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[VIC] KittiMinx fundraiser ride, Wed Apr 25th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Steve

    Anzac Day, 25th April (weather permitting)

    Southern Group
    Location - Mobile, Rowville - cnr Wellington n Stud.
    Time - 9:00 for helpers

    Arrive - 9:30 fueling/rider briefing
    Leave - 10:00

    Emerald, Cockatoo...

    ... more

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  2. Donations Account
    BSB 033063
    ACC 178034

    BBQ - Blackspur Roadhouse
    Sausages 'n' bread $2.00
    Rissoles 'n' bread $2.00
    Onions $0.50
    Drinks are available from the shop.

    Raffle - $1.00 per ticket. $5.00 for six
    Mornington Kawasaki - $200 Dry Rider Winter Jacket
    Motoheaven storecard - $150 (this is a recharge card, because once you've shopped there, you'll want to come back.)
    Katcando Leather Repairs - $100
    Head to Toe Healthcare - $60 x 2
    Metro Honda & Ducati - $50 x 2
    Clive Carter Motorcycles - $75 Camel back
    Blackspur Roadhouse - $50

    Total prizes worth $795. Special thankyou to these businesses who have given us their support, lets give them ours.

    Support thread click here


    Eastern Feeder Ride
    Where: McDonalds - cnr Springvale Rd/Maroondah Hwy
    When: 9:30
    The group will have a good mix of experienced and Newer riders, so we can "buddy-up" if it's needed.
    Please have your bikes filled before the meet point....Our group needs to travel directly to the look-out after a short rest-stop break in Healesville, so we don't have a whole heap of bikes trying to get fuel at the same time. (we can fill up on the return trip if needs be)...
    And this group will be staying together for the ride through the Spur.
    (Thankyou Raven/Pinkxie)

    Southern Feeder Rides
    Gippy group
    Where: cnr Queen St extension and Bloomfield Rd at Nilma
    When: 9:15
    Depart 9:45
    (Thankyou Cruisingal)

    Peninsula/Sth Gippy
    Where: Servo at Five Ways - intersection Clyde/Five Ways Rd and Sth Gippy Hwy, Devon Meadows
    When: 9.15
    Depart 9.30
    Route: Five Ways/Berwick/Beaconsfield-Emerald Rd/Belgrave-Gembrook Rd/Woori Yallock Rd/Healesville-KooWee Rup Rd on to Healesville.
    Quick regroup at Beaconsfield-Emerald Rd and again at Woori Yallock intersection'.
    (thankyou Ezyrider)

    Northern Feeder Ride
    Where: Caltex, Diamond Ck Rd, Greensburough (Mel 11 D7)
    When: 9:30
    Caz V1 will be bringing a group over from Craigieburn Macdonalds at 9:00
    (thankyou guys)

    Western Feeder Ride
    Where: Westside Taverner carpark
    When: 8:15
    Depart: 8:30
    Then transit to the South Eastern meet point to join up with the group below.
    (thankyou Voyager)

    South Eastern Feeder Ride
    Where: Mobile cnr Wellington & Stud Rd Rowville
    When: 9:30
    Depart 10:00

    Photobucket account with pictures of The Spur
  3. 25th is a possible, 29th a definite.

    Whatever, good luck!!

    Official photographer? I'm thinking some nice pikkies to show Sophie would go a long way to letting her know how much support she has...
  4. Good idea Cejay :grin:

    Chef, I need an account name to make the transfer, it won't accept just BSB and Account number. Thanks :)
  5. Hope you can make it bro.
    Official photographer/s would be great, there are a couple of opportunities to scoot ahead of the group and get some nice shots of the pack heading off from Rowville, Woori, etc.

    I thought it might be great if everybody who's got one brought a camera and i could collect the photos afterwards and create an album for Sophie.
    If anybody wanted to write some letters of encouragement, they could be placed between the pages.
    So when Sophie needed it, she would have some friendly faces, and friendly words to look at.

  6. From looking at Ravens photo site, either he or Pinxie are great snappers.
  7. I will do my best to make it, im pretty sure i can though.

    I'll also bring my camera gear to get some pics on the day.

  8. Yes they are, but i have them as leaders, t.e.c, mentors, and taxis for the day.
    I'll have a chat with Jafu tomorrow, i lost sight of him in the other thread, but i think he put his hand up.

  9. If you need a tec or mentor I will be happy to help out.
    I know the road a little. :-w
    Hope you have a good turn out For a good cause. :beer:
    Best wishes to Sophie. :roses:
  10. Thanks for letting me know Chef, am happy to go TEC or other support where needed, you know that :) will more than likely go from Hastings steaight up via Pakenham/Gembrook etc and meet you guys there.
  11. I'll pack my camera if I can attend this one. I'll do my best to be there. Assistance with marshalling is available if I attend. I'll have to confirm closer to the day.
  12. I'm there. :grin:
  13. You're a bit early Woodsy :LOL:

    I'll make it up there for this. I'll bring a camera too :wink:
  14. Probably will make it. Happy to help out wherever needed.
  15. I will be there also.
  16. I don't know if I'm working yet, but I'll try and get out of it if I am.

    Andrew, can I ride up with you?
  17. A ride for a great cause, plus a fantastic opportunity for all us timid little L platers! :eek:hno: :grin:
    Most definitely in
  18. Yes. Yes you can.

    But bear in mind I may go to Rowville instead if needed and then ride up. If not, will go original way. Will PM/sms you.
  19. As long as I'm with someone I don't care where we go :)

    Chat to you tonight about it :)
  20. At the moment I'm looking to go. But its still 50/50 for me. I'll put my hand up at a later date(for 25th april). For 29th I have work cant make it.