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[VIC] Ken's fabulous 40 bbq, Sat May 2nd

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: carri27

    Welcome if you know Ken, Carri and Shayden. Would love to see you there

    Our place. 5.00pm +

    call/PM/facebook message if you need address.

    looking forward to welcoming ken to the better side of mid-life >:)

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  2. I'll be with you in spirit, Ken and Carri :).
  3. oh carri, when i spoke with kenny on saturday i thought it was all settled we were going away that weekend, riding pub that night then ride home.....didn't kenny tell you what he has already planned :LOL: :p

    yep we will be there
  4. cheeky bugger :evil: you are kidding right? :?
  5. Bump, and PM sent. :wink:
  6. dont worry carri you will have plenty of company :p
  7. Minna and I will be there :)
    Gimme a call about the "mp3 thingy" :LOL:
    Might be able to sort out a certain couple who will prob be there earlier than us to bring it with them :wink:
  8. Azz & I will be there... since we are neighbours again :grin:

    Just a stumble down the hill home!
  9. Great night. Good to see all of your friendly faces
  10. Thanks to all those who came and made it and great night. Like I said in my spiele, it really is a pleasure to make so many excellent peoples aqaintence through this forum. I crashed at 4 I think and Flip, Minna and
    Azz where still :beer: talkin bollox. :beer:
    And cheers Loz for your occassionally berating, sometimes complimentarary, highly amusing speech. Good to see Gizmag is honing your god given literary talents. :grin:
  11. Hey Ken

    Welcome to the over 40's club :p

    Sounds like you had a great night.

    Hope all is well with you, we must catch up for a ride through the hills :grin: