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[VIC] Jan 1st & 2nd Weekend Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ResmeN, Dec 29, 2010.

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  1. Anyone interested in a ride this weekend? I’ve got the whole weekend free. Roads should be fairly light.

    (edit: the ride ended up being 3 days and included Monday 3st Jan too, could have even been 4 days if it wasn't for work)

    Saturday 1 January min 20 max 31 showers in the afternoon & evening
    Sunday 2 January min 15 max 24 Isolated showers during the morning. A mostly sunny afternoon.

    I don’t have anything in mind. It could be a day ride on each day or an overnight ride.

    Day ride options: Great Ocean Road to Peterborough, map link or any other ride suggestions
    Overnighter options: Great Alpine Road to Lakes Entrance, map link or any other route suggestions.

    If look's like people want to do an overnighter we'll need to book asap. I know this might be short notice for some for an overnighter but don't really like planning for rides so much in advance and rather just ride spontaneously, discover as we go and have fun :)

    Should also point out this would be a level 2-4 ride not due to speed but due to distance covered and long time in saddle. If you are a new or returning rider and have an upright seated bike should be fine. This ride isn't a race and everyone respects eachothers skill levels whatever they may be. There will be tec and will endeavour to keep the group closely knit.
  2. Whats at Lakes Entrance.
  3. From a riders perspective if a day ride return point or if overnight ride sleeping point. At this stage route isn't firmed as long as it's twisty.

    Edit: lakes entrance and back might be too much for some in a day which is understandable so if people would rather overnighter that's ok but at the same time im also down for doing it as a day trip.
  4. http://www.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Melbourne,+Victoria,+Australia&daddr=Taggerty,+Victoria,+Australia+to:Jamieson,+Victoria,+Australia+to:Heyfield-Jamieson+Rd+to:Stratford,+Victoria,+Australia+to:Bengworden,+Victoria,+Australia+to:Bruthen,+Victoria,+Australia+to:-Omeo,+Victoria,+Australia+to:Hotham+Heights,+Victoria,+Australia+to:Harrietville,+Victoria,+Australia+to:tawonga+to:Tallangatta+Victoria,+Australia+to:khancoban+to:Friday+Dr,+Thredbo+2625,+Australia+(Thredbo)+to:berridale+to:tumut+to:tumbarumba+to:granya+to:tallangatta+to:-36.2745779,147.0221921+to:-36.33083,147.0264+to:-36.5631,146.94307+to:whitfield+to:mansfield+vic+to:Flowerdale+Victoria,+Australia&hl=en&geocode=FT0Ev_0dpPWjCCn3TbrStUbWajGQzYwhdVYEBA%3BFR2Hxv0dHmqvCCm7JHt1txEoazFghKAwpHkFBA%3BFajbxv0dWNu1CCmTgzB6zdUnazHAUaAwpHkFBA%3BFd7Vwf0dtEm9CA%3BFauuvP0dfkXECCm37SimjTcvazHgZ6AwpHkFBA%3BFQeOvP0d2yTKCCmt-O-Q620vazEwWqAwpHkFBA%3BFQCjwP0dZL3PCCnVTxTTf2UlazGwRKAwpHkFBA%3BFTXoyf0dZhjMCCnhzuN8UlQkazEwVaAwpHkFBA%3BFQ6Vy_0daU_FCCmzV1NlmDMkazEAR6AwpHkFBA%3BFZkTzf0dyATECClRTKLm9y4kazEwUaAwpHkFBA%3BFRbAz_0do5vFCCk5JE77bRQkazHw0qAwpHkFBQ%3BFbJg1_0dp8LFCCnb8EBNw-0jazEAV6AwpHkFBA%3BFRVh1_0dZUbUCCl9oDFSJjsjazGw6kOQtAkGBA%3BFWwI0_0dvAbXCCFp_yt4IG50ow%3BFRYb1f0dBO3eCCnn_CWER-Q8azHwEUSQtAkGBA%3BFTVZ5f0dxrfVCCkhIEf7ABsYazEw70OQtAkGBA%3BFSUV3v0db3nSCCnLDq4WRsAiazEA70OQtAkGBA%3BFcMG2f0d9ObHCCktIyC6gsAjazHAUKAwpHkFBA%3BFbJg1_0dp8LFCCnb8EBNw-0jazEAV6AwpHkFBA%3BFW9-1v0dcGHDCCnNMF-Ki_sjazFQqGoOpHkFEw%3BFbKi1f0d4HHDCCmZfqqnJvkjazFQAIoOpHkFEw%3BFWQX0v0dXizCCCn5gzb3vx0kazEB0L8OpHkFEw%3BFTgCz_0dVhC6CCkhT5quAvcmazGQWKAwpHkFBA%3BFeucyv0dTBq1CCmxzCAMTDUmazFgU6AwpHkFBA%3BFUGVxv0dTv2oCCkn4PXG3enXajFQe6AwpHkFBA&mra=pd&mrcr=20&via=19,20,21&sll=-38.113459,146.547775&sspn=6.757693,14.227295&ie=UTF8&z=8

    How about this, I dont this a few weeks back in 2 days, wasnt a slow run but sure was twisty fun.
    I been up that area a fair bit on bikes and it sure beat the local area for scenery and serenity. Id be happy to chuck the tent on the bike and make it a 3 day trip, and camp along the way where necessary.
    Im unsure about the jamieson to licola part though as it looks like dirt but Im sure some guys done it last week so cant be dirt ?

