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[VIC] Ken & Carri's last gasp of freedom bbq, Sat Apr 5th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: carri27

    Well there seems to be an abundance of reasons to have a bbq on 5th april:

    * farewell to daylight savings
    * a month til kenny-boy's 39th
    * a sorta housewarming (can you have a housewarming for a rental property?)
    * a farewell to the life we u...

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  2. Got some family,kids and relies coming around 5ish so no makinies before dusk-yes you thanks Brendon-even by satelite from Valencia
  3. Ooh been looking forward to this one and finally catching up with you guys!! :grin:

    Jadey and I will be there, yell out if you need us to bring anything other than meat & grog?!
  4. Well I'm not coming, because this wasn't put in the calendar early enough.

    ....OK OK we're there. But I'll wear a mankini when I damn well want to.
  5. I hear an echo.......... ;)

    Bugger, Dave and I are already committed that night. We are off to spend a night with friends who own property at Neerim sth.
    Hope you all have a great night and we will have to come over and check out the new abode some other time.
  6. Hey there Carri

    Well you have come a long way from those RSVP days in 2002 and riding your 2 fiddy.

    Congratulations on perservering with your riding and meeting a special someone.

    hmmm the internet and speed dating is not working for me, maybe I need to go to a few more Netrider events.

  7. We should be there, if only for a little while. Looking forward to seeing you! :grin:
  8. Noted!! Possible +2 :)
  9. Seany and I will be there :)
  10. woohoo! will be great to see you. no need to bring anything else. salads and nibblies provided.

    too modest for you mate - i think you need something that shows you off more :cool:

    damn - just the people we owe the greatest hospitality to. we'll have a separate dinner party just for you!

    so come on along buddy and meet some folk. i'll shoot u the address.

    great stuff rob. always good to see you and the more the merrier.

    and to your place you can crawl back afterwards :wink:

    way cool. PM sent. hugs, c x
  11. I'd love to come and celebrate all of those special occasions with you guys but I'll be in Canberra thinking of all the wild goings on that I'm missing out on :(

    But I am going to coffee night this sat 22nd and would love to see you guys if you can make it

    ..................... in the meantime *hugs*
  12. I believe we are free, but you know i got check with the boss first :oops: btw is there access for lenna??? If unsure, i can drop round and check it out tmyself

    cheers stewy :)
  13. would be great if you could make it. was thinking about lenna when we were first organising it. i think it's all good. flat from driveway to backyard and bbq area where we'll mostly be if weather permits. couple of steps to back door which should be negotiable or we can create a small ramp without much difficulty.

    she might need her dirt-bike tyres to do effective wheelies in the backyard though :wink:
  14. Oh pick me!!!
  15. Mouth and I are babysitting for a wedding in Torquay the night before, so it will depend how the parents are travelling the next day, but if al things are equal, we will be there!
  16. hey C + K, so sorry Jadey & I couldn't make it 2nite. Hope u guys have a great night and look forward 2 catching up with u guys soon :)
  17. Faaaarken la la laaaa
  18. must have been a good night. Loz is still singing in another language.
  19. Thanks Carri and Ken! Shelley and I had a great night. :grin:
  20. Thanks for a wonderful night Carri & Ken, both Lenna and myself had a great time. Certainly hope both of you enjoyed it as much as we did.

    Cheers stewy :)