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[VIC] Interclub Round 3 @ Phillip Island

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Interclub Round 3 was held on the 8th June @ P.I. And what a day!

    The decision to drive down on the Sunday morning was looking poor, given the crap nights sleep and thick fog that accompanied the 125km drive.

    After scrutineering, briefing and waiting a small time for the track to clear, practice commenced. Some dubious track conditions necessitated caution and it was more an excuse to get out on the track.

    The first race of my day was the Presont Over 500cc. I use this as an additional practice, but a new competitor to the class, #27 Marcus Simpson is adding additional pressure....

    The start was eventful as there was an incident with #22, with a flipping bike. I waited 1 lap for the red flag, but the start line crew cleared the circuit well in time.

    I was racing a few of the 600's and was doing ok, until on 2nd to last lap when #27 took me into turn 1. Bugger! Coming over Lukey, I outbraked him into MG and took the lead into the main straight. Only to lose it again into turn 1...!A repeat attempt at MG was thwarted by another rider and I couldn't make it past again. Best time of 1:57

    First F3 race was held in clear conditions. Gridded next to #27, this was going to be good. My start was excellent, the SV gets off the line so well and I am getting better at forcing my way into the first turn. Some small dices too place, some good overtakes and I was ahead of #27. Until turn one on the last lap. I caught up by MG, but couldn't make a pass back and came 2nd in the TS. Started 14, finished 10th. Best time of 1:55

    2nd and last race of the F3 was held in the late afternoon. Another excellent start and I put my head down and just went as hard as I could. I overtook another SV (running GSXR bodywork) and was getting some good times. Conscious of my #27's excellent turn one ability, I compromised my line into that turn but reduce his chance of getting past. Some good battles with the 400's and I managed to hold on to the end. Best lap of :154.

    Thanks to all the volunteers, without whom this just wouldn't happen.

    Redninja had a mixed day. Hope you're not too sore.

    Next race is in September @ Broadford.
  2. +1 to that, those guys really do a outstanding job with the little resources they have (which isn't much). I am always very impressed with how the days are run. It realy doesn't happen without those people putting there hands up.

    Dispite crashing out in MG in my 3rd race, I was having a great time. Each race I really feel I am getting faster, not just in speed but ability to think about what I am doing. I did a lot of under/overtaking this round and got past a rider (who i consider very fast) after almost 2 laps of him blocking or pushing me wide.

    I really gave my bike a hiding in MG and the result is a fair bit of damage, but I am sure I have enough parts to get it back together again.

    Am quite sore today, nothing is really hurt, just result of the imact and the tumbling.

    Many thanks also to Rod for your help on and off again, the extra set of hands makes a big difference. And thanks to rod for calming Sides down when she thought I was splattered on the side of the track :LOL:

    See yoose all next round...
  3. Yep. Seeyez there.
  4. +1 to Rod and Cambo. In my haste to get out this morning I neglected to mention the fact that they rode down in the fog and the cold to spend a day supporting us. It's great to see friends at these events!
  5. Cejay,

    I think you left before the presentation ceremony, didnt you? Your name was called, so obviously, you won a prize.. Please enquire and let us know :grin:
  6. Would have won the 1st Twin Sprinter, not too hard with only 3 class entrants. Mind you, they're both really quick!
  7. Yours was the last name called in that category, so, it should be first :grin:
  8. Not too fond of the dust catchers, eh Cejay?
  9. Love 'em just had to get back on Sunday night.
  10. It was certainly a cold ride down in the morning.

    Following that up with the ride in the rain on the Monday and I am starting to get one of those Man colds. :cry: :mad:

    It was certainly a good day down at hte island on Sunday, however, there needed to be more racing. The fact that you were only able to get 2 proper races in was disappointing, but hey, at least your not coming last. The smiles when you set a new lap record for yourself is something altogether.
  11. Some pics from the weekend.

    That's a SV behind me with GSXR bodywork.


  12. very nice.
  13. Hey CeJay, are they the pics Sides took? If so they aren't too bad... Must look through them.

    The other bloke there wants $25 a photo, a bit rich I think...
  14. Yup, your mrs is a dab hand at taking pikkies now! You should have a butchers.
  15. nice new outfit i see...looks good, what tyre pressure you running in that last pic...looks almost flat, but guess it didn't slow you down too much :wink:
  16. The suit is an RST Voltage. $800 retail. It's cheap, but fully vented and with stretch panels built in. I really wanted a custom TA suit, but money talks!

    The boots are Sidi Corsa race boots. They provide more support than my Sidi Tepors and are still quite comfy.

    Tyre pressures are a little misleading. Slicks run a much stiffer sidewall, but the actual rubber surface is soft to touch and very pliable, especially when hot and that's what your seeing deform. If you look at the onboard stuff from Motogp you can see just how much their tyres deform under load.

    Anyway, I was was playing with pressures all day, settled on 30 in the afternoon but was as low as 26 in the morning. There's no hard and fast rule and generally the condition of the tyre when I come back in is what I am looking at and working from there. It's all a learning game for me and trying to work out what works and what doesn't from meet to meet.

    That race was the first time I've got my knee down through MG, something that's eluded me for a long time! I've got restricted hip movement in my right side, so for me to deck the right knee is normally a bit difficult.

    We have a 2 day meeting at PI in November. Can't wait!
  17. Like I said on the day, I'm surprised by the size of the chicken strips still on the tyres......there was still a couple of mms there.....

    :rofl: :bolt:
  18. Great post.

    How do you get involved in club racing? I do a lot of track days and would not mind giving it a try when I get a bit faster.

    Are there classes where you can race with minimum modifications? Eg road tyres and a pretty much stock 600?


  19. Getting into club racing is easy. Ask me how if you really wanna know.
  20. Mark. PMCC is a very friendly road racing club.
    Visit www.prestonmcc.com.au
    The transition is easy. Preston also runs a race school.
    How many track days have you done?