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[VIC] It's the things they don't say, that say the most...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by zenali, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I got the rego renewal for my bike in the mail today. In the envelope, along with the new label, was a pamphlet telling me to lock my valuables in my car or risk having them stolen. Thanks for that, VicRoads, I thought to myself. Didn't you notice this was a motorbike registration renewal?

    But it got worse.

    The next pamphlet was titled "Keeping Victorians connected", and was basically a bit of a feel-good fluff about how wonderful and caring VicRoads is. OK. If you say so. Only the opening paragraph read as follows:

    Wait a minute. Haven't they just listed pretty much every form of transport other than motorcycles? Well... and maybe horse and carriage outfits.

    Now I was actually getting cross. Then I read the last page, with the title: "We are making it easier for you to walk or cycle". Admirable health benefits, I'm sure. Except that the safety experts put the risk of cycling somewhere around the same level as the risks of motorcycling.

    Holy guacamole! That's one hundred and fifteen million dollars being pumped into on and off-road bicycle networks. To be fair, I actually think this is a good thing. As a cyclist and a driver, not to mention a rider, I'd rather that bicycles didn't have to share the road with other vehicles wherever possible. They annoy other motorists because they are slow, and did I mention the whole risk factor thing?

    So not only do motorcycles not even rate a mention in this little pamphlet, bicycles are given star treatment.

    Am I alone in thinking that what they don't say actually tells us more about where VicRoads stands with motorcycling in Victoria than what they do say?

  2. I kept the pamphlet from my last rego. This is evidence that they are against people that ride motorcycles. They will most likely claim it’s an oversight.

    It's a good reason for the senior managers to be sacked.
  3. They never say that my hooning is awesome and impressive, but I think it is implied.
  4. Cyclists have Bicycle Victoria on their side. They are going Great Guns in Vic, and good on 'em.
  5. The reason Bicycle Vic are doing well is that most cyclists are on the same page for the same cause in getting more people on bikes and making it safer.
    Most cyclists also accept different styles of bike riding whether it's touring, commuting, racing, family riding, etc....
    I'm one of them and regularly take part in meetings, bike ed, events, etc.

    Unfortunately, the same can't be said amoungst many motorcyclists..
    Many just ride for their own reasons to fill their own thrill.
    Some jump onto the bandwagon of a genuine cause (some do nothing but whinge here when they get caught for something) but then when they hope no one's watching, go and find roads to ride way beyond what's accepted within the road rules. Many think that our biggest issue is to raise speed limits. I personally can think of many other issues I'd like fixed first.
    You are totally free to take your chances but hopefully prepared to accept any consequences of your actions.

    You only have to read some of these threads to see how many get angry when some of us post routes we're taking thinking that roads out there are some sort of a secret. Many complain if they go out and get held up because other road users are slowing them down and ruining their roads. I laugh when sportsbike riders whine about curisers! Road is public from what I recall.

    Unfortunately this proves that too many deliberately going out there to ride their own rules. Authorities and the plod are not stupid and know this which doesn't make improving motorcyclists cause any easier.

    It's kind of damning when riders jump up and down about unfair treatment by the plod, then get caught the next day flaunting laws.

    PLEASE NOTE: I'm not defending any particular side and only stating what seems to be happening atm and has been the case for a while....

    As a group, we could be smart and take a page out of Bicycle Vics book. It'll do us more good than most people think.
  6. Can't say I disagree with you there.

  7. Have you written or emailed them to tell them that? If every rider complained about that when they got their rego renewals then we might get somewhere.
  8. Your in Melbourne. Shouldn't they list horses and carts there?
  9. What a load of pompous self-righteous shite.

    The reasons why people don't want to advertise where they ride is due to heavy handed enforcement. Receiving a $320 fine against your motorcycle for a non-safety related nit because the cops were feeling bored and aggressive towards riders isn't anyone's idea of fun.

    Heading out for a ride, the last thing people want is to be pulled over and all be breathalysed, rego-checked, and have their bikes defected for trivial things, when all they want to do is enjoy their day. It'd be a little different if it wasn't just motorcycles that are targetted, but as we all know, "random" has a pretty tight definition when it comes to whom the cops flag down.

