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[VIC] Jamieson....the hard way!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by lil, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. So after Saturday's 'school day' of riding for me ( https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=865936#865936 ), we headed off on a much more ambitious trip for Sunday. Healesville to Woods Point and Jamieson. The day started a little foggy out our way (and rather chilly, but that goes without saying, where we are! ), but the sun quickly made an ppearance. We met up with a rider from the KLR forum, who also rides a 2008 KLR650 and the three of us headed off after our hot chocolates at the bakery :grin: We dodged the mobile chicanes heading to the snow through the Black Spur and into Marysville. Had some very frustrating straight line heroes overtake us on the straights and then hold us up in the corners coming into Cambarville :evil: I don't think they were happy having a bunch of chookies in front of them :roll: even though they wobbled through the twisties on their road tyres through the snow line :evil:

    We headed straight on while they turned off for Reefton (hope they didn't interfere with others as much as they did us :roll: :evil: ). The road to Woods Point is mostly gravel and fairly open, but slippery and quite potholed and rutted. I stayed at the back as I again came to grips with the new sensations of a bike sliding around under me, but still holding the road :cool: . There was a bit of snow around, but not as much as when Jay went through a couple of weeks ago. We stopped at the start of the bitumen before you get into The Triangle.


    We had a bit of a chat about where we would stop for lunch and what might be worth stopping to look at on the way. Jumped back on the bikes for a trip up to Matlock. We were going to try to get to the top of Mt Matlock, but again, seasonal road closures thwarted that plan. We settled instead for some pretty shots of the bikes.



    We then headed the short way to Matlock. This was again a very slippery bit of road. I had some very disconcerting encounters with potholes and ruts on hairpins that had me thinking I might be out of my depth, but managed to make it safely to 'town' where we stopped at the top of the hill to eat our lunch, have some tea and listen to funny talk on the two way radio :grin: The view was incredible and with the sun out, no wind and some food, we were feeling very content :grin:



    After lunch, we headed into Woods Point. Again, a very challenging road for me, but relatively incident free. I was feeling like I was getting the hang of things pretty well and Jay was surprised I wasn't too far behind :oops: Its pretty tricky working the whole standing on pegs with dirtbike boots and avoiding the gear lever while staying off the front brake and making sure you're in the right gear :shock: :cool:

    We stopped again in Woods Point. You come across the trippiest little places doing this sort of riding. I believe they only received mains power relatively recently here :shock: You have to watch out for chooks on the main drag and, I reckon if the pub closed, the town would die.


    We also thought we might try this on another long weekend when the weather's better...


    We followed the road through A1 Mine Settlement, Gaffney's Creek and 10 Mile to Jamieson. We sussed out a couple of likely spots to camp over summer along the banks of the Goulbourn River as well.


    This part of the road was dry and hard packed with a lot of fine gravel on either side of the wheel tracks. This was harder to ride on that the slippery stuff we had earlier :shock: Some pretty hairy hairpins and straight bits, sun getting lower and in our eyes and very few other vehicles on the road. It wasn't long til we were in Jamieson and heading down the Snobs Creek Road.

    I LOVE this road! awesome fun! The gravel section was very rough. I was very tired by now and with my feet cramping decided to just sit on the seat and slowly bump my way through the 14kms of rough stuff. This is where we had a VERY close encounter with a tool in his Merceded 4WD. He cut the blind corners so close to us there were barely a couple of inches between us and him...us pretty much riding in the gutter :evil: :evil: :evil:

    We stopped again for some pics of Eildon and snow capped peaks.


    The bitumen part was wicked fun :twisted: Corner after beautiful corner of lovely twisties :grin: A lyrebird tried to bring us unstuck by flying out right in front of us, but the native escaped death by the two wheeled fiends :twisted:

    It was then an uneventful trip through Thornton and Taggerty back home again.

    I was sooooo tired after my big weekend. 12 hours of deep sleep and I'm still recovering :shock:

    We'll be doing plenty more of these sorts of trips, the sooner the better. I'm nowhere near as good at telling the story as Jay, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! :wink:
  2. Jealous!
  3. very nice ride, best country in the world up there! So enjoying the upgrade to the KLR? :grin:
  4. I wouldn't call it an upgrade....maybe a sideways grade :wink:

    You can't really compare the two types of bikes....the KLR opens up a whole new world and I'm absolutely loving it, while still giving some good fun on the familiar rides :wink:

    I'm at about the same pace through the Spur on the chooky as I was on the Duc :evil: Jay scrapes pegs on his and hasn't mentioned the R6 since it left the garage :shock: :grin:
  5. Fun, now that's a word that should be used more in motorcycling! I am looking at a DR650 at the moment [only $8K!] as it will allow me to do what you have done here, albiet at a much reduced pace!
  6. Keep these coming Lil, great pictures. Love the one at Woods Point.
  7. We looked into the DR but it doesn't have the same size fuel tank. We want to do some serious trips and max fuel without compromising on handling. You can get a long range tank for the DR, but we've heard it makes the front end really heavy and difficult to manage.

    I highly recommend the the bikechange (vs seachange :wink: ). It opens up all sorts of different types of riding without taking away the bitumen riding (albeit a slower pace on the blacktop :LOL: ).
  8. We came home from Alexandra down Reefton on Sunday. It was wet, snow on the ground and slush in places. We came across a few chookies but it was too much effort to try and get past them, particularly as I doubt that we could have put any distance between them, anyway.

    We stopped at the bottom for a breather and to warm up. My mate's Vmax motor makes a great surrogate heated handgrips. the chookie riders stopped there too. Dunno if it was you lot or not.

    Suffice it to say we were the only roadies out and about on the day that we saw.

    Sounds like your adventure was an enjoyable one. I must say that the dirties can be a hellava lot of fun. I haven't ridden off road since I was 21 when I sold my last dirt bike and got into road bikes. But a heap of guys at work have regular outings and overnighters to places like Dargo. Maybe I should get fit and get back into it.
  9. It was us. Just very frustrating to be stuck in the fun twisties behind riders who take off on the straights :evil: The only thing with the chookies is they have about 2hp, so just can't go when we might like to be able...
  10. We should stop meeting like this, then.

    A coupla years back you pulled up on your Duke on the Chum Crk road after a mate of mine pranged it in the gravel on a left hander (he sustained a broken collar bone and superficial damage to his bike). That ride was also our annual "winter ride", too.
  11. :LOL: I forgot about that! I don't have my numberplate anymore, but you can be sure I'll be out heaps on the chooky...you'll have to keep an eye out and give a wave :grin:
  12. Lil..

    Thanks for that link,,, I will be spending a bit of time reading and also drooling over the pictures.

    What year is your red KLR ? To me it looks like the headlight is different but not sure from the angle.

  13. Mine's an '05, Jay has the '08.