mistakes predominately made by older people.

    "This isn't a Victoria Police problem, it's not a TAC problem, it's a problem for everyone who uses our roads," he said.

    "And if everyone takes responsibility for their actions we can make a significant difference."

    Mr Lay warned motorists and cyclists that we were approaching the "super dangerous time" of Easter, but he ruled out a push for double demerit points to be introduced, saying the problem wasn't drink drivers or those exceeding the speed limit.

    "It's been a horrible weekend. This isn't just drunk people or super high-speeders who are dying, it's everyday people who are making very basic mistakes, he said.

    Mr Lay said the record low road toll of the past two years was unlikely to be reached again.

    "I'm afraid the data I'm seeing at the moment ... that trend is very much in doubt," he said.

    The state's road toll now stands at 64, an alarming seven more than this time last year and just one less than the five-year average.

    "I know a lot of police members who take pride in policing our roads are pretty devastated this morning," Mr Lay said.

    "I think all Victorians should be equally as distressed by the news. It's just a senseless loss of life.


    I'm floored. It almost sounds like commonsense... however I expect a draconian knee jerk response though if the past is anything to go on.
  2. Amazing...just incredible. Can we cut and paste this to every bureaucrat and politician in Australia???
  3. guess watching your speedo isn't as safe as Mr Lay and TAC would have you believe, who would of thought :roll: i can't wait for the day when i can sue them for their stupidty
  4. Well f#ck me...
  5.  Top
  6. "but officer motorcycles fall over if you don't go fast"
    is sounding less like a witty retort and more like the inevitable future if politicians continue down the cotton wool path. Instead of buying better speed cameras, flooding the media ignored campaigns and applying increasingly crippling conditions for new motorists we need them to move those funds into better skills training - we need a proper drivers' ed class in schools, one that will teach them vehicle control and respect for road conditions and users.
  7. News just in, Ice skating is now available in hell.

  8. Somebody is going to get his arse kicked for saying that one out loud. :grin:
  9. Sure is. :grin:
  10. Well no shit Sherlock.

    So maybe we should make sure people are equipped or motivated not to make "very basic mistakes".
  11. TEN news just reported on this story. Ken Lay was okay not blaming speed but the TEN news reporters seemed to be pushing for double demerit points. Ken Lay was against the idea but the TEN reporters kept harping on about it.

    Is TEN news attempting to influence policy?

    Should we boycott TEN news advertisers?
  12. Just like some menstruating feminist in the SMH was pushing for introduction of contracted speed camera operators in NSW. I normally have respect for that paper.
  13. Sounds like Mr LAY is simply stating what the underlying causes in these specific examples over the weekend were.

    So if he says at a crash in the future that speeding was a factor, will everyone believe him?
  14. The sheeple will believe anything you tell them. That's why it's such an issue.

    'But I wasn't speeding... Sure I drove backwards through a kindergarten and into a chemist's front window, but I saw that nice policeman on TV who told me that it's speed that kills people.'
  15. What - the media doesn't try to influence public policy???

  16. Sounds like Ken is on the right track. At last=D>

    He would have been briefed on the precise accident details - so he wouldn't be speaking out of turn and the media are wrong to push him the way they are.

    Also sounds like he is starting to echo the advice I gave him a year or so ago, by delving deeper than the "its just speed" excuse. I encouraged him to approach it in a different manner - and I can see that he is doing that.

    For those interested, MRA has prepared a briefing paper that we are planning to put to the TAC, that the events of this past week prove right. That is - as soon as they get back to me with a confirmed meeting date.

    I had a copy at the MRA AGM on Friday night. Those who read it indicated that we are in the ballpark.

    At this point, I'm not going to put it out to the public domain (for those who want to read it), as I want to give the TAC the chance to see it first. So, this is just a heads up for now.
  17. I think you should put it up to the public domain BEFORE the tac read it not arse about like you have done.
    Again it reeks of closed door policy the mra is famous for.
    *Sigh* things don't change.
  18. I think Ken's political masters feel the hot breath of a looming election on the back of their necks, so he might feel he can get away with it. But if that means they want to listen to what people really think (instead of trying to engineer it), that's all to the good.

    Regardless of why, it's good that someone is prepared to say that other factors were involved. Some of those other factors have needed attention for a long time.
  19. Smee - I know you want to see it. If you had been at the MRA AGM on Friday I would quite happily have let you read the latest version.

    It has been read and edited by several other well qualified people. For now, I apologise that I don't have approval to share it with you - yet. Give us some slack..... BTW, it has been suggested that we get your comments, but that decision hasn't been universally agreed quite yet......

    So my suggestion - join the MRA, take an active role - and yes I will share all with you - until then, sorry......

    But, by all means - keep chomping at me. It won't do you any good and if anything I may leave you off the trusted persons list:rofl::rofl:
  20. Well John then you used Netrider to fish for answers as part of your research and you will not share those results with Netrider but will instead share them with another entity and the TAC.
    Netrider now feels violated and abused...........
    Like a strumpet after a one night stand.