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[VIC] Jacksons track Jindivick To Neerim South

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by zauronus, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Hey guys and girls, just had a run through Jacksons track, and to be honest the road is f**ked, Pot holes big enough to swallow a bike and gravel on the corners, so id give it a miss for a bit..


  2. Re: Jacksons track Jindivick To Neerim South

    I tried to do this road a few months back and it was shut for repairs around Jindivik. Sounds like they only half did the job. Pity. It's a nice little stretch of road.
  3. Re: Jacksons track Jindivick To Neerim South

    went down there this morning, some of those roads are really nakered, if youre going down there take care... if those pot holes get any bigger people will start dropping boats in there to go for a fish:p
  4. Re: Jacksons track Jindivick To Neerim South

    Shame, love this road....
  5. would appreciate any updates to road conditions - thinking about this for tomorrow?
  6. Was there a month or so back. The usual bad potholes in a fair few places between Jindivik and Neerim South but they were also doing it up in spots, complete with roadworks and unswept gravel where the road had been repaired. But the roadworks were short. Other side of Jindivik was fine.

    No real problems then provided you paid attention.
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  7. Agree with GreyBMGreyBM , I've been along this road a couple of times in recent weeks. It's not that bad, just keep your eyes open.

    FWIW; If you want to stay on the back roads have a look at Neerim North-Noojee Rd.
  8. The Neerim North Rd is a bit of a goat track. I like it but then I like teensy roads like that where most don't. From memory there is one corner where the surface is pretty much all gone which could get nasty if you were pushing too hard.

    The road through Neerim East is Pretty good as well.
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