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[VIC] Jan 15th & 16th No Locust Weekend Ride To Salt Creek (South Australia) via GOR

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ResmeN, Jan 6, 2011.

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    Overnight ride details via Great Ocean Road to Salt Creek, South Australia as follows:

    WHEN: Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th January 2011
    MEET POINT: Shell Westgate Outbound (Heading for Geelong), Port Melbourne, Victoria. Google map link
    MEET TIME: 5:30am on Saturday 15th of January (Any riders in the western suburbs wait for us on the side of the Geelong Rd/Princes Fwy and post in the forum so we know to expect you)
    DEPARTURE TIME: 6:00am on Saturday 15th of January
    MAP OF ROUTE: Google map link of route http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=d&....840777,143.289185&spn=0.671736,1.207123&z=10
    ACCOMMODATION: Gemini Downs Coorong Holiday Centre. Staying here on saturday night. Prices approx $60-70 pp, 2-4 people per room. Link of accommodation.

    The route is as follows, with approximate departure times from each milestone.

    6:00am Todd Rd Outbound Shell (start)
    7:15am Anglesea (regroup)
    8:25:am Apollo Bay (fuel, regroup)
    9:25am 12 Apostles (regroup)
    11:35am Warrnambool (fuel, regroup)
    Lunch - arrive in Port MacDonell around 1:30pm (pecky people munch on something at fuel stops)
    2:00pm Port MacDonell (depart)
    4:00pm Rosetown (fuel & regroup)
    4:40pm Salt Creek accommodation (finish)

    Note: The times above are approximate only. If we reach the point early & everyone that was at the previous point catches up before the leave time then we will leave a few minutes early from that point. Bring some water so you don't dehydrate at any stage of the ride.

    Return departure time will be 6am the following day Sunday 16th January and will follow the same route up to Lorne then go inland via Deans Marsh & Winchlesea before jumping on the A1/M1 back to the start point.

    RULES: Standard NR rules for group rides. If this is your first time on a group ride, or through twisties, then you should read it carefully. 2 riders to mark every corner. Thread on group riding etiquette, Info on corner marking
    Here is a trip report from when I did a very similar route to above a few weeks ago https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=117983
    Post up in this thread of your intention to attend so we can book the appropriate accommodation to cover all who are interested.
    At this stage weather is looking hot (20to30c all along the way up and back) with minimal chances of rain. According to this website no chance of rain in Melbourne or Adelaide. So be prepared for the worst in case and bring your wet weather gear.

    Pack lightly, bring a top box or tank bag to carry your belongings and avoid carrying a heavy back pack. If no tank bag/top box then occy strap your bag to the back seat of your bike.

    For those that would like to keep riding beyond above route to Adelaide or other places please feel free to do so but above ride will officially end once we arrive back in Melbourne on Sunday 16th January afternoon.

    PACE/SKILL LEVEL: Level 2-4 Basic Riding Skills, Moderate Skills & Competent Rider & Touring 1: Intermediate (Check top right of this page for skill levels)
    Pace will be learner friendly but distance is what moves this from the learner category. So keep this in mind if you want to come along for the whole route. Completing these rides is all about consistent riding with regular quick stops. Over the speed limit riding is more of a hinderance on these long rides not to mention poor fuel economy.

    For those people that arrive at the destination earlier than above times will get a gold star.................not. But you will obtain the key to unlock the next level.........................not. Ok ok you will save Princess Peach..................not.

    Myself included I don't want anyone falling off of anything.
  2. Sounds interesting, even if I did do much the same thing last week :LOL:.
    Any chance of a meet point in Geelong or Anglesea?
  3. I too did the same thing and more 2 weeks ago but this is in a group environment and different feel to it. Be at Anglesea Shell at 7am to join the ranks once we arrive there at 7:15 approx for regroup.
  4. Okay, sounds good. Will check my schedule and let you know if I'm a definite for this or not, hopefully by early next week :).
  5. At this stage the weather forecast for the weekend is looking good with the exception of a little rain on Saturday morning. This doesn't bother me but some people prefer no rain which is fair enough. Will keep monitoring various weather sources and see what is forecast later in the week. For the record I have the whole weekend off so will be riding in all conditions. If other people have alternatve route suggestions (perhaps another GAR snowy ride) or any other ideas please feel free to contribute.

    The weekend weather forecast is reminding me of the weather we got on the first day of this ride from a few weeks ago. The first few hours were a bit cloudy with some rain drops but the rest of the way was nothing but sunny and dry conditions as is forecast for this weekend too.

    As per the request of another netrider there has been some changes to the route to include more coastal towns. Opening post has also been amended showing updates.


    Let me know by the end of the week of any ideas and whether you are coming so we can inform the accommodation of the expected numbers.

    If riders wan't to slightly shorten the ride I'm up for that too.
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  7. Thanks for the useful sites guys, will keep an eye on that one moto2. I also sent an email to GOR and see what they come back with. Surely one would think the gor would be open by the weekend as the weekend weather looks like it's going to be sunny with very very minimal rain on saturday morning which means lots of tourists, tours etc. We'll wait and see what pans out.
  8. Yep, rock falls due to heavy rain today....
  9. 25 of them to be exact and more rain is due tonight but apparently vicroads is working round the clock. Lorne is expecting only 3mm of rain on Friday and the whole weekend appears it will be dry along our route. Will keep checking to see what the situation looks like for the weekend.
  10. An update guys. Road is still closed, and it's been pissing down rain here for the past 5 hours or so.... I don't like your chances :(

    You can always head up deans marsh rd from Lorne, though go the long way around through Lavers Hill etc. :)
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  12. It appears that will be the case and thanks for the heads up. Ah well there'll be plenty of sunshiny days ahead of us this summer though sources are telling me this year we are going to have a tropic humid summer with rain making a regular appearance. Hope that isn't the case but....
  13. Update:

    GOR is closed and God knows when will reopen. Making alternative plans for this weekend. This ride will still happen as a few riders are keen on it including myself albeit at a later date when roads are open and the weather is kind.
  14. Hi lads, im still keen to do a GOR ride so gives me the heads up when thisor a remake of this is back on the table ;)
  15. Hey MM,

    Sounds good to me and with the nice weather weve been having of late I wouldn't say it would be a long time. Probably in the next 2-5 weeks.

    You ok with the overnighter or only day trip?
  16. Yeah When Brad n I talked about we said an Over nighter was the only way to go....

    Im doing an over nighter in jamieson with Brad this Thursday too, not sure if others are coming, i guess most are at work.
  17. Better that way as we can cover more distance, enjoy more knowing we can crash the night.

    By the way has Brad still got the cb400 as you told me over a year ago he was going to upgrade fairly soon.

    Wouldn't mind doing an overnight in Jamieson but work ):

    I'll do the gor again maybe this weekend to sus out the road conditions as when I rode thru last sunday when they re opened it it was very dodgy and not 2 wheel friendly and had to be on your toes at all times. I think it was opened prematurely but the gov had no choice as it is a premier road used by tourists. If it was also closed on sunday then the local businesses would have suffered as well as tours wouldn't have operated yada yada.
  18. Jamieson is lovely MM .. you will like :)

    We were up there 4 a week 1st week of Jan .. was thinking bout going up again this week but last weeks crap weather put pd to those plans .. day rides for us instead .. enjoy !!
  19. LOL think you're confussed, Brad is Ned - from this site, he doesnt ride a cb400

    Matt had the cb400 and yes he has upgraded, nicely to a Signature additional Buell, sounds sweet!
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