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[Vic] Is there more Driver Rage since new TAC Shock Ad?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jdkarmch, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Yes, I have been verbally abused

  2. Yes, I have been cut off more frequently

  3. No, nothing much has changed

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. A friend of mine got yelled at by a 4 WD driver while filtering in Hoddle Street recently - with the words, "Haven't you seen the TAC Ad?".

    Seems that some car drivers have taken the TAC Shock ad to heart and now believe that we as riders must comply with what the TAC has determined to be unsafe and unlawful behaviour.

    I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience - in the last week - since the new TAC Shock ad was released.
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  3. A pushbike rider yelled “I hope a truck runs you over like in the ads” because my left handlebar was an inch inside of his precious bike lane while waiting to turn left, the funny thing was he stopped just in front of me because of the three cars sitting fully in the bike lane, he didn’t say sweet FA to them.

    Is there an ad where a truck takes out a bike?
  4. Good thread John. What I fear is that some drivers will now feel justified in taking us out, or at least putting pressure on us, because of these ads.

    It'll be interesting to see the results (haven't been riding so I can't say for myself).
  5. This is the type of experience I was interested in hearing about. As titus said drivers are likely to feel justified in abusing us as a result of the ads.

    I need to gather some data - so that MRA can take that info to Govt and especially TAC.
  6. I can't tell. I got cut off three times on the way to the city and back today. One looked at me in his mirror and swerved to grab the lane I was already in, knowing full well that I was there.

    Not sure I can really attribute that to the ads though. :?
  7. This is pretty worrying, I haven't been riding since the ads were released but have been wondering the same thing.

    The TAC ads have always been more about shocking the impressionable public (you know, those ACA viewers) than they have been about informing motorists of the risks and dangers of their behavior on the road. The new ad is another perfect example of this - the vast majority of motorcyclists already know the stats, they already know the risks they are taking, but the general public do not. Most non rides seem to think that motorcyclists are all a bunch of hooligans with a death wish, but now they have proof...cause the tv said so!
  8. I ticked verbally abused, whilst not on the road, I've had three people at work alone speak towards myself in a negative light about riding. Same people who never really speak to me in general (and me to them).
  9. I would accept that as falling into the right category. Its what non-riders think that is the data I need to collect.
  10. They weren't riders.
  11. In One ear and out the other for me.
    Those di*kheads can say what they want im gonna continue to ride wether they like it or not. I dont do it to impress anyone else i do it coz its the best feeling in the world. Other peoples opinions are irrelevant to me
  12. I have seen no evidence of change.
    That being said I haven’t seen the ad on much
  13. Well, I think you guys who are being harassed should just completely obey the TAC ad and go get yourself some brand new protective clothing.

    All of you.

    New gloves and boots, now.

    Should shut a few car drivers up.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. it's certainly got a lot of non riders talking and discussing what is and isn't safe, which imo is bad thing.....i will make my own opinions for my safety
  15. Bonk, how you going to change gears with those boots?

    I got cutoff yesterday by someone who saw me and then sped past me on my left, jumped into my lane and then broke heavily. I wondered at the time if the ad influenced it but I don't think I've seen anythign noticeably different on the road.

    Like Browny I've had 2 people at work ask me if I ride like that and how they always see motorcyclists doing the wrong thing. One even pointed out to me that I shouldn't wear jeans cos of the ad. I explained the difference between draggins (which I wear when commuting) vs normal jeans and that I have full leathers for other riding.
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    Jesus, do people actually ride like that? I'm thinking the first one in particular :eek:hno: Maybe I'm just a really boring rider or something, but I was squirming while watching that.

    My biggest crime is filtering (no splitting), haven't noticed any difference in attitudes but I don't ride in peak hour very much. Normally cars either ignore me or make room which is very nice.

    I did have a guy try to park on top of me today admittedly but he looked a bit sheepish about after being told off. Maybe there's something a bit unmanly about being made foolish by a girl on a big black bike :D

    Also, I think that ad is pretty unhelpful as it just makes riders look like a pack of idiots which I daresay the majority of riders are absolutely not. The last thing riders need is a worse attitude from non-riders as it's already not great at times.

    Where's the TAC ad to promote awareness of 2 wheeled vehicles too? It appears to be missing and I would think it's a teensy bit important given the rise in bike, scooter and even push bike sales.
  17. G'day everyone,....

    Funny how its got a lot of people who don't know anything about the subject talking about it.
    Things tend to hit the fan when those who know nothing start to effect policy etc on that subject.

    Personaly,.. I have'nt noticed any change,at least not yet.

    But then I'm usualy the last to find anything out,.....

    Dr Who?
  18. Well Bugger me !
    It may be coincidence, but on my way home last night, I filtered to the front of some lights on Cheltenham Rd, just before the Eastlink overpass. The front driver to the right of my lane moved forward, turning his wheel left, making it ALMOST impossible to pass him.
    I did get through, and was too far ahead of him to see his facial expression.
    Cannot say whether it had anything to to with the advert, but I haven't come across this sort of behavior in almost 2 years. :jerk:
  19. I haven't noticed anything specific since the ad, maybe I just don't notice with my load pipes and earplugs in :LOL:

    Anyway, its just the the typical anarchy on the roads as usual, but they aren't speeding, so of course they're being safe drivers ;)
  20. bout time you pulled the bloody baffles out!:applause: