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[VIC] King Lake / Healesville / Spur, Sat Aug 26th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Dutch Devil, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. [VIC] King lake, spur, the usual... Saturday 26 August

    Hi guys,

    Whoever feels like coming this saturday for a ride to King Lake, Healesville, Warburton, Marysville and Spur back.... or at least something like that, whatever we feel like...
    Am a pretty sporty rider, trying to use all the rubber that i have!

    I know its late, but whoever wants to join:
    Mc Donalds Diamond Creek, around 10 am(wanna sleep in first)

    Loz, if you'd feel like coming, let's catch up at KFC Mount Alexander Rd in "The Ponds" at 9.15....

    Hope to see someone there!!!

  2. Seems like King Lake is a popular choice for this weekend....

    Have a great ride and stay safe :)
  3. OK I'll check with the boss what's going on this weekend!

    ...Good excuse to change the fork oil as well...
  4. Re: [VIC] King lake, spur, the usual... Saturday 26 August

    Don't forget to add this to the calender if you haven't already
  5. If you see a black GSXR doing a few laps of the Black Spur or the rider of said bike having a smoke in that little park near the start bit, it could be me :)
  6. What's this gixxer business?
  7. Might see you around the traps Dutch..as lm doing a ride through Kinglake to Strath Creek then onto Yea for lunch, so if you see a blue CBR just wave ok..lol :)
  8. My gixxer business? I got me one. Luvly bike. I had a spin on the new FZ and thought hmmm nice, but no real point as it was hardly any difference to what I was already riding.
  9. If you can find it in your heart to be a little patient towards an older bloke riding a little bike, then I may come along for this ride.
    Seeing as Saturday looks like the pick of the weekend weatherwise & all.
    I do know my way around that area a little bit, so I promise not to get lost if I get too far behind.
    Is the 10am start at Diamond creek maccas a definate?
  10. :rofl:

    I don't think so!
  11. If it's dry in the morning and looking good then 10 am stands. See you then!
  12. Added to Calendar by: Maarten

    Doing a ride from Diamond Creek (10 am at Mc Donalds) to King Lake, Healesville, Warburton, Marysville, Spur and back to Diamond Creek, or something like that....
    Will be at Macca's at 10, for those who want to join...
    See ya,

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  13. Roarin, you are cheeky ****. :LOL:

    The front end's still off the Hornet, I've got some new springs, spacers and oil for it. Just off to the shed now to see if I can get it all beck together and rideable in time for tomorrow morning.

    Maarten, give me a quick ring on 0418 219 330 before you leave in the morning, if I'm coming I'll meet you down at KFC as planned.
  14. Bike's fnally back together, all tweaked and sprung and tensioned and oiled and preloaded and feelin' great...


    ...but I forgot Chengaleng's throwing a party tomorrow and I'll get no shags for literally HOURS if I don't hang around and look as if I'm helping set up for it. The guilt trip was laid on very subtly but effectively, with a touch of martyr that my mother would be proud of...

    Sorry guys. I'lll have to take a raincheck. Which is really annoying.

    Possibly for the best though, given my current run of luck with riding partners - and I probably shouldn't be riding too hard on such a dramatically modified front end until I'm more comfortable with it.

    Maarten, we'll hook up soon for a ride. Look after poor old Roarin' tomorrow, he needs plenty of advice and encouragement. :roll: :LOL:
  15. Leaving soon, see you all there.

  16. Well that was one hell of a ride!

    Diamond Creek > Kinglake > Yea > Molesworth > Alexandrea > Eildon or a lap > Alexandrea > Narbethong > Black Spur > Healsville and home :grin:

    Thanks for the company Marty & Andrew :grin:

  17. No problem at all dude :)

    Add another lap of the spur>Marysville>Healsville>Whatever creek road it is to Toolangi>Kinglake>Diamond creek & the boring run home.

    Excellent day, great roads & good company. Must do it again some time :grin:
  18. Long day...

    A great ride indeed....

    Loz, don't worry, we looked after Roarin a little.... After a few little tips he got along quite well :grin:
    Spur was great, nice and dry for a change...
    Almost 500km, been a while since I had done a big ride...

    Thanks guys, will have to do that again for sure!
    Loz, sorry I didn't call, internet only in the library for me, so no last minute check ups...

    Raincheck this sunday if the weather plays along??

  19. Sweet, I'll keep an eye out for it.