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[VIC] John Pigot Poker Run, Sun Mar 26th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Kerry McKinnon

    John Pigot Poker Run

    Run leaves at 11 am from Caltex Safeway petrol station 307 Diamond Creek Rd Greensborough 3088 Melway 11 : D7

    Prizes awarded to the best poker hands $15 entry includes badge Proceeds to the Stroke Foundation Further Info 041...

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  2. Who's going on this this year? I did it a couple (will have to check the year on the pin) of years back. Lots of fun. Are we getting a netrider group together again?
  3. Yeah, might see if I can get to this one too.
  4. Decent starting time, ill be there.
  5. Im marshalling for this one at the end.
    Be early to get your badge, limited stocks.

    Some of the prizes are:
    Draggin jeans voucher
    Anderson Race Stand
    Frankston Yamaha Voucher
    Plus many more
  6. So does that mean if we miss out on a badge, we don't have to pay? :?
  7. Im not sure on that one, will ask for you.
  8. No worries Sen Ney I just get sick of going along to these sort of rides, pay my money (which is spose to include a pin) only to be told they didnt order enough pins and you miss out but still have to pay to attend the ride :)
    if thats the case, I'm sure I can find a few nice roads out that way to my own way :)
  9. Id be pissed about it aswell, many only go for the pin/badge.
    Me included in that. :)
  10. Sounds like Flip and i will be there. :)
  11. I have been told if ALL badges/pins run out the entry fee will be reduced.
    So best be in early..
  12. Thanx for checking up on it Sen Ney
  13. John Pigot was a great man, and a good friend. The stroke foundation is also a very worthy cause. I will hopefully be there.
  14. I may be staying at my sister's place that weekend. She lives in Mt Evelyn at the moment. What would be the best way to get from there to where the ride is starting?
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  16. It's a good job the money raised is for the stroke foundation, hate to miss out on a badge :roll: :roll: :roll:
  17. Subtle, and to the point...
  18. Yeah, a pity that the REAL point is/was obviously missed and instead of thinking or asking about it, the response is instead a dig :roll: :roll:

    Like it or not, people like to get something for their efforts. Whether that be recognition or participation, the kudo's to show their friends that they did it, or a warm fuzzy feeling. Many come along to bike charities because of the badges they get to show they support worthy causes and have a history of their attendance throughout the years etc. If the badge doesn't matter, why bother providing/advertising it in the first place, if it's not to help attract people to the event and assist in generating a loyal following?

    To degrade someone for wanting the badge, for the above reasons, simply shows you really have no understanding, as well as ensuring that people will maybe put some thought into even going at all if thats the sort of attitude they can expect. Shame.
  19. In that case I will just log onto their website and click on the 'donate' button shall I? :roll:
    No, you must know me so well. I don't donate to charities at all and all I want is something for me isn't it :roll: :roll: :roll:

    Mouth, I couldn't have explained it better than how you just did and people really should get their facts straight before posting presumptuous shit :|
  20. Er, no.

    Someone actually said that if they can't get a badge, then they know of other roads that they'll enjoy just as much on the day. In other words, despite it being a run for charity, if they can't get something for it, then bugger 'em.

    It's a charity run, for crying out loud. Why should there have to be some kind of reward for it? The fact is, there are limited number of badges/pins or whatever's on offer. Whether you get a badge or not, at the end, you're still in the running for a prize, based on your poker hand.

    Trust you lot to put such a slant on such a worthy cause over a damned trinket.