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Vic Interclub series round 2.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by MVrog, May 10, 2008.

  1. yep, it's on at broadford, on Sunday18th may. free admission for spectators. Be there, all you racing fans. watch cejay go wild.

  2. And RedNinja!

    With my new Ecliptech Shift-I indicator, I will be unstoppable. That is, if I don't spend too much time watching the indicator and not the track!
  3. Good luck guys....hope to make it there to cheer you on :grin:
  4. Have your Leathers been hung up for ever?
  5. I hear his racing leathers have been hung up, but the chaps are still out.
  6. Bring your 'wets' :(
  7. Trying to avoid blowing up another engine cejay?!

    Apologies guys, I wont make it this time. I'm going on the ride to Daylesford instead. You will probably be riding a cold wet race, while I'm having some luscious hot chocolate. :grin:

    Race safe. I hope those ingenious engine case protectors pass scrutineering! (What a dumb rule. :roll: )
  8. You got it in one Rod!

    Hey, it's Broadford. A micro climate (and some would say eco system) all of its own!
  9. Am hoping it stays dry enough, am ok riding in the wet, but have never raced in the wet.

    But hey I want to get out there and give my Shift-I a real workout, so I probably will go out anyway...

    Hope to see some of you there,

  10. No, they are just taking an extended holiday :wink:
  11. Weather is looking shite. Was at the circuit today, a few brave souls were out in the 8 degree weather. I've got a set of wets tomorrow I can use should it rain proper. Worst case is like it was this afternoon, when it had stopped raining but the surface was still wet.

    All good fun.
  12. Eeek am unsure now...

    Am not keen on racng in bad weather... :(

    Will head to the track and check it out first.
  13. What d'ya mean ya not sure now?

    It's only water and you've got road orientated tyres. It'll be fine.
  14. It will be just as wet for everyone else.
  15. Well done today cliff.

    Good tyre selection as well.

    Too bad the weather gods didnt really know what they wanted to do, but all in all, the weather was ok whilst I was there.
  16. Or how to totally root a tyre in <10kms!
  17. OMG, what a day!

    I don't like the rain. I had a big accident two years ago in the wet and ever since have been the Worlds worst wet weather rider.

    So, when I arrived at the circuit this morning to see a constat drizzle and the track totally wet I was a little hacked off. Never mind, I'd purchased some wet race tyres on Saturday and this was a good time to try them out.

    The first practice was interesting. For anyone who thinks that their road tyres are good in the wet, you have seen nothing. The limit on wets are your own preconceptions of how far you can lean. In the 10min practice I was just trying to work out what you can do. Braking performance was outstanding. You can brake as hard as you like. Acceleration off the turn is the same. Just go as fast as you can.

    The first race was Preston Over 500cc. I used this as an extra practice and was ok to pootle around at the back. The tyres were still looking good.

    1st Formula 3 race. I started 6th, took 3rd into turn one and stayed there. The track was wet to start with, but with a drying surface. The bike was now squirming under power out of all corners, but it's only a 5 lap race. I came in after the race and the right hand side of the tyre is destroyed. That's pretty bad for less than 10km! But grip comes at a price.

    I changed to slicks for Race 2 and 3. In both races it started to rain with less than 15 mins to go, but I stayed on slicks as there was no surface water. It takes a lap or two to 'feel' the tyre in, but the grip was there. The tyre pressures needed lowering for race 3 as there was no heat in them after race 2. The 3rd race was good, got passed by 2 bikes into turn 1 but got them back by the end of the race. This time, the tyres had good heat in them and plenty of grip.

    End result was 3 * 1st places for the Twin Sprints and 3 * 3rd's for the overal F3 class. The 400 runners were not there in great numbers, but a 3rd is a 3rd.

    Next out is June 8th at P.I.
  18. Being my first time a a race track, it was a really interesting experience.

    You had the Learner rider who would be lapped by the first 3 riders in every race, you had the supersports, who are pretty quick around the circuit, add to that the inclement weather and it made for a really interesting day.

    It was amazing to watch Race 2, where the pole ride missed the marshalling and had to start from hte back of the grid. He passed a third of the traffic by the first corner and was into about 5th/6th half way down the top straight, os within a lap had made up most of the ground. It then took him a few laps to pass Cliff. Was very entertaining to watch.

    Or in the third race, where Cliff got jumped at hte start, but still ended up finishing third. It seemed that the longer hte race went, the better the slicks stuck and the faster he could go.

    Lookong forward to going down to PI. May have a solution for the accommodation issue as well.
  19. What 5 laps on a drying circuit does to the tyre...



  20. Well done Cejay.

    We were wondering today how you went... bloody well it seems!