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[VIC] Kinglake to Hurstbridge Road

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by nightgash, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Does anyone like this road? I was riding through the National Park and found the road to be pretty dangerous with many corners that tighten, blind corners, no side run off, no barriers and lots of hairpins with large transports such as buses using the road.

    To make matters worse I experienced this in the rain. At one corner if I was a few seconds faster I would have been probably taken out by a bus as it was taking a sharp turn and was over half way into my lane. I also found gravel in some parts and if you ran wide you would either fly off the cliff face or impact a vertical rock wall. I understand why there was a sign before it started getting twisty that it was a high accident zone for motorcyclists.

    I used to be really confident in my riding skills but after I came off at low speed my confidence is really low and I'm not enjoying riding like I used to. I’m not experiencing a thrill and enjoyment like before but sometimes finding myself scared to death that I’m not going to be able to take a corner or the front wheel is going to give way.

    I guess its my fault for going down it in the wet, so I don’t think I’m going to ride in the wet again, I mean I just didn’t enjoy it and was fearful the front tires would let go.
  2. This is totally understandable and acceptable.

    I rode for 20yrs between accidents. Last years one, in the wet, out of the blue, caused me to reassess my own skills and desires to ride in the rain. It's something I don't enjoy at all anymore. So I accept that sometimes I have to, but given a choice, I will pick the car everytime.

    Riding and staying alive is all about reducing the odds (to steal the sig from Robsalvv). Whilst you need to know how to ride in the rain, if you chose to avoid it as much as possible, do so.

    Riding (to me) is about having fun. If you ain't having fun, then stop.
  3. No mistake, that's a scary road. Apart from all the things you mention, there's also the frequent scattering of gravel from unsealed driveways and shoulders (sometimes mid-corner).
    It just doesn't make for a great place to test your limits.
    Nightgash, the best thing for you to do is rebuild your confidence slowly. I wouldn't avoid wet weather, but rather keep practising in all conditions. Learn to understand how cold and rain affects your tyres. Just keep your speed down a bit and work your way back up to riding with confidence. The more you ride, the sooner you'll start to feel comfortable again.
  4. I find that road scary in a car.

    As for riding in the rain, since i've had my bike every second day has been rain, and I can't see any enjoyment in it. High winds riding is also un-enjoyable.
  5. I actually quite like it. It's been a while since I was up there, but it's still a fun road. It's certainly challenging: there's no doubt about that. But it beats the freeway any day. ;)

    I actually found the whole ride to/from Kinglake a lot easier on my old GPX250 with buggered (ultra-soft) suspension. The roads are quite rough, and the wallowing suspension on the GPX meant it was easy to ride quickly without worrying too much. Probably was faster on the GPX than I am on the Ninja or Tuono. :LOL:
  6. That road is best done early afternoon during the week 1.30-2.30 ,and riden like there is always something coming,staying on your side of the road but with a bit to spare incase theres a dickhead also on your side.In those times it can be a fun road i always use it when going to healsville :grin: