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(VIC) Is there such thing as an automatic rider license?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Nakkas, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    I've had my car P's for a while and when I got my license I got an auto one. Since then I've more then mastered a manual car and chose to do my bike L's + P's on a manual bike.

    I say manual bike, because I was given the option of doing both on a scooter, I just scoffed both times. Both times on the license receipt, it didn't mention anything about my auto transmission restriction.

    Now I've received my P's license card in the mail and it has the A and E restriction. But it doesn't say anywhere that the A is restricted to cars.

    Is there such thing as an automatic rider license, ie, one that is restricts you to auto's if you only do your test in an auto? If so, do you think I can get my A restriction taken off by Vicroads?

    After all driving a car and riding a bike are pretty much the same things when it comes to friction point, rev matching and gear choice..

    Cheers people
  2. No automatic bike license I am aware of
  3. Bit unfair that you're allowed to pass a test in a scooter which just tests your ability to squeeze and then be able to ride anything.

    The Vic L's test, tests being able to start and stop without stalling. That's something which doesn't apply to scooters at all.

    I shoulda done my test on a scooter, woulda been piss easy..
  4. Yes you get exactly the same license when you do it either on a scooter or bike with a clutch and gears. At HART because they train Australia post employees you can even do it on a Postie bike, CT110.
  5. +1 Nightgash.

    When I attended HART, they offered us a choice of motorbike, scooter or postie bike ~ we all chose the motorbike.

    Anyways, that was fine for the first day, then half way through the next morning one of the girls swapped to a scooter as she was having some difficulties on the motorbike. She managed just fine on the scooter and passed the test.

    And she's able to ride a motorbike anyway. I was like :shock: Seems crazy to me.
  6. Hey fuzzy when did you do your learners at hart? Reason why Im asking is because there was a woman in my group who did exactly the same thing. Couldnt handle a bike properly so she passed on a scooter! My instructors were Mick and Val
  7. Hi Melacon. I did my L's on the 14th / 15th April, but it was Kilsyth. If you're in Melb, you prob went to Tulla (?)

    My instructors were Karl, Glenn and Mars :cool:
  8. Haha yeah I did mine in tulla. Looks like it might be common with some people to do it on a scooter.
  9. Yeah true but in some states you dont have to have ANY training, your car licence is enough.
  10. AFAIK a car license is only valid for a 50cc pissy little scooter. I could ride a Vespa when I was 13, it's easier to balance than a bicycle and squeeze means go.

    I think the difference between a bike and scooter is much greather than an auto or manual car. Damn policy makers..
  11. In WA if you take the test on an automatic scooter you are restricted to automatics unless you re-take the test with a manual. This applies equally if you have a scooter license (up to 50cc), or a bike licence. (The scooter license exists because you can get one at 16 before you are old enough for a car license.)
  12. Yes and you can get killed just as quick on a 50cc scoot as any size scoot.

    So wheres the logic?
  13. Logic? Simple: speed is the only killer on our roads. 50cc scooters can't speed, therefore riders of said scooters are invulnerable. :wink:

  14. Me thinks your taking the piss out of our govenment policies and scooter riders at my expence :p
  15. Heres' the logic, as I see it. I don't agree with it, but here goes..

    If I can jump on a Vespa as a 13 year old with no car experience and ride it around a large property comfortably, it'd be a piece of piss formost car drivers.

    Seriously, they balance themselves and basic operation is simple.

    However, there's much more to riding than being able to control the vehicle. They should probably have a rider education program for a scooter license. Or make them sit the bike L's test.
  16. Slightly different in ACT. Although the actual licence (piece of plastic) doesn't stipulate an auto restriction, if you did your tests on a scooter the receipt from the tester that goes to the road registry says so, and it's recorded in their system. If you pass your P's on a scooter and you're 25 or more, the auto restriction gets taken off after two years. If you're under 25 you have to re-take the test. Not sure what that's all about, but there it is.

    - Guran
  17. This is something i cant figure out either. My wife got her licence on a scooter and has never ridden an actual motorbike.

    But come November 4th she will be off restrictions and by law allowed to jump on the 14 and attempt to ride it.. :shock:

    She would never do it nor would i allow her to ride either of my bikes, but by law she is allowed to. :?

    Someone has some serious investigating to do when it comes to bike licencing.

    Could this be a major part of the bike accidents on our roads ??

    I know when i got my L's i had a couple of guys go for it on scooters as they said it was much easier to do it on a scooter.