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[VIC] Katcando's housewarming, Sat Feb 16th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Katrina Lawson

    Ive finally settled in and got the pool table set up now we need to christen it. Theres some fantastic roads around here if you want to go for a blat or three. Ill put on the barbie and some salads, and some laughing gear. byo meat and grog. There are ...

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  2. Where is roads around here again Kat? You told me but I dun feergot :oops:
  3. Healsville .. at the foot of the black spur :grin:
  4. Hey Kat, Dave and I will be coming along. Dunno about Maddy but will find out. We may need a soft spot to sleep for the night tho if thats cool :grin:
  5. Movin.. Im in Healesville. The roads here are not limited to the spur either. Theres Chum Creak Rd..Old Healesville Rd, Warburton Hwy...ooodles

    Flipper be great to have you and Dave here. I work in a furniture factory so theres matresses all round :wink:
  6. mmmm, yes I have heard of the roads around those parts a few times afore, and occasionally ventured threw said locations over the last 20 years riding :LOL:
  7. Is it only just me -but does "christening the pool table" bring back memories of American pie to any one else? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. :LOL: Stiflers Mum! :LOL:
  9. :shock: :shock: :shock: Does anyone else he remember Stifler from these forums? Dunno if I wanna go to your party now Kat :oops:
  10. Dont worry Flipper, Stiffler is not invited..neither is his mum..

    Nobodys getting one in my house untill ive had one in my house.OK!! :LOL:
  11. gee kat those them words sound like harsh words :p
  12. Sounds like a challenge to me :p
  13. KC I'd like to be there but I'm most likely to be tied up.
  14. Hey Kat,
    Sounds like an awesome night but no-can-do.
    Ciao for now
    Dimi :)
  15. Its more a plead
  16. Sorry Kat, we be moving EVERYTHING, over that weekend to our new abode, as long as my mate turns up with his truck [-o<
    You can come help us instead of having your party if you want :LOL:
    Have a great night :grin:
  17. Hey Kat...housewarming's come around and I'm not gonna make it as I start a new job Saturday. Have an absolute blast. :grin:
  18. well Im happy to have an extra one for those of you that cant make it :grin:

    congrats on your new job Rosie

    Gimme a yell if you need a hand Movin...on sunday
  19. Maddy is home this weekend so i hope it's still OK for the 3 of us to stay.
    Looking forward to it. Can you PM me your address, unless Phanoongy remembers it....i think the plan is for us to give him a lift cause he is still minus a licence :?
  20. done and done.

    Hmm Phoonj= bike but no licence

    Katt= licence but no bike......do you think..

    ....whatll it take Phanoongy?