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[VIC] It really irks me that they don't enforce fog light laws

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by grue, May 10, 2010.

  1. Half the assclowns with them have them aimed wrong, and of course these are the fwits that insist on driving with them on at all times. It's against the law, so why don't the fuzz ever enforce THIS?

    Oh wait, it's a law that makes sense and doesn't have an outlandish penalty attached to it, so it'd suck as a revenue raiser.

    Answered my own question I guess.
  2. The always-on Daylight Running Lights that are showing up on many new models (and shortly will be on damn near everything) are starting to really cloud the issue.

    It was never really enforced unless the cop in question was looking for something to book you for but I can see the issue being dropped entirely fairly soon.
  3. Don't get me started on DRLs. They shouldn't be on cars, they should really be for bikes only. It shouldn't be illegal per se to drive with lights on during the day, btu it takes away one of our advantages to being seen.
  4. Yup, they will be abandoning the term "fog light" for "day time running lamp" and will soon be mandatory on all new vehicles...

    As the OP stated, most are poorly aimed and are very distracting in conditions other than those of limited visibility (inclement weather)...

    Yet another Euro standard adopted for a country with vastly different driving conditions...
  5. Not to burst your bubble or anything, but approx 12 months ago, I was done for driving with my fog lights on. But I believe that it was the right thing to do
    When you are driving a dark coloured pulsar, and oncoming traffic are driving towards the sun, they simply cannot see you unless you have them on. I would much rather that then have somebody crash into me
  6. bunjmung, if you think that it's a hazard why did you buy a dark colored Pulsar?
  7. bah humbug, fog lights are fine to run during the day. It is only poorly aimed/installed spotties that are an issue. Fog lights don't point up.
  8. I didn't buy the car, it is my partners
    Hell, I don't even own a car, but sometimes the car is necessary.
    It is a hazard to not be seen, and that is what I am trying to achieve, and even if it was a bright coloured car, it would still be hard to see when the sun is behind you

    Most people ride with their lights on, what is the difference? The only thing they are trying to achieve by doing this, is to become more visible.
  9. Not usually, but there are plenty of asshats who need to have theirs re-aimed.
  10. More annoying for me is those blue globes (HID's?) that flicker different colours at different angles... (me thinks I see certain colours at times)
  11. What's the rationale behind the law? Why are fog lights, which are set low on new cars, an issue? I can't see the advantage they give you in non fog conditions. They're close field lights without much throw aren't they?

    By the way, I have noticed them lit up on lots of cars lately too. Seems to be a trend.
  12. Most cars don't have front fog lights, they have what are termed driving lights (little spotties to the rest of us) my Carnival has low factory mounted spotties but their not fog lights

    Like to see a citation for that Day Light Runners are a very different thing to fog lights...
  13. *shrug* they're called fog lights in my owner's manual... and they're positioned just like in the picture:

  14. words fail me...

    but yes they're fuggin annoying...

    bl##dy 'look at me' tossers
  15. DRLs have shown to increase vehicle visibility dramatically, and as a result can help reduce accidents. That includes specifically designed DRLs as well as just leaving your headlights on during the day. I can think of a few countries off the top of my head where the majority of road users use headlights on during the day.
  16. Bike riders that ride around with their high beams on (headlights at mirror height, no less) are more of an issue.

    you did, you noticed, the lights did their job.

    Properly aimed lights are not an issue. lights that are aimed to high are downright annoying, and dangerous at night. Case in point - anyone taken a pillion pasenger lately?

    As for nighttime visibility, six lights burning at full bore is the shit for spotting roos at night. I get a broad, road level beam on top of the "spotlight effect" of the high beam and the compromise of the driving lights. Beats the old sealed beam... :LOL:
  17. "lights that are aimed to high are downright annoying, and dangerous at night."

    My point exactly......aimed to high, too bright, too large.
    And worse when its raining and you get a dazzling face full thru a wet visor from these inconsiderate cocks ......
  18. Don't quote me but I believe the origin of the law lies in the true, yellow fog lamps and the possibility they could be confused with indicators.

    I don't think the law was ever really written with what gets called a "fog lamp" these days by most manufacturers in mind.
  19. Haven't heard of it recently but police in Vic and NSW used to periodically do crackdowns on people driving with fog/driving lights on unnecessarily. Quite often tell people at booze buses to turn them off as well. They should be booking idiots with the rear red high intensity fog light on as well though!

    Thats two different things... theres the stupid blue globes that people fit for no other reason than to look bluish, then theres higher output xenon globes which will usually have a slight bluish tinge and then there's HIDs which when fitted properly (or factory) shouldn't dazzle you at all as they use projectors and have quite a sharp cut off. The problem with the aftermarket ones is that when you fit them to a car (or bike) with headlights that weren't designed for them ie. no projector lens, the light just scatters and dazzles everyone. I'm all for police being allowed to shoot out offending headlights of this type!
  20. Turns out you've been running from regular cars with HID's browny... lol