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[VIC] invisible TIN

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nibor, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. the following relates to this thread. read it for a background.


    didnt this just get interesting. on the 18th of March, i received a letter from Vicroads. this basically stated i have been convicted of an excessive speed infringement, and my licence has been suspended. and if i dont hand my licence over in 14 days, i cop a $500 fine.

    WTF? i thought i was still waiting on the new TIN. i check the TIN numbers, and the one on this vicroads letter doesnt match the old one. yet the offense listed is the same date, and same speed as the original.

    i rode into Vicroads to speak to someone about this, as the phone said i would be waiting a minimum 20min to be answered :roll: had a lady look over everything, then go check some stuff on a computer, and generally take a long time. basically i was told they dont know why my licence is suspended, and yet i have received no new TIN in the mail. go ask Civic Compliance or the Informant of the offense.

    i stopped in at Knox copshop on the way home, and spoke to a constable. he had a look at the paperwork, and was fairly sure the new TIN number on Vicroads letter corresponded with the re-issue of the old TIN. so basically it had been processed, fixed, mailed out, and vanished. lucky me.

    i then called the Informant once i was home. he confirmed he had issued a new TIN, waay back on the 1st of February. and suggested i call Civic Compliance. i call CC, and they confirm everything thus far. and the fact they have my current address correct on file, means they couldnt care less if it got lost in the post, they did their part :mad: and also my fine is overdue, and about to accrue extra fines on top :mad: :mad:

    they bloke at CC gave me an extension on the payment, which was good. and theyre posting out the TIN again. i now need to seek more legal advice ASAP, once i have this TIN.

    oh, heres some interesting dates for you.

    19/1/08 date of offense
    25/1/08 TIN cancelled
    1/2/08 new TIN issued
    1/3/08 (28 days later) my licence suspension kicks in
    18/3/08 letter from Vicroads
    20/3/08 call Vicroads/CC, find out im suspended etc, cease riding

    for 20 days, i was riding on a suspended licence, with no way of knowing about it :shock: i need to check some details now, as i had my licencce checked up @ the Spur recently, the officer simply wrote details on his list, as they were pulling everyone (on bikes :evil:) over. he would check/process the details later. so now i may be up for riding whilst suspended if that was after the 1st.

    then, through a lack of concentration, i think i got done by a speed camera at 2am going to a mate's place. i was just riding along, no traffic about ANYWHERE, minding my own business and flash, flash. i wasnt intentionally speeding, but i wasnt checking my speedo, i was just riding quite comfortably to the conditions. i looked down immediately and i was doing about 100. in an 80 zone :( so that looks to be another fine :cry: and maybe even another riding whilst suspended charge.

    so ive got alot on my plate at the moment. needless to say, im not riding untill everything is sorted, and i have a licence. www.netcycler.net.au , anyone?
  2. Shite. You seem to be in a bit of a pickle eh? Hope you get it all sorted out, it'd suck to get done for all the extra's when yuo didn't even know you were suspended. I'd be onto a lawyer ASAP, see where you stand after the dust settles
  3. duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude relax will ya?

    The cop that busted you riding at the spur would have told you if you are going to court or not for riding on a suspended license so no sweat.

    The flash flash can be put under someone elses name and/or get an extension (CC give up to 3 months extension from my experiance, just have to push them).

    But yeah license suspensions suck balls.
  4. Not necessarily, it may not show up at the time the officer checks.
    If he finds out later he can still do you for the offence.

  5. Play them at their own game.

    yes Ocifer, I sent my licence in the mail, and the fine with a cheque for payment. What's that you didn't recieve them, Oh well, did my bit!

    When that doesn't work, take it to court.
  6. Yep.

    Still waiting to see the outcome of that one.
  7. Oh of course..... cos your really gonna front up to a cop shop and go look mr pig I made a false statement look :LOL:

    :roll: :roll:
  8. ok so you may have that one... Nibor best you ask a cop that one.
  9. No, because it is a really stupid thing to do, illegal, and people do get caught. And if you do it will involve Court.
    The coppers can (and do) check if people put in nominations.
    I was queried on a legitimate one where I was driving a company car, and the company put in a nomination.
    You obviously haven't read the link above either.

    As I've said before, I'm not trying to stop peoples fun here. What I am trying to do is warn people against stupid courses of action. The OP is in (potentially) enough strife. He doesn't need more.
  10. Feel free. Ask Hubie. Or just take my word for it. As with most summary offences / traffic matters, they have 12 months to lodge or amend a TIN.
  11. ive read the link, hardly any relevance.
  12. WTF?????????

    Ok, let me explain.

    (i) Marcus Einfeld nominated another party as having driven a car he was accused of driving when the car incurred a traffic fine.
    Note: This would have been a TIN.

    (ii) It (the nomination) was according to the prosecution, false.
    (Note: this is a key bit that you should pay attention to.)

    (iii) He is being tried on a charge of perjury. (= Jail Time).
    Note: this is what someone said earlier never happens...

    Is the relevance clear now?
  13. Um no.

    The case is about a Judge that has commited perjury therefore the media hype up about it because obviously this is ironic. The attention is not on the crime itself but on who in particular commited it.

    People all the time use fake ID's, a partners bank card and personal details for whateva reason.

    Nominating another driver for a TIN and assuming the other person is sweet with it then... this is the important bit how anyone every going to bloody know?

    Man you need to live life a little, go break a sweat or something f%$k.
  14. (i) The examples you use are not perjury.
    (ii) False statements on any legal document are
  15. Ok fine, I accept im wrong. But at the end of the day if you dont play the system it will play you. Dont be fooled.
  16. I would have thought a judge would have a reasonably good grasp of the legal system. If they can't find a way of getting away with it what chance does anyone else have.
    And a criminal conviction for fraud/perjury could continue to haunt you for a very long time (can't do certain jobs, may not be able to get insurance or credit, can't travel to certain countries etc.).
  17. Trust me I won't (be fooled).
    I'm a 44 year old lawyer, believe me I know how the system works.
    I have no problem with people playing the system as long as they do it in a smart and legal manner.
  18. wow i didnt know my OP was about all this stuff :p
    im thinking im just gonna wear it.
    it will cost me $1000+ to get a lawyer and try and defend the charge, and even then im in no way guaranteed to have it reduced, let alone dismissed.
    only got 5 to go, and i can clean the bejesus outa my bike in the meantime :cool:

    the money i save on petrol/services (i need a service like once a month lol), i can chuck in for some new gear :)