    Im keen for a few days trip so let me know the plans with no boring bits.
    The omeo to falls creek road is also now tarred and a ball tearer too. Another alternative.
  5. Leaving tomorrow arvo for two days, back Saturday, High country, tenting it, two up,
    Need new front tyre first. tomorrow morning, Pablo's in Mulgrave.
  6. Stookie like you're route and it gets the thumbs up from me. I'm happy to make it a 3 day trip as well as Monday is a public holiday. If you're happy to chuck the tent on the bike and it will fit me aswell then I'd be happy to sleep in it otherwise I could get accommodation nearby but if possible let me know our intended sleeping points so I can ring and book otherwise will approach the local sleeping places on the day.

    The Jamieson to Licola part I believe is also dirt except for 10km, the newly sealed road which had some dirt on it you're referring to is the Eildon to Jamieson road going around the south of the national park.

    I'm not fussed and since we have 3 days doing 1800 kms is only 600kms a day which is perfectly fine. But if you want to also do Omeo to Falls Creek let's do it or alternatively we could do it in the future on another ride. I also have 15/16th of Jan off and wouldn't mind doing another one of these long rides then which we could do Omeo to Falls Creek and maybe make our way up Sydney and do the Kangaroo Valley/Illawarra region the NSW folk talk highly of. Another bonus looks like the weather is improving

    Saturday 1 January min 20 max 27 Isolated showers possible during the morning. Cloudy at first then a sunny afternoon.
    Sunday 2 January min 15 max 24 Morning cloud then a sunny afternoon.
    Monday 3 January min 12 max 22 Mostly sunny.
  7. Not according to a local I talked to in Licola on Monday.

    He said the Road between the the two is dirt the whole way except for 10 KM.

    There are signs up saying it is a roads project , but not even underway yet (according to the local.).

    On Monday I trusted him and went back out through heyfield.

    NOTE: the Road from Heyfield to Licola is AWESOME !

    THIS was part of the route I took on Monday.
  8. stu_h appreciate it for letting us know as this may mean rescheduling a certain part of the route.
  9. Hi Guys,

    The Jamo to Licola road is definitely dirt.....(and fairly ordinary).

  10. Thanks for that, I thought it was dirt, but not sure,

  11. Talk of great gravel (and not greatly used) roads makes my next bike (Vstrom) look nicer by the day....hehe
    Only 78 days to go, but who's counting...
  12. i am a maybe, will hopefully know by late today or tomorrow.... been ages since i have been away for good run
  13. Been trying to get accomadation all day and cant get nothing.
    If your able to bush camp then game on, if you cant then forget an overnighter this time of year.

    Doesnt look good.
    And no I dont have space on my bike for yer gear.......:-s
  14. I sent you some links for available overnight accommodation in Harrietville & Tarcutta. Let me know if that's ok. If this works out distance per day will be as follows:
    Day 1 - 550kms
    Day 2 - 630kms
    Day 3 - 550kms

    Haha I wasn't sure how big the tent was and it's not an issue as there is accommodation to be had.
  15. why bother having a tent? When I did the Brisbane to Darwin run over 10 days, only used the tent twice, mostly just blew up a lilo, got in a sleeping bag and camped under the stars. By the way there is a write up about it in the Rapid Bike Magazine, with photos.
  16. Post up the route for each leg/day ?
  17. Hello all, please advise your intention as to whether you will tag along the day 1 ride only or will be there for the whole ride from start to finish. We need to make accomoodation bookings swiftly so if there's no response here by the end of the day the ship has set sail to the mountains.

    At this stage there are 3 people confirmed doing the full 3 day ride. Route for each leg/day is as follows:
    Day 1 - 641km, Day 2 - 630km, & Day 3 - 558km

    The sleeping bag and camping suggestion sounds nice but currently the weather in Victoria is too unpredictable. Will give it a go in the future. I'm planning another ride along the GOR to South Australia in a fortnights time and may do it then.
  18. Me and keef are in. I will post the route up tonight. There maybe a bit of a change on day 1 as we will go through walhalla and over the back way to bruthen as highway is boring.
    Will be good to see a few more. Resmen is now the booking agent and I will be the map shagged for getting rooted. It's going to be 3 days of mayhem twisties.
    Bring it on !!!!!!
  19. Do whatever changes you want as I'm not fussed. Sure is going to be full of mountainous, squiggly, zig zaggy roads. 3 full days dedicated to riding, nice.

    Have booked for 3 people on 1/1/11 at Harrietville Hotel Motel. Worked out to be $50 pp p/n.
    Have booked for 3 people on 2/1/11 at Tarcutta Halfway Motor Inn. Worked out to be $30 pp p/n.

    Any other people that would like to come above are dates and links for places we'll be staying at, help yourselves.
  20. Legendary ResmeN .......you made it all happen.
    I will get onto the map tonight.
    Will be an awsome weekend......your eyes will be sore keeping up with the squiggles........Keef will put the camera on too so will get some footage too.

    I cant Fuggin wait.

    Meet point will be mobil on corner stud and wellington for around 830am at this moment. Head to nooje, icy creek road, rawson, strathford, bruthen, omeo, hotham then harrietville.
    Next day up murray valley over tawonga gap, then murray river road to khancoban then the koziosko road the thredbo jindabyne to tumut up the snowy valley highway,onto the 2nd night accomadation.
    3rd day back down murry river over granya gap tawonga, lockhart gap then whitfield, mansfield then home through flowerdal and kinglake.

    Phew ! ! !!
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