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[VIC] Kinglake - Yea - Yarra Glen ride, Sun Feb 25th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: John Martin

    Casual ride: Kinglake - Yea
    Ride Class: 2 (hover mouse over rides classes at the right for a full description)

    Last year's ride to Yea, organized by Seany, was so successful that I thought that I might try organizing one for this year. :)

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  2. I'm looking for people to play the roles of :
    Tail-end Charlie.
    Corner Markers.

    A Mentor or two would be handy on this ride..

    As a newer rider it would be best if you were comfortable travelling at open road speed limits, as a major portion of the route is in 100km zones.
    However, you should not be descouraged if you want to join the ride as I am sure a Mentor or more experienced rider will be happy to look out for you.

    Experienced riders will also have some "play time" ahead of the leader if they feel like having some fun. :grin:
    However, please realize that you are seperating from the group, and will be "on your own" until we meet up again.

    We will be travelling on major country roads and highways...some straight sections and some sweeping bends, but no sharp and twisty sections to negotiate.

    Fuel is available at Kinglake, Yea, and Yarra Glen.

    We'll have a pre-ride chat explaining the route in greater detail, identifying the key riders to the group, and answering any questions that might come up on the day.

    That's it for now... :)

    Raven (John Martin)
  3. Thats a nice ride. Don't think I'll be up for it though, getting back from tassie that morning.

    haven't been to Flowerdale for ages....
  4. I might do this...depends if I got my new bike and its sorted out
  5. Yep, pencil me in for this one, I haven't ridden those roads. If there are any other Westies heading over for this one maybe we could meet up for the ride to the start point.
  6. G'day Hopper...just in case you might not know it...you can get over to Kinglake through Whittlesea. But I am sure there will be a few others coming from your direction that you could team up with.

  7. Sounds good.

    I will try and make this.
  8. I'd love to join you John, but this is on the same day as the afternoon mystery ride, if only I could be in two places at once.
  9. No worries Caz...thanks for the thought though. :)
  10. Are you heading through Kinglake twisties or just starting at Kinglake on the west side to avoid the twisties?
  11. I actually just read the finer details.. :roll:

    Nevermind :LOL:
  12. Just wanted to answer you for the benefit of others :)
    The Kinglake/StAndrews spur is not part of the official ride, however, many are likely to head up that way from the eastern suburbs to get to Kinglake....Myself and Pinkxie included....Anyone wishing to ride up to Kinglake that way, is welcome to hook up with us, at a 'yet to be determined' meeting point. :)

  13. Yeah I'll be there :grin:

    So send a representative - another of the V riders! She/he will have to be wearing some pink feathers, of course :wink:
  14. I may be able to make this ride and if so will volunteer to help out.
  15. Raven! Sure I'll be up for this, and feel free to tell me the other startpoint and I'll work out how to make it :)
  16. No worries Mach....
    I'm just over in Balwyn, and will probably set up a meeting point from say, Shoppingtown (?) or maybe Eltham, for the trip up to the official start at Kinglake. :)

  17. Yep that should work good raven, I'll promise to try and keep up :D
  18. Mack!...We'll be at Shoppingtown outside "Fridays", at 9.30AM, It's fairly easy to ID for those that wanna meet for the ride up to Kinglake.
    See you there. :)
  19. Hey John,

    I'll also be up for this. I haven't been up to Yea via Flowerdale since I was on my Ls - so it should be a cruisier ride. I may also bring a friend.

    Will be good to catch up also :grin:

  20. Bewdie, Jen... look forward to seeing you. :)
    If you don't know the Kinglake/StAndrews Spur, feel free to meet us at Shoppingtown at 9.30 for the ride up to Kinglake - otherwise...see ya there, eh. :grin: