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(VIC) Is anyone planning a ride for sunday or monday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chicken man, Mar 11, 2006.

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  1. Just wanting to know if anyone is planning a ride for sunday or monday. just being a long weekend

  2. looked there frist as I always do but thank you
  3. Given the trouble folks are having staying upright perhaps we all need to take a "lets learn to go around corners" ride with Glitch :grin:
  4. I was planning a ride for Monday but didn't bother posting anything for the simple fact that it's leaving from Ballarat (and don't know yet when we'll be leaving).
  5. i'm planning to go for a wander tomorrow morning - hills area - no specific route planned. company would be great ...
  6. Is there anyone LEFT in Victoria to go for a ride on Sunday or Monday? :LOL:

    Seriously, my best wishes to today's victims: a speedy recovery of skin and machines to all of you.
  7. Hey Carri27, I might be up for a quick run somewhere for a couple hours early morning ?

  8. cool. i'm also chatting with 'fixed' in the chat room who's also thinking of possibly coming. won't be getting up super early but maybe out of here by 8.00. i'm in hawthorn east. how 'bout you?
  9. If someone posts up a meet time and location i might be able to get there and meet up with you all for a bit of a ride before it gets too hot.
  10. I second that Kraven!

    Carri, Fixed, suggest a time and place and might be able to make it..
  11. aha, carri, this is "filing" is it??? :LOL:
  12. i'm getting there y'bastard :) gotta get m'priorities right and sort out a ride for tomorrow first :grin:
  13. mmmmmmmmmmmmm pie for breakfast then ride sounding good
  14. suggest we work out our route over the pie. i'm not hugely familiar with the area... but i know it's hard to get lost...
  15. Getting there is half the ride :wink:
    I'll see how things pan out in the morning and might meet you guys there

  16. half a tank of petrol to get to the ride meet :LOL:
  17. there's a servo 'round the corner from the meet point if that helps...
  18. so what time is the are we meeting. Iam on a 250 so not super fast if people don't mind
  19. sounds like fun a crusie to where ever to get to what ever and arrive when ever
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.