    Further, the recent law changes made overtaking on single white lines illegal. Last I looked, Vicroads aren't sending out teams to remark roads with dashed white lines on winding roads which were all marked with a single solid white years ago. Perfectly safe overtaking opportunities on various roads now have covert police presence due to this legal bumf*ck. That's fine for you, if you're happy to sit at 30kph in 1st gear following someone towing a caravan through he twisties even when there's >200m of clear straight road ahead and a solid single white line.

    Seriously mate, I doubt that you do actually get out and go riding in the country. All you do is sit on here and spout self-righteous shite that everyone else is the problem. You want to know the sort of attitude that divides riders? Look in the mirror.
  10. Hey, FLUX, I'll think of you next time I get pulled over for no reason but a random check.
    Thanks heaps.

    By the way, I was stating how THINGS SEEM TO BE ATM and quite frankly your personal attack is somewhat amusing.....

    And seriously MATE, I do ride and have ridden through rain, hail or shine right through winter and seen more of this country on a motorbike in this current year than many on this forum.
  11. Knowing that these (and other forums) are frequently browsed by various agencies definitely makes people reluctant about posting any new and interesting (and as yet unfrequented) areas. Posting a road will certainly draw attention to it.
  12. Totally understand that and have no personal issues with riders doing that.

    It's also fine for someone to post a route for a ride that's either Leaner friendly or at an easy pace.
    It let's them sus out the ride before they make a desicion to ride it.
    I led a Learner ride earlier this year only to get more than one pm because apparenlty I let out some secret.
  13. Blue/white 2009 Suzuki GS500F -> Toyota Corolla

    Nothing worse than a sheep bleating about how pleasant it is to respect the law.
  14. Says the one who's waiting to get his license back while I'm out there riding...........](*,)
  15. "seem to be" my arse. You were attacking anyone and everyone who doesn't fit your mould of what a "motorcyclist" should be, do, and act like. You are the one who is creating the divide. You're just so full of yourself, you can't see it even when it's pointed out to you.

    Why thank me, btw? You don't even know me. I want you to spell out exactly how you think I've contributed to you being pulled over. C'mon, you obviously are dying to tell us all that I'm the enemy with your implied statement. Please cite your reasons.
  16. Raising speed limits isnt just a trivial pet peev, a bike can easily overtake a vehicle but will probably end up 30-40kmh over the limit. No fuss, no dramas. Of course if youre caught you wont be charged with your speed before or after the overtake, youll be charged with an offense on par with killing someone on the roads. How anybody can think that is reasonable is incredible.

    Its not an uncommon occurrence either, its a potential situation everytime you come up on a slow driver.

    I dont care if there are people that want to plod along under the limit, but give the rest of us a chance to get on with our day. Why is everyone else being held up? Roads are the arteries of society.
  17. You have a poor understand of irony joedelosa. It would be comical if not for how despicable that thought process is.

    You truly believe that obeying the Government will protect you from them? They'll be after you next. Then you will hop off the bike and back into the car, because you are law abiding. I'll still keep riding, and you will call me a "bad example" of the community.

    Or not, I guess we'll see. :)
  18. I agree that we, as motorcyclists, need to be organised, focused and act as one. But while the various organisations that represent us are split, it's not going to happen.

    Isn't part of the role of the MCC, MAA etc etc to view all the issues, prioritise them and act accordingly?

    I find it difficult to believe that Bicycle Vic is always on the same page. I am yet to belong to any organisation (sporting or social) where everyone as the same agenda and opinion. Yes agreements can be made, as I said above isn't that the job of our 'peak' body.
  19. ...even so, I do have to agree that what you wrote did come across as fairly pompous.

    There's a definite anti motorcycling bias in the "system". The single white line is a ripper.
  20. Flux, my post was to state how things are with the plod, law, etc....
    I never said I aree with everything...
    Can you deny it's how it is atm?

    Did I say how everyone should ride?
    I did say anyone should accept consequences of their actions. Is that wrong?
    You really think I've never sped in the past?
    You think it doesn't piss me off being stuck behind at times?

    Does it piss me off when people announce rides and try to keep route secret?
    Yes, you know why? Because as said plod read forums and gives them justification on what they're doing.

    It all sends contradicting messages.
    On one hand, threads are crying out for a fair go but then hey your laws are crap so I'll do my own thing if I think your not watching.

    There is time a place for everything.
    I'm more interested in getting a better deal for motorcyclists, not an easy thing do I'm afraid.