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[VIC] Interclub Round 1 Phillip Island, Sat Apr 12th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Clifford Jones

    The circus returns!

    Round 1 of the Victorian Interclub returns on the 12th April at Phillip Island.

    Come down and see some seriously silly people going round and round on their little bikes.

    Entry is free for spectators. Action starts at 9am.

    ... more

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  2. yipppppeeeee :cool:
    will we be seeing No.67 going round n round too?
  3. Got a mate who is losing his racing 'virginity' at this meet, hope it's a good day full of PB's for all of you.
    Can't bring myself to ride down to watch and then go back again for Mon/Tue ride days.
  4. Shouln't this be in "Racing etc."?
  5. Forumbot/calendar entries are only posted to each relevant state's event forum.
    There is nothing stopping you, or anyone else, from putting a thread in the racing forum as well :)
  6. I bluddie might then.
  7. I'll be there too, on bike 17 in the 250 production bikes...

    Hope I can do better than last this time :p
  8. Yes, mate it should be. But the last time I did this, it was removed by Vic with a note that it needed to be a calendar entry (Vic did at least copy me the details I already had entered).

    The calendar entry I then created was approved and that was also deleted and despite repeated attempts to find out who/why/what I gave up.

    I am going through this process to conform with whatever rule is the current flavour. I am trying to do my bit to 'connect' riders and promote an event that is non profit making.
  9. I'll see how I go then.
  10. Yes Cejay, last year those posts of yours for the last Interclub, did appear, then disappear, in both sections. So who knows what the real "rules" are?
  11. I put a thread in racing and it went out. Will try to find out why
  12. I'll be there to show CJ around the place...
  13. Nova, do you mean show CJ the backend of your bike around the Island??? :LOL:
  14. With my current rev limit of 4,000rpm he might still beat me :p
  15. Yea but what did you do to the last motor that did not have a 4k limit on it :)
  16. No, it's more of a state champion's parade lap type thang....

  17. It was an experiment. Myth Busters stylee.
  18. I'll be heading there after work Saturday - will see if I can knock off a little earlier too. See you there :)
  19. Good luck boyos. My weekend is a wee bit busy so I can't come down and drink beer at you while you race on the Mecca of motorcycling.

    Just out of interest CJ, how do you intend to 'race' with a rev limit of 4 thou? Has someone allowed Datsun 120Ys to be entered in your class? :p

    Note: jelousy is purely my own fault - I am lazy and my bike is in pieces. :roll:
  20. Next IC is Winton, early May. We'll see you there?!!!