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[VIC] Kawasaki dealers

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. any recommended kawasaki dealers in the city??

    looking to compare prices with my local country dealer. I know there are quite a few so i thought i 'd see if there are some the people have had good/great experiences with ... or failing that.. which ones to avoid.

  2. Race Replica on geelong rd brooklyn and Cosways on elizabeth st in the city. Bought mine from cosways but salesman has since left..
  3. Brighton Kawasaki talk to Ken, prolly the best Kawasaki man in Australia. Very experienced and helpful.

    I just happen to have there number as well 95574383 and no Im not on commission. :)
  4. thanks guys... knew about Cosways.... friend of dad's used to be good mates with them.

    will look at Race Replica and brighton

  5. Sounds like you may have an interesting story to tell about Cosways, do tell.
  6. Just a passed on story about what they did compared to Ducatti when they were racing.....kinda shows how bad dukes were att hat time.

    not telling it in an open forum though...... story may not have been told to that many people.......
  7. Probably the wrong side of the city for you, but Sharptune in Dandenog are now my local Kwaka dealer and I have nothing but good words for em.
  8. no wrong side when bikes and prices are concerned

    will be doing the rounds in a few weeks..... waiting for some cash to clear, phone around then a look see.

    then look out world!! Broom broom!!