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[VIC] Interclub Rd 4 Broadford 23rd Sept

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Round 4 of the Interclub series is being held this Sunday @ Broadford. Come along a see a bunch of silly people going around and around in circles for no other reason than it's good fun. Oh, and competition.

    Interclub brings together a number of smaller clubs and combines them into a larger event. The atmosphere is informal but still competitive and there are lots of different classes/bikes to watch and listen to.

    AFAIK, entry is free.

    Expect on track action from 9am to late afternoon.

    Broadford race track is located 5 minutes off the Hume Highway in the Motorcycling Victoria Sporting Complex.
  2. Yep. entry is free
  3. The reason for this is that the rule book states that no gate charge can be made for "closed to club events" For this reason, the "Hughie Hoare" meeting is also free at the gate.
  4. Damn, I used to really enjoy the interclub events :(
  5. Come on sunday, mate. It will be a good day, and the weather looks promising. Stay for lunch with us this time too.
  6. Pass mate, too far to travel :)
  7. C'mon Vic. Don't go soft on us now. It is the same distance as 3 weeks ago
  8. Yeah, swing up through Bacchus Vic, and we can go the fun way instead of up the Hume.
  9. Mark, would love to mate but I'll be some 2000km away this weekend
  10. Vic, I will give you a full report when you return.
  11. OK, you're excused. :wink:
  12. I'll appreciate it
  13. Yeh, will be missing this Interclub, up to Sydney for work this weekend. Cannot avoid it. Hope you guys have a great day of racing.
    Thought you might like the point results after round three.

    SCRV 78

    Gippy Centre 112

    Harley 144

    Redline 174

    Sandy 261

    Newport/Braybrook 294

    Preston 308
  14. Oh I can't afford to race yet :cry:
  15. Johnny O, ask uncle Gav for help
  16. Who's going from here?
    I think I'll come for a looksee.
  17. I'm going to come out for a look Sunday morning just for an hour or two.
  18. Yep. Going
  19. I'll be there again to offer support.

    It's a nice ride from my place anyway, as long as I don't go the Hume. :grin:
  20. Awesome day for a practice. Arrived dead early, got a nice pit garage on the front part of the circuit, and practiced away. Steve has new front suspension and has swapped to the Bridgestone BT002/090 combo and instantly took a whole second off his lap times. At lunch I fitted my quick throttle, got it adjusted correctly and then proceeded to do the same to my times. Previously I'd always have to have two stabs at the throttle to go from fully closed to wide open. That was affecting me on the exit of turn 1 and through the esses.

    One of my laps saw me have a lurid slide out of the esses, but I managed to keep the bike on the road and then set a 1.06.4, followed by a series of more 6's. Next session saw the same times with a low of 1.06.22.

    Next up is to change the rear suspension (Wilbers 641), then rework the front (again....I'll tell you who NOT to use privately), add my new M4 exhaust and do a retune and a much needed change to the rules to allow slicks, then I *might* start getting closer to the 400's.

    My biggest issue is Brayden who's now doing steady 7's with normal front spendies and the Pirellis that Steve and Chris don't like. I hope he doesn't get all the goodies that Steve's had :p