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[VIC] - It's all about revenue, even the cops think so

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by [FLUX], May 26, 2010.

  1. Almost half a billion is speed camera revenue,per year, and this year's road toll is worse than last years so far in Victoria?
  2. When you know exactly what the government wants to hear, and you say it repeatedly in public, they aren't going to to put pressure on you, are they Ken?

    But see how long you last if you sing a different tune.

    The State Government estimated the increased use of technology will see its coffers boosted by $476 million in speed and red light camera fines in the next financial year.

    Road safety policy - designed to fail.
  3. lacking in sobriety maybe?
  4. Aahahahahaa, I'm lovin' it. Headline story on all the radio news. Ken's doing a bit of bleating, but now a number of other cops and Vicroads officials have weighed it and confirmed they have been pressured into using measures to increase the number of offenses committed.
    That's committed, not detected!

    Burn baby burn.
  5. I don't have a problem with camera's or any other form of enforcing the law. Its only the lawbreakers that are getting "taxed" and I'm fine with that. The fact that it does generate so much income, doesn't really say much about us in general though.
  6. Here we go again.
  7. Blah Blah Blah!!

    If you're not speeding, you've got nothing to worry about.

  8. hahaha, spin machine is in overdrive.

    Just regarding the biker, the bit that's got my goat is that the hoon laws allow the bike to be confiscated. IT'S NOT MANDATORY. It will become mandatory after the beige cardi brigade brey on talkback. :roll:

    I knew it, I just knew it that when these anti social behaviour laws came in, that they'd soon be hijacked and used innappropriately.

    Did you hear that they charged the F1 driver by summons for doing a burnout. Failing to maintain control. FFS! Embarrasing.
  9. Hopefully the Libs will jump on this. Sure, they'll probably be just as bloody useless as Labor but at least them having a policy on speed cameras would mean we'd have one of the parties with a policy...you know...about something. I'd vote for them just on the novelty alone.
  10. Alas no. The illustrious leader of the opposition failed to state any view over speed cameras, except that if they were known to be inaccurate, and people were still fined, then that was the same as theft. He didn't respond to questions about the speed tolerance, or his policy, on ABC radio this morning.

    See my other thread on this topic. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=112743 No need to respond there though.
  11. Le sigh. I guess it's really too much to hope for any (major) party abandoning or curbing such a cash cow unless it's pried out of their grasp by the courts.
  12. Just heard Ken Lay on the radio spouting that he knows thousands of lives have been saved by speed cameras.

    Wish I could live in the land of Unicorns, Rainbows & made up figures that never get challenged.
  13. EVEN IF a speed limit was never broken and every road law was perfectly followed, road users would still die.

    Being in control of a road going vehicle comes with inherent risks.
  14. We can't prove he's wrong any more than he can prove he's right, unfortunately.
  15. I recall speed cameras in the UK all used to be dull grey -- the government was forced to make them bright fluoro yellow to be easily visible from a long distance because they had the "if its for safety as you say then make it highly visible " shit dumped on them by some lobby groups

    could a UK expatriate please confirm adjust or deny this for me
  16. Absolutely they will!

    Then if they win office??
    Hmmm, time to remove half a bill of revenue.....

    Errr maybe not...... we're in office now...

    (politics at its best)
  17. That's just it: it's just his opinion until he backs it up with some stats, stats that could be refuted with facts. The onus should be on him to prove he is right.
  18. But then they found ways of hiding them by putting them behind poles, trees, highway signs.