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[VIC] Jaycar Alarm Workshop, Sun Jun 18th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: roughcactus

    I will be holding an alarm workshop on Sunday the 18th of this month in Bayswater. If you would like to attend pm me for the address, we will probably fire up the BBQ so just BYO meat and drinks I will supply bread/sauce etc.

    I may ask for a small ...

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  2. Count me in ...
    But, what time?
  3. I'm in as well... and got 2 other mates who are buying it off Koma too, so yeah. :] I think it might take a while if there are quite a couple of people doing it.
  4. i wont be able to make it, but are you able to make a step by step guide with pics...
  5. Cheers Cactus :D
    I'll see if i can come along.
    A BBQ will always get me. :wink:
  6. Yeah, and whilst your at it can you wash and service my bike too? :LOL: :roll:
  7. I'm in! :grin:
  8. I need to get some idea of numbers guys...and also set a few ground rules.

    I am willing to do this for Netriders only...it's not for just anybody...(that includes people who have only joined for the group buy)...be a supportive Netrider and i'll be nothing but supportive in return. Also I will offer help and advice but won't be doing the whole install for you...(you have to get your hands dirty too :p )

    Now thats out of the way...so far we have interest from


    Gromit (Suzuki GSX-F750)
    Mouth (the BBQ chef...you have to come)(Yamaha FZ-6S)
    Grunge +2? (Netriders I hope)
    Stewy(no alarm but in it for the BBQ)
    Goosh (2006 Hyosung GT-250R)

    Interested but Not Confirmed:


    I think we will have to cap this one at about 8 or so people...if the day goes well wil perhaps organise another in the future

    If some of you can bring some tools with you the day will go alot faster...I will supply some tools but it will be a hell of a lot easier if we have some extra.

    Tools we will need:

    Allen Keys
    Socket Set
    Multi Meter or 12v test light
    Wire cutters/strippers



    Ok..at this point thats all the bikes we will be able to manage in a day...sorry to those who missed out
  9. ... Roughy, Sunday 18th should be fine for me... PM request for time and place on it's way.

    Since I have a heated grip dodgy home install that might get in the way, I might watch, get tips and help others then do the alarm install in my own time another day.... call me weird!


  10. Yeap, they're members, they just don't go on the boards often. :]
  11. Is it about how to install an alarm on a bike?

    If it is, then please put me in +1! Also for BBQ :p

  12. Well Viv, actually it's about how to install a PARTICULAR type of alarm on a bike.
    There's about 20 of us who got in on a group buy on one of those Jaycar Steelmate alarm systems, and we're going to be installing in next weekend.

    So I doubt it'd be of use to you unless you got one of those alarms....
  13. Ssshhhh ... every BBQ and workshop needs a beer wench :grin: Oh hang-on, roughcatarse is a married man, so that role is already taken ( by him! :LOL: ) ... so yeah Viv, what he said :)
  14. Blah Blah Blah...Mouth don't worry about doing your alarm I'll install it personally :twisted: :grin: ...and Viv if you want to come to hang out, learn, talk shit or watch Mouth cook the BBQ just pm me for the address


  15. Guys can I please get your username and year, make model of bike so that I can try to organise some wiring info for them please...just reply here or pm me.


  16. and this means what??? are you not a netrider if your here and posting??????????

    just asking cause if i can make it i'd love to be there.
  17. What it means is...I won't be installing them for your 3 friends, cousins, mates of mates, brothers mates who are not Netriders, nor will i be installing them for people who only joined Netrider to take advantage of the group buy...if your a member who contributes here then no worries...

    I may run one of these again in the future as the day is booked out now we have about 10 alarms to do...keep an eye out for it :)
  18. Ahh ok, thought i was missing something.
  19. Just posting up a confirmation that i'm coming along.
    I'll also be bringing along a tag along mate (Outlore) who's a netrider lurker from a while back. I'll be more than happy to bring along a soldering iron and a few tools to help out and make things easier on Cactus. :grin:

    Still no confirmation of time though?
  20. Hi does anyone have roughcatus's ph no